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Friday Fictioneers – FF – Music Soothes the Savage Beast, All Else…” PG13 Sci-fi Humor

Rochelle brings us Friday Fictioneers.  Picture prompt is below with my story following.  They rest are > HERE <  Enjoy!!!

Picture found on: http://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/2014/10/08/10-october-2014/ Source: PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

This one came from the idea found in an old Sci-fi tale of which I cannot remember the name or the author.  Apologies.

“Music Soothes the Savage Beast, All Else…”

By Scott L Vannatter – 100 Words


“You really don’t understand,” said Prof Jonhaven as they looked around the room.

Electrical music equipment, mostly keyboards, filled the area so much that the two could almost not move around.

“No, Professor, I guess I don’t,” replied Justin, a new music student.

Professor Von Josburg was a genius in the musical field. He could make music do almost anything.”

“I guess, Sir, but I don’t see why they hauled him away to prison just for that.”

“Simple. You see keyboards and musical instruments. He sought to find the perfect melody. In the end, it would have enslaved the world!”



Scott L Vannatter

Friday Fictioneers – “A Matter of Taste” – PG13 Humorous

Well, Rochelle brings us Friday Fictioneers again.  My contribution is below the prompt.  For the rest > Here < Enjoy!!!

Source: Copyright-Kent Bonham

“A Matter of Taste”

By Scott L Vannatter – 100 Words

Toby licked the treat cautiously. He swirled his tongue around the edges, then straight across the front of the delicious morsel. It was between his meals, but who could pass up such a great surprise?

He stopped several times, swirling the taste around with saliva in his mouth, trying to figure out what flavor the delicacy was. He was stumped. He stared at it for several minutes before deciding.

In the end, he did not really care much. After all, for a tom cat like himself, it was not important if the sucker was swallow delight or mouthful of mouse.





Friday Fictioneers – “Very Apro-Poe” – Sarcastic Suspense – Rated PG13-R

Well, Rochelle brings us Friday Fictioneers again.  My contribution is below the prompt.  For the rest > Here < Enjoy!!!

Source: PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford

“Very Apro-Poe”

By Scott L Vannatter – 100 Words

Marie opened her eyes and they widened, screaming where her taped mouth could not.

She was bound to a pole behind the wine bottles in their basement. Her husband was hastily

putting up a brick wall in front of the wine rack, sealing her inside with the bottles.

She struggled, then, looking down, giggled a little crazily. Irony was, after all, something to laugh at.

There, on the floor, was the last present she had bought him: a leather-bound copy, opened and flipped to show the illustrations of two stories. They were “The Black Cat” and “The Cask of Amontillado.”





Friday Fictioneers – 9/18/14 – The Ground Beneath Our Feet – Rated PG humorous

Rochelle, once again, brings us Friday Fictioneers with this week’s prompt (pic below).  Mine follows the prompt.  For the others > HERE <  Enjoy!!!

Source: Copyright – Dawn Q. Landau Link: http://http//talesfromthemotherland.me/ (broken) Reuse licensing assumed.

“The Ground Beneath Our Feet”

By Scott L Vannatter – 100 Words

Stella walked slowly across the “Crypt of Millions” in which graves had been dug, filled, and then covered in concrete and marked off with stones. The problem was, here in the mountains, snow fell almost constantly. Thus, came Stella’s job: shoveling the snow and dusting the graves and stones.

There were almost never any visitors, so she often wondered why she must shovel so much. Then, it would happen: the snow and cold would crack a grave and the spirit of the dead would come forth.

For her part, she did not mind. It gave her someone to talk to.




Repost of “Some of My Stuff” Short Stories FF

Rochelle hosts Friday Fictioneers.  Read mine below the pic (follow the link).  The rest are >HERE<  Have fun!


Well, what I will have to say is that when I first posted for the pic above, it was quite a long time ago.   In fact, I put 7 of my Friday Fictioneer stories on one blog post.  The goo one is one of them.  So, here for old times’ sake is a link running to the seven stories posted then.  Enjoy !!!




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