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Five Sentence Fiction: Conflict – “A Conflict in Nature” PG – Humorous

Lillie McFerrin does it again!  “Conflict” is this week’s prompt word for Five Sentence Fiction.  Mine is below.  Click >Here< for the rest.  Enjoy!

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“A Conflict in Nature”

By Scott L Vannatter – 8/29/2014

It had been innocent enough when he had gotten the idea and tried it out without thinking it all through.

Granger was moving very quickly for an almost forty-year-old who had not run more than a block in nearly fifteen years; he hardly noticed the shortness of breath and the leg pains.

You would think that two creatures so absorbed in their own doings would not pay any attention to a man wearing camouflage and taking no-flash pictures from nearly fifty feet away.

He could hardly be blamed for the monkey shrieking in the tree above where he happened to be hiding behind in order to get the best shot angle.

The lion and the gorilla had been getting ready to fight to the death, but when lunch calls…




Five Sentence Fiction – Waiting – “Abandoned” PG13, Romantic Sorrow

Five Sentence Fiction and Lillie McFerrin go well together.  Her word prompt for this week: waiting. Mine is below the pic from her site.  Click > Here < for the rest of the stories.  Enjoy!!!



Scott L Vannatter – 8/22/14

Mariella sat, umbrella opened in hand, on a common black trunk, all three getting soaked from the downpour on the railroad loading platform.

As wet as she was, her cheeks were getting wetter as her hot, salty tears poured down, mixing with the freshwater rain and dissolving into oblivion.

The trainmaster left his post to walk out in the drenching liquid, march over to her, and tap the poor, sad woman on the shoulder.

“Miss, there are no more arrivals today since the big quake in ‘Frisco and all.”

She quietly nodded, turning back and looking again toward the city which held her hopes and her fiancé.



Scott L Vannatter

Five Sentence Fiction – Luminous – “Bioluminescence” Rated PG13

Lillie gives us Five Sentence Fiction.  Read mine below, the rest > HERE < Enjoy!!!



By Scott L Vannatter

Corey had said it was not just a fluke; it was important and it was going to have serious consequences.

Corey had been right; he had not wanted to be; it just was.

A freak mixing of some type of airborne/waterborne chemical leftover with living tissue was the cause and could not be ignored any longer.

It had started: when an organism died, it now began to luminesce; it glowed, and brightly.

Corey looked out at the near-daylight brightness given off by the dead, by the soil the dead went into, and he realized might never see natural darkness ever again.




Too Little, Too Late!

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Well, shoot!  I was so pleased with myself because I had just finished a level of “Words of Wonder” on Facebook and blown the top score to pieces and moved, I believe, into second place among all my friends.  Then I saw the time (11:58pm) and realized that I had forgotten to do my “Flash Friday” story from the prompt this week.

This particular writing challenge has had me plagued and I cannot decide what to do with it.  I have written for it, probably, for nearly a year now.  That’s about 52 entries.  During that time I have managed to squeak out 3 honorable mentions with two of those being ones in which at least 4 others received honorable mentions.  Now, I don’t do it for the win.  Truly, it is for the writing experience; however, there is always the small hope that mine will catch the judge’s eye and place, perhaps, third overall.

Here’s my dilemma:  I do not spend all day on this assignment.  Truly, with my stroke problems the way they are, I can’t spend all day on one thing.  The only exception seems to be a video game and that’s constant movement and change.  Anyway, so I know that I am not doing my entire best all of the time.  I do tend to write in spurts and some of my best work is done on a first attempt; however, I understand the not winning most of the time.  My problem is that I notice I never see (well, almost never) any comments made by anyone who is writing then, too.  They rotate judges.  But, what I seem to notice is that the same group of people mostly win the top three spots (at least the top spot).  I don’t see this as cheating or particularly favoritism.  What I see is that there is a bit of a writing niche there and several people (a lot of the judges) write to that niche.  It’s not my niche.  I write thrillers, horrors, and sci-fis.  My stories do not generally fit into the pocket that appears to be desired there.  It would be like my trying to write a romance and sell it.  I don’t do those particularly well; I need a bite to the story.

Long story short:  I am thinking about dropping out of that Friday niche.  I don’t know whether I would simply write another post like I do on Tuesdays or if I could find a different writing prompt that handled Fridays.

Does anyone know of a weekly writing prompt that can be turned in on a Friday night?  Friday Fictioneers seems to go for Wednesdays now and Five Sentence Fiction can almost always be done on Thursdays.  I would enjoy something a bit different, I think.  Or, am I being too picky and, perhaps, self-centered to want a prompt that fits my particular style?

What do you think?




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