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Flash Friday – Modest Earth Goddess

Rebekah Postupak hosts Flash Friday, 140-160 word stories based on the photo and a word prompt (Freedom, this week).  Read mine below, then > HERE < for the rest.  Enjoy!!!

Source: Earth goddess. Imaginary Worlds exhibit, Atlanta Botanical Garden. Photo by C. Joey Ivansco. Used by permission. (reuse permission assumed)

Modest Earth Goddess

By Scott L Vannatter – 159 Words

Herbert looked at the floral representation of the Earth goddess. She was beautiful, full, and, well, boring. The Eastern seaboard floral exhibit cabinet was coming tomorrow specifically to see this presentation and Herbert thought it needed something. His dirt-caked fingers lifted his hat and scratched his balding head. He smiled. He knew just what to do. They all said the Earth goddess was goddess of the Harvest, full-figured and sensual. He would show them that side of her.

Herbert took his shovel and decided that he would need to be careful to keep the roundness of both breasts if he was going to dig out the front of the display. Down about three feet should do it. He raised the tool in the air and his face hit the dirt. Something had flipped him in the back of the head! He looked at the female plant figure. He thought she had been smiling before. He decided to go home early.




Five Sentence Fiction – Freedom

Lillie McFerrin gives us Five Sentence Fiction with this week’s word-prompt:  Freedom.  Read mine and click >HERE< for the rest.  Enjoy!


Freedom at Last!


The Grand-Chancellor of Thumor looked upon the small, scraggly human, the last of his species, as the lights poured down harshly upon his balding head, highlighting his drab attire and poor skin, and the alien laughed those grand full laughs that never speak of anything but irony and criticism.

The man looked full at him,unflinching.

The Grand-Chancellor of Thumor continued to laugh until his three lungs all hurt from the effort and his long, thin tongue had time to form the English words of finality to the pathetic excuse for a man in a language he would be able to understand and know of his terrible defeat at the hands of the most magnificent Thumor Chanixor Army.

“You are beaten, Earthling, and have lost all the precious freedom your race so keenly aspired to, and I ask,”What say you?”.

The elderly man, rubbing the top of his bald head as if for luck, responded that “There is always a choice and that marks the path of freedom” as his thumb pushed the hidden button on his watch and a small, but powerful signal pounded its way through the planet, activating all 12,568 nuclear missiles with no chance of being shut down; he smiled.




Is It All Too Much?

Source: Google – right to reuse

I was at Walmart the other evening looking for a few items to round out my groceries.  I made a huge purchase weeks ago and used a lot of coupons, saving about $35 in all.  Pretty good for me.  That meant, though, a lot of cereal – I mean a lot.  So, I began eating cereal at supper (late) and found out that it digests better and keeps my sugar lower than most other foods.  A friend suggested it was because cereals are more simple carbs instead of complex ones.  I don’t know, but it works remarkably well.

Back to the issue at hand.  I was at Walmart and turned to get a couple of boxes of cereal.  For the umpteenth time I looked down that huge isle and looked at all the cereals, brands, and types.  I started counting different types.  When I reached 114 I realized that I was just over 1/2 done.  So, I estimate just about 200 different types of cereal.  Let me repeat that:  2-0-0 d-i-f-f-e-r-e-n-t t-y-p-e-s!  Now, that’s a lot of cereal!  Thinking back on it, I saw different brands:  Kellogg’s, Post, General Mills, and several smaller brand names.  But most of the cereals were of those 3 brands.  Then, even after the brands, I did not totally ignore sizes, but that would have made it even more!

I also saw, for instance, (I am remembering here, so don’t hold me to specifics):  there was a Cheerios regular, Honey Nut Cheerios, A Chocolate (dark) Cheerios, and at least 2-3 more different types.

Here’s my point:  While I really enjoy having all the choices, it bothers me that when I was little we had less than 10 cereals to choose from and a few of those were more aimed at adults.  We had Cheerios, Wheaties, Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes, Captain Crunch, Trix, Fruit Loops, Rice Krispies, Special K, and Frosted Flakes.  That was, basically it.  I remember what a big deal it was when Captain Crunch added Crunch Berries!  My problem?  I just wonder if it isn’t all too much.  The cereal varieties are only a small tip on a large iceberg of choice and discontent.  We have so many choices on everything.  I am not certain that is such a bad thing, but it does seem to have promoted a poor attitude of “Give me more” or “More Choices”.  For me, it is pretty much to the point that if I see something I like, I will wait about 3-9 months for it.  Then, someone will create a new choice and the original’s price will drop or they will find a way to make an even cheaper unit.  It’s just time now, not “if” but “when”.

How does this make you feel?  In a way, it makes me feel old and that this generation is rather spoiled, or could well be.

What can be done?



Wow! Certainly not me…

Don’t worry, I won’t do two blog posts in one day often.

The entire reason for today is that, in all the excitement of beginning my blog, I didn’t really come forth with what you can get out of this. It certainly isn’t me!

I am not doing anything here but, hopefully, opening up an opportunity for you to speak through this blog to the rest of the world. I don’t want to do all the talking.

I can and will continue to post, but I think it more important that you all be heard, no matter what you have to say. All I ask is this:

Please don’t judge and don’t criticize. I don’t mean you can’t state your opinion even if it disagrees with the person who just posted a comment. I love discussion; I love it when there are more than one side to things. What I do mean is to treat each other here with love.

Sometimes, that can be a scary thing, treating others with love. You fear what may happen if you over-step, or if you come across wrong. Well, what I want to say is “Don’t feel that way!” Share with me; share with us; let us know about you and about the life you are living.

Our job (especially my job) is to sift through parts of it and help us all see that we can love, live, and grow even (perhaps, especially) with the differences we have. We are all spiritual beings, even if we don’t think so. This makes us loved by God by definition.

I don’t care how you picture God. In fact, it’s even your own business if you picture God in the first place. However you look at it, we are here and we are all connected. That should make it easier to love; easier to care; and easier to accept. If it truly doesn’t then, after you have given it a good, solid try, then go somewhere else to seek what it is you are seeking.

Just know this: I love you all and what I would choose most in the world is for everyone to love everyone else and themselves.

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