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Friday Fictioneers – 11/8/2012

A Cold Reception

By Scott L Vannatter

November 8, 2012

The bride stepped to the window and tried to peer through the frost and ice.  All she could think of was how it would all be ruined now; the slight prediction of snow had become a reality.  Her heart nearly stopped; tears began.  Suddenly, two hands were placed on her shoulders.

“Cold Hands, warm heart,” was all he said.

She turned and looked at her father, her tears not even to her cheeks.

“It will be okay, you think?”

“I know it will.  You two are much more in love than a mere 1/2 inch of snow.”

Hugs said the rest.


I did not have access to Word today, so I had to manually count the words.  Should be 100. could be off 1 or 2, sorry!



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