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Five Sentence Fiction – Glimmer – “Brave New World” PG13

Lillie brings us this week’s Five Sentence Fiction Prompt:  Glimmer – My contribution is below.  The rest are >HERE<.  Enjoy!!!


“Brave New World”

By Scott L Vannatter – December 21, 2014

Desirelle stepped out onto the vast alien landscape, the first astronaut to land on an Earth-like planet, and tipped her finger slightly, allowing the glimmer to issue forth from her index and glide forward in an ever-spreading glowing hue of blue.

The aura widened, covering all of the landscape within sight and beyond, blanketing the soil, curling around the rocks, causing the atmosphere itself to sparkle with intense energy.

The stones split; the dust raised into the air, spun, widened, and fell noiselessly back to the soil; and the nearby mountains shook and collapsed, rebuilding themselves into hills and plateaus.

The dervish moved more rapidly, the now-gathering wind reaching gale force, the sky darkened then lightened, water appearing to fill deeper holes created by the moving soil and dust.

After what seemed hours, things slowed and coalesced, the planet had in its entirety been remodeled and refitted for human habitation by this first visitor, a sorceress obsessed with eventual ruling over an entire global civilization.




Five Sentence Fiction – FSF – “Horizon” – “From Sea to Shining Sea” PG13

LillieM shares Five Sentence Fiction with us once more.  Prompt is “Horizon”.  Mine below, rest > HERE < Enjoy!!!

Source: http://www.wallarc.com/wallpaper/view/310318 Pulled from Lillie McFerrin’s Page. Reuse License Assumed.


“From Sea to Shining Sea”

By Scott L Vannatter – October 9, 2014

The small group stood atop the dusty brown plateau looking toward the ancient metropolis.

It was difficult to see through the debris which floated in the air, but the masks made it even worse.

Someone started singing the old song about “rockets” and “ramparts” and others picked it up as best as they remembered.

There had been wars which rocked the world in the past, but none had done as much as this last 30 minute one.

It would be so nice to be able to see the stars…or the sun…or a (What was it called?), yes, a cow.





Five Sentence Fiction: Confusion – “It was a Dark and Stormy Night” Rated R

Lillie gives us the word prompt “Confusion” for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction. My contribution below, rest > HERE <  Enjoy!!!

Source: http://daksheshparmar.blogspot.com/2011/06/confusion.html Copied from Lillie McFerrin’s Blog – Click the Pic for the Page Reuse license assumed.


“It was a Dark and Stormy Night”

By Scott L Vannatter – September 26, 2014

Jonus opened his eyes and listened with great confusion to the raging storm outside, matching the one going on inside him.

He could not remember anything about most anything except that his little girl had been murdered by two? no, three men.

He shook his head and felt the weight of the machete in his right hand, the handle dripping red onto a growing pool.

One by one he saw the bits and pieces of human beings scattered all around the old warehouse floor.

Then, shaking his head once more, he saw the two? no, three heads laying on the concrete and he remembered it all.




Five Sentence Fiction – Grief – PG13

Lillie brings us Five Sentence Fiction with this week’s word:  Grief.  Read mine below and the rest > HERE <  Enjoy!!!

Source: http://lilliemcferrin.com/five-sentence-fiction-grief/ Reuse License assumed. Click Pic for page.


“Good Grief”

By Scott L Vannatter – September 13, 2014

They lived.

They loved.

She died.

He cried.

He lives.




Five Sentence Fiction – Waiting – “Abandoned” PG13, Romantic Sorrow

Five Sentence Fiction and Lillie McFerrin go well together.  Her word prompt for this week: waiting. Mine is below the pic from her site.  Click > Here < for the rest of the stories.  Enjoy!!!



Scott L Vannatter – 8/22/14

Mariella sat, umbrella opened in hand, on a common black trunk, all three getting soaked from the downpour on the railroad loading platform.

As wet as she was, her cheeks were getting wetter as her hot, salty tears poured down, mixing with the freshwater rain and dissolving into oblivion.

The trainmaster left his post to walk out in the drenching liquid, march over to her, and tap the poor, sad woman on the shoulder.

“Miss, there are no more arrivals today since the big quake in ‘Frisco and all.”

She quietly nodded, turning back and looking again toward the city which held her hopes and her fiancé.



Scott L Vannatter

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