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A Short Funny Post

I have mentioned before that I am an answerer on Quora.com.  This is a site where someone in the world asks a question and another person/people answer the question.  The asker as well as anyone else can upvote or downvote with/without comment.

I skip a lot of questions, but, sometimes, you just HAVE to answer a ridiculous question to make a point.  Here are two:

  1. Questioner asks how to download and play games for free that are expensive and high-play.  My answer: Really? Are you seriously asking me how to break into a game on a public site?
  2. Questioner asks what games are you going to play while being forced to stay inside during the virus outbreak?  My answer:  All of them (video games)

Life can be fun – keep smiling.




So Very Satisfying and Not a Bit Sexy…

Okay, I have pulled another of my all-nighters, nights in which I don’t feel sleepy in spite of meds and whatever else I might try.  Rough on me later, but I do get a lot of, well, Internet-watching done.  I ended up watching “some of the most satisfying videos”.  No, really, that’s basically what they were called, “Satisfying videos”.  Can’t really tell you about them, but they were…well, satisfying.

Here, give it a go for 10 minutes, and watch this one:    A 10 minute satisfying Video

If you get interested, don’t worry, there are more listed on that page.  This one just caught my attention and I couldn’t really stop watching it.



Five Sentence Fiction – “Fenced” PG13

Lillie McFerrin, hosts Five Sentence Fiction, 5 sentence stories based on a one-word prompt (This week:  Fenced).  After reading mine below, click > HERE < for the rest.  Enjoy!!!

Don’t Fence Me…

By Scott L Vannatter


George waited patiently in the ORIFICE (Office of Regulations in Interstate Fencing of Internal Customer Expenditures) for what seemed like days, but, more than likely, was simply hours and hours while his complaint was filled, filed, and fixated upon.

The MAW (Matron of Anguished Workers) held out his papers, filled in except for his signature and date in no less than 18 spots, along with a brand new generic pen labeled “From the MAW of the ORIFICE” and looked at him expectantly.

George took the proffered papers and prolifically permeated, then pontificated about a paragraph or two before purposefully punctuating his (not so) pleasant speech with proper and prime points.

The MAW brought in an under-seer who unabashedly undulated until ultimately and unequivocally understated the obvious.

George frantically flipped and flopped, but fundamentally acquiesced that he had been fenced to Finland finally in a feeble financing fiasco concerning francs.




It was a Dark and Balmy Night

Okay, dark, but not so balmy pic!

It is Sunday evening (8/4).  Actually, it is now Monday morning, but I wanted to write this post before I forgot all that happened.  Today was an interesting day. My friend, Autumn,  and I usually go to the movies and eat out and talk.  The times are fun and we like them.  She couldn’t go yesterday and I had promised to go to a MeetUp for Euchre at 6pm in a nearby area.  I invited her to go and she was all for it.

I told her I would meet her at our usual movie place.  It wasn’t very far from where we were going and we could ride together.  Read that as we would both get there and not spend all evening trying to figure out how I gave the wrong directions.  See, I was relying on my GPS.  It had gotten me there twice in the dark, but this was light and we were coming in from a different direction.

Anyway, I left at 4:50 to meet her at 5:30.  I got on the interstate and was nearly run off the road by a truck deal hauling 3 new campers.  Traffic was bad but he passed me and I was doing 70mph and he was in a truck/trailer.  He goes by and I continue on.  The guy behind me is very unhappy that I am doing the speed limit.  He doesn’t even seem to care that there are cars in front of me in both lanes.

Suddenly, the car in front of me brakes.  I stop, the guy behind stops with some anger.  Traffic on the Interstate is now averaging about 3-5mph and I am 9.5 miles away.  That’s almost 3 hours at that rate!  I figure the idiot in the trailer wrecked.  However, we pass him a few minutes later as he is in the other lane.  I am certain he was pleased at his progress just as was the guy behind me who is now, of course, in front of me because he shot around me 30 seconds before we all got stopped.  I did get a small “serves you right” in my head at the time.

Now, that we are stopped, I let Autumn know I am stopped, am late, and will get off at the next intersection (nearly 2 miles away).  This takes about 20 minutes.  The car in front of me has decided to weave back and forth between the lane and the emergency lane.  At about 1.5 miles away from the exit, he shoots down the emergency lane (illegal, of course).  The car in front of him did the same, but only about 1/2 mile back.  I turned off this exit only to find that the direction I needed to head in has traffic backed up about 1/4 mile.  I go the other way.  I drive about 1-2 miles, then turn my GPS back on.  It tells me to head to St Rd 37 and tells me I am on 141st Street.

I get to 37 and turn South and stop at the first strip mall.  Here I call Autumn and we decide she will meet me there as traffic her way is good and we will be closer to where we are heading.   After she hangs up, I change my GPS to head to our destination.  The arrow shows us about 3 blocks from there!

We go to the Euchre group at the bowling alley bar and there is 1 person!  She says she is the only 1 coming except for us.  I am thinking that we need to leave (I had a lot of thoughts right then, actually), but Laurie, the woman, calls her other friend in the group who comes over and the 4 of us play a few games and talk for awhile.  It was fun.

Autumn and I leave about 9:20 and decide we both need to eat.  We drive to an IHOP, have a wonderful meal, talk awhile, and I get back to my car just about 11:15pm.  Autumn heads home and I do the same.

Ours isn’t pink…how very…um…strange.

I have some problems seeing well in the dark, but nothing big as the night was clear and traffic wasn’t bad.  I decide to stop at WalMart for some groceries before going home, so I don’t have to go back out on Monday.  I get out and this woman tells me she couldn’t get in the doors.  I go up and there are 3 guys doing some construction work; gee!  Think she could have mentioned that!  I get one guy’s attention to see if the other doors (way at the other end) are open.  He opens the door and lets me in.  I thank him, get halfway down the first isle and realize two things:  First, I will have to leave out the other doors and walk back to my car.  Second, I don’t have a cart – they are at the other end of the store or in the construction zone.

The store is being remodeled and there are carts full of paper, boxes, and items everywhere.  Normally, I find empty carts in my way, but not tonight.  I finally find one and ask the ladies who seem to be working if I can take it.  They said it wasn’t theirs, so I grab it and put the few things I had collected inside.  Then I realize these women had on the store colors but are shoppers!  The guy behind me is the one who is using this cart!  I apologize to him and he, being very good, tells me to keep it and he will get another.  I thank him.

I get my items and walk to the other end of the store where the one line is open.  They are redoing the registers at my normal end of the store, making most of them self-checkouts.  Those, of course, are closed for the night.  I wait my turn, then walk outside, and head to my car.

It was, indeed, a dark and balmy night!



The Rule of 7

Okay, wonderful (dare I say “lovely”?) Debra Kristi posted in her blog about the “Rule of 7“.  I will compress the rules here:

1)  Go to page 7 or 77 of your current WIP.

2)  Count down 7 lines.

3) Quote the next 7 lines (finish the thought, if you need to)

4) Choose 7 more authors to play

Debra chose little ol’ me to play.  I selected my newest sold story “Tiger, Demon Burning Bright” and popped out 7.5 lines from page 7 of the story:

“he decided he would manage, somehow, to fling himself off this cliff and die on the rocks below.  He refused to be a suffering meal for this living nightmare.

Ben tried to force his mind to order his body to roll off the ledge.  It was hard to make the body kill itself, no matter the reason.  He hesitated; then, it was too late.  The furry demon moved so fast, Ben sucked in his breath as the thing was at his side before he could blink.  Its maw gaped and drew back for the kill.

Brightness hit so hard and so quickly, Ben could not see.  He assumed that his body had not registered the death yet and this was the light to the other side.”

I hope it tickles your fancy and draws you to wanting to read the work.  It should be published in a month or so.  I just signed the contract yesterday!

As for my other 3 stories, 2 should be out in about a week (publisher having fits with the printer) and the 3rd one is supposed to be done by March 1.  We shall see.

Here are my seven choices:

1) Madison Woods

2) JmMcDowell

3) Zoe


5) I think in comics (I know you have written school papers > 7 pages)

6) 100stories… (how about the 7th one?)

7) Augustmclaughlin



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