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Game of Drones

My nightly (well, almost) reading schedule is about 30-45 minutes after I take my night meds.  During this time, I get into bed and read until lights out (hopefully just long enough before that I actually get to turn the lights out and put my book away).  When I am out, I read my Kindle; when I am in bed, I read an actual printed-on-paper, have-to-bookmark-with-paper book.

A few weeks ago, I finished reading “Port Mortuary” a Kay Scarpetta novel by Patricia Cornwell, one of my favs.  I love the forensic items, which is probably why I like JmmcDowell’s stories and books so much (look at some —>  here  <—.  Which reminds me, I did a google search on Meghan Bode, interesting finds for a character!

But, back to business.  “Port Mortuary” mentioned drones in its story.  The type of drones it spoke of kinda interested me, enough to send myself an email to use it as a post someday.  However, what brought it to the top was that I found, through an entirely different method, a YouTube video on the drones.  This caused me to cry out mention say in my head “Eureka!” and decided to do the post.

I would like you to picture a scene:  a group of foreign scientists pouring over the details of a new type of atomic bomb.  One of the scientists smacks at the back of his head to kill a mosquito.  A few hours later, he dies (scientist, not the mosquito – keep up!).  Toxicology checks don’t come up with foul play.  As he was the head scientist, the project falls behind and takes months longer.  In the meantime, the United States comes up with a new type of defense against a “possible” future atomic threat.

Sound weird (cue strange music)?  Good for us?  Yep.  The way this could happen is through the use of drone robots the size of mosquitoes.  Yep, that’s right, small little buggers.  Here there would be two types:  the first would be ones with small digital cameras to either store or send pictures of the project to us.  The second would be a drone whose purpose was to “sting” that particular scientist and inject a nanobot which can replicate itself and deliver a very tiny amount of a substance – testosterone, for example – which when created by millions of nanobots could conceivably kill a person.

All fine and good for the up-and-coming-scyfy movie (Do you like the newest spelling of ScyFy?).  However, it can get darker.  There are some articles which talk about the President (doesn’t matter who.  I doubt it would stop due to an election) using these small drones to spy and or remove any specific United States citizen who was in the way.

Now, I am not saying this is happening.  What I am talking about are articles which talk about this as, perhaps, more than a possibility.  Just another thought tossed at us for consideration.

What I ask you to think about is the idea that either of these scenarios could be true.  If they are, we would need to consider that the other scenario could be, too.  It comes across as sounding like a near-impossible assassination to detect.  Or, simply enough, a way to take invasion of privacy to a whole new level.  Can you imagine what some people out there could do, average people, if the cost of a drone dropped into the hundreds of dollars for surveillance?  Your average private detective could have a couple of them to see things that might be better left unseen.  And, if the camera ones become useable whose to say what little smart thing a good enough hacker/private chemist might do with a few of them.

Okay, that’s one of my newest paranoias, scares, theories, ideas on what could be happening while we sleep “safely”.  Below are a few of the foundations for this idea.  Look them over.

Are you into big government coverup?

How about just big scary paranoid ideas?

Article on drones watching us

Snopes says there is some truth to it all





LLC – Me and Mine and, well, the Other…

Getting Started by having my business go “On Fire”!

I was going to do a long, full post, but time has escaped me.  I have to get up a bit earlier tomorrow, so you are in for a short one again.  I know how that hurts all of you. lol

I have been researching and have decided that I need to form an LLC for myself.  That’s Limited Liabilities Corporation and it is going to take some work to set up.

In short, I looked it up on Google, found the one for Indiana, and began studying.  What I hope to accomplish is:

1)  Put my Amazon sales and the ones I do for the library (charity) under the same heading, but not mine.  This should allow me to take some deductions and not have to count all of my income from it as income – I mean, really, I only get about 10-12% anyway.

2)  Put all my writings under the business.  I hope this will let me get paid (won’t that be nice) and have it go into my business account, so I can then pay “myself” spread out over several months.  It should also give me some funds to purchase items for my writing down the road and deduct those expenses.

3) Put any other business operations under the umbrella.  I don’t know what else I would do, but it would work better that way.

4) Make keeping the books much easier and worthwhile.

Any of you out there have LLCs?  How is it working?  Tell me what I might need to know.

I will try to keep you informed as this goes.



And So It Goes

Since I did the post on Amanda Todd, the young woman who killed herself after being “bullied” for years, I have done a lot of surfing. That issue came up again, but in a little stranger place and, kinda, caught me off-guard.

So, I am surfing. I am, actually, reading new posts and trying to get a handle on the fact that I started following a whole lot of people that I didn’t mean to and am working on fixing that situation. If I follow you, I try to read all your posts and, in some way, let you know I did. But I can’t follow 137 posts and I know it, so just know that, if I stop following you and I have been for several months, let me know – I can fix that if I know.

OK, back to the article.

I was reading The Scarlett Heartt‘s post for today.  To the right side was listed some articles.  I decided to read this one: Porn producers threaten to flee LA over condom rule http://t.co/FOBr1NP6 .

When I read that the porn industry does over a billion dollars a year of business in that county, I was a little amazed.  I decided to try a post concerned with how this amount, though small in many respects, is measurable against our country’s national debt (Yeah, about 1,200 years of that income would clear it if we don’t increase it again).

Sorry for the pic, but thought you should kinda “see” what I am talking about.

Reading that article, begged the reading of this one: Girl Power Eroded by Cheap and Smutty Schoolgirl Photos .  Now, that one would’ve made a decent article (“decent” taking on a, perhaps, different meaning here), but I started reading the comments (as there were 211)

As I read through them, I was irreverently struck by the idea that so many people out there have little or no feelings for how “kids” are being treated.  Then, the article topped it off with a reference to Amanda Todd.  That got my attention and my article here was born.

I would encourage you to read the three links above and start reading the 210 comments.  See if you don’t get inflamed by the callousness used there.

Now, I will state that, when a person turns 18 (in the US), then their decisions (Unless a mental problem exists) are law-abiding and should not be considered “underage”.  However, so many of these comments were firing insults and harsh tones at the younger ladies (14 or so) who made the mistake of going into a bar while underage and drinking, then making choices (flashing), getting their pictures taken this way, and those pictures finding their way onto Facebook and other sites.

Underage means not old enough to make clear, good choices.  A lot of people forget that the US lowered that mark from 21 to 18 in the last 40 years.  All of a sudden people who had been “kids” were automatically adults.  Do you remember being 14?  That’s usually about 8th grade.  Did your decisions all make sense back then in the context of the world?  I trusted people I shouldn’t have trusted.  I got angry with people I shouldn’t have gotten angry with.  I made all kinds of mistakes.

So, my simple, humble opinion is that a 14 year old can’t make a good solid decision to stay out of a nightclub and can’t make a good solid decision to not drink once in there.  So, if they want popularity and to feel, temporarily, good about themselves, how can they make a good solid decision, while drinking, to not flash a little for someone who is complimenting them highly?  Then, they wake up the next day and soon find they did these things and want them to be deleted.

Why not?

They should not have been done in the first place.  There was no consent signed and, even though it was a public business, if they were going to pose a little compromisingly, the owner (ah, an adult) should have been the one to make certain he had both permission and legal rights (id) to post those pics.

I am not totally disagreeing with everything  said in the comments.  What I am saying is that we, as adults, have this tendency to either treat young adults (18-23) as children or to tread kids (12-17) as adults.  Neither of these is correct and will lead to problems.  I bring back in Amanda Todd here as a prime example.

Many of the comments told readers that the girls needed to “grow up“…right, precisely my point.



“Battle Royale”

I watched a movie the other day (I have discovered “Amazon” direct renting! Wow.) entitled “Battle Royale”.It reminded me of “Hunger Games” (Awesome Movie) and bothered me a bit for the same reason. Both movies take a group of children and pit them against each other to the death until one is left.

Not a new idea, but with children, it is different. Anyway, the children don’t want to fight each other, for the most part. However, as the movie progresses (Like in “Lord of the Flies”) they learn to and some even become possessed with the idea.

Here’s my thing: The fighting is not for the children’s good; it is for something else – government, freedom (the idea), celebration, prevention, whatever. The children in these two groups are not warriors, not fighters, many had never even picked up a weapon until chosen.

I take issue with this as I think it points out a lot of society’s problems. Mainly, not that we are too violent or ideas like that; it’s that we make a decision and, Wham!, everyone has to do it and is expected to not cause any grief over it.

Law? you say? Yes, I understand law. But, the last I knew of true law, true freedom, and the true spirit of people, we did not suddenly decide to butcher each other for something that is not a life/death thing (though they made it that way by dumping them and telling them only one can win).

I think people would really like to trust each other and love each other; too many times we (government, large groups of people) try to take those things away by force or by trying to convince the group(s) that they “have to”.

Both movies have a saving grace (won’t spoil them), and I believe that life often does, too. But, I think our actions remain too influenced by the larger thought processes (though not always thinking) of the society in general.

Why do I have to hate all members of another race, religion, gender, country, occupation, belief, simply because a section of society I consider “important” says it is wrong? Why is it that, whenever something/one is different, they are wrong?

I have friends who belong to different religions, different sexual orientations, are Wicca, Buddhists, Black, Chinese, Taiwanese, Bi-sexual, Gay, Nerds, the list goes on and on…Why should I have to drop one friend to keep another happy?

Well, my answer is, “I won’t.” If you don’t like the friends I have, then you may just have to take yourself out of that group. I try to never judge. You are pretty much allowed to feel, act, believe however you choose and we can be friends. However, when that is smacked in the head by severe conflict, I will tend to choose the path of love which discrimination never falls toward.

Okay, looking back, I have not only given a long speech, but found nails and boards and built the soapbox I gave it from!

‘Nuff said!” (Old comic book line).
Let me know what you think. I am very interested.

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