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Dis”Grace”ful Medicine Practices

Grace is one of those wonderful little girls I will, probably, never meet, but love with all my heart.  She has Rett Syndrome and multiple issues.  I want you to read this as it broke my heart and I have only a little to compare it with (I put that in the post’s comments).  We all need to be aware of this as our own children, grandchildren, ourselves, etc…are not immune and we may be faced with a similar incident for something else in the future…

Christmas for Grace



My Heart, Warmed

My Heart, Warmed

My heart, warmed by thought of you
Skips a beat as your angelic form floats across the room
My eyes move with your image; my soul stirs
You are the one I love

The grace you embody stops my breath
And, I lose track of space and time
All that I am now centers on that which is you
Your love I now seek

My mind envisions a rapture of beauty
Your essence contains all that I define as such
Where your feet touch I see honey in the steps
Love is my only way

Your voice rings delicately
The music sounds in my ears and I go deaf
All that I hear is you; the only tone I listen to
My hope rides on your love

I shudder, then speak to you
Your smile shatters my train of thought
I lose myself in the answer you give; I now can live
Our love can bond


Written: 4:30AM – No, didn’t sleep after all.


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