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“We’ll be right Back!”

Commercials!  Don’t you just love hate tolerate …whatever?!  I mean really?

You are watching your favorite show and every 15-20 minutes you “lose” 5-7!  Argh!  Just think what all the “Walking Dead” could do in those extra 12 minutes or so.  The only exception on a consistent basis is those beloved Superbowl commercials!  This last time I don’t think I even watched the commercials.  Were you wondering like I might have that they could have done ALL the commercials while the power was out!!!? (I understand next year’s Superbowl will be sponsored by Motel 6 – they keep the lights on for you)

Anyway, I have started enjoying online streaming more and more, especially because the commercials are short and sweet.  I mean, 30-60 seconds every 15-20 minutes isn’t bad.  You can, actually, sit and enjoy the entire show.  “Pause” is available if you must go somewhere for a minute or two.  I know all these people love watching TWD on AMC but you have to purchase a package with that station and it has commercials, right?  I get the season on sale on Amazon.  It’s one day behind and it’s not that much.  Besides, if I read it right, I own the season now, so I can watch it later.

My First Grade Class.  That's me...your far left in the 3rd row.

My First Grade Class. That’s me…your far left in the 3rd row.

Growing up was different.  Only 4 stations to watch and the commercials had wonderful jingles and were cute and funny.  Sis and I were always joining in to help the other “sing” a commercial or say the slogans.  Today’s commercials are often very funny, but they simply don’t have the same “Zing” as the old ones.  Like these (8-9 min collection):

What started all of this?  Well, I was reading one of the blogs I follow, Joe C Combs 2nd for today, and saw the ad that appears in the box after most of the blogs.  You know which one I am talking about?  Right at the end.  It doesn’t run unless you click and, usually, I don’t.  But, for some reason today I did.  I laughed pretty hard and enjoyed this one enough to find it on YouTube.  You can enjoy it here, the Green Housewives:

Do you have a favorite old commercial?

How about a new one?

Just me being nosy.




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