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Too Much? Where Do You Draw the Line?

Man Gets 10 Years for Hacking Email and Posting Nude Pics of Celebs (article to read)

Second Article (can be reached from a link in the above article)


It would seem this young, 35, man managed to hack the email accounts of more than a couple of dozen celebrities, and then find (or take) some nude pics, as well as send some to a celeb website where they were made public.

Feel free to read the article and watch the video.  I think Scarlett Johansson is stunning; however, I also think she deserves her privacy.  I don’t know how he managed the pics from hacking the email accounts, but it doesn’t really matter.  He invaded their privacy.  People’s reactions were interesting.  Many said that the only reason he got any time was the fact that they were celebrities.  Hmm…  Other people were saying he got too much time as rape is often less than 10 years.   What do you think?

Personal opinion:  I imagine he did get it worse because they were celebrities.  You shouldn’t mess with famous people, especially women, and then ones with a lot of money.   Second, there were more than a dozen women involved.  One count of rape might get less than 10, but I bet 12 wouldn’t.

The thing that bothers me most is that if he can break into their emails, how safe is ours?  It brought the entire idea of computer security back up for me.  I try very hard to keep my stuff secure, just on general principles.  However, I do send emails to some people that I would prefer don’t get seen by the general public.  I am talking about simple things like giving someone an opinion that is just for them to know.  Also, like telling a secret to someone and not meaning to share it with the world.  If I have those, I imagine you have your own versions.  How would you feel if everything you emailed to anyone was put on Facebook for all to see?

This worries me more as IP numbers (that’s the ones that identify something on the Internet) are used on appliances, and other devices.  I have read that there are ways to hack into someone’s webcam and set it so that someone else is seeing or recording whatever the webcam is seeing.  That would go for hearing, too.  Think about the times you are just talking or walking around your house and pass near enough to your computer for the webcam to see or hear you.  Want that on Facebook?

A last thought.  IP  addresses are being hooked to appliances like refrigerators now.  That way if your refrigerator does a self-test and finds that something is going out, it can phone the repair man so he can call you to set up an appointment before it goes bad and you lose your stuff.  Also, they are going in ovens so that you can turn them on/off, set timers, check things with your phone.  Great…however, don’t you think that some middle school kid is gonna hack that refrigerator or stove and do things with them?  You could, conceivably, come home to find all your lights on, the stove burning supper, the heat is off in January, and the refrigerator is defrosting everything.

I guess, though I love technology, my reaction is very similar to Charlie Brown’s when he was asked how he would react if he had to relive his life exactly as before…yes, he screamed and ran out of the picture.  We need some changes, I think, before implementing all these changes.  As the old saying goes:  “Just because we can do something, doesn’t mean we should do something.

Let’s hear it.  What is your reaction to all of this?



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