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Happy New Year?

Add your own question mark (?) source: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1396134

Well, I am giving Carolyn the night off.  This was the date for part 5 of the longer story, but I am sick and don’t feel I would do the story justice right now.  I almost didn’t even do a post tonight, but felt this would be okay.

I gave the title of the post a question mark because of all that has happened since the first (and it’s only the 7th).

First, I didn’t even make any New Year’s resolutions this year.  I did not feel like it.

Second, My New Year’s Day dinner went well as usual, but I didn’t get to sleep until after 5am New Year’s Day and because of that, mostly, I am now sick.  I haven’t been sick in over 3 years.  It was the stress, the lack of sleep, and the fact that 3 other people didn’t feel well.  I am better now, but not well.

Then, in the middle of it, we have this…S-N-O-W.  As I look at my driveway, right now I have about 15″ of snow filling it and about 10″ on my car.  With the weather being -11 last time I checked, I am in until better weather on Friday.  Of course, then we are to get more snow on Sunday!

Monday, when all this hit, my electricity went off from 7:12pm to about 2:05am.  I solved this problem by going to bed at 7, covering in 4 blankets, a sheet, and wearing a sweatshirt.  I did not get cold unless I got up.  I worried Dad and Mom who just don’t seem to understand that while they can leave me a message on my phone (not my cell), it is stored at Comcast and not to where I can hear it when the electricity is out.  I live in a dead zone, so cell phone is reduced to texts and they don’t have a cell.  So, they got really worried because they knew I was sick and didn’t answer the phone.  In fact, they called the Police and had them come to my house to check on me.  I was fine (except cold because at 11pm I had to get up to answer the door) and I told them I would call and let them know I was fine.  My fault, I should have done that earlier while the battery was still going.  Anyway, had to text Sis and my Niece and have them call and let them know.  Whoo!!!

All seems good now, except that I spent the entire day (9am-6:30pm) on the couch (where I also slept last night) watching 5 movies.  While it’s nice to do that once in awhile, then I was all pent up and did most of the dishes and cleaned a bit and showered around 7pm.

My neighbor called today and asked if they could park at the end of my drive as their parking was shoveled over.  I said yes.  My neighbor across the drive came over to ask me to let them know they were blocking his drive.  I checked and there were two vehicles parked there and I assumed it was the other neighbors who had not asked.  He went over in a huff and got mad at them and it was my first neighbor’s best friend who had come over to help them.  What a tangled web!

So, we will probably go back to Carolyn’s adventures for the prompts tomorrow through Friday and I will plan on the 5 large installment next Tuesday.

As Zoe keeps saying:  “There is Hope!” I certainly hope so!



2012 in review and Looking Forward!

WordPress.com did a wonderful job of summing up 2012 in the blogging world for me.  However, it does not tell everything.  For instance, it doesn’t tell that I am following 129 blogs at present.  It doesn’t tell that I average about 20 posts a day reading, which is about an hour minimum.  It doesn’t tell all the different subjects that I read about and learn about each and every day.  It doesn’t tell how many comments I post each day telling people how I feel about what they wrote and my opinions on various things.  It doesn’t tell how I react when someone writes a post telling how depressed they are or how happy they feel right now.  It doesn’t tell how I feel when someone “disappears” for weeks or months without letting me know why.  And, finally, it doesn’t tell how much I learn about so many different things throughout the year.  For instance, I learned:

1)  So many things about Aspergers from Sam.  I think that if an Aspie came into my life now, I would be able to deal with all the things I didn’t know about last year.

2)  I learned how it feels to be abused and made to leave your family and move hours away and have to use a pseudonym on your posts so they can’t find you (Zoe).

3)  I have learned how to critique a novel and how to write better (JMMcDowell and Madison Woods and Robin Coyle).

4)  I have learned that there are parts of history that I truly enjoy reading about (joeccombs2nd)

5) I learned about poetry, especially from: Denisa Aricescu, ORGANISED CHAOS, Lyrical Love, poeziilecarlei, and  Boomie Bol.

6)  I learned about India and some very deep thinking from who is bert.

7)  I learned that teaching is rough on many as well as deep and syncronistic thoughts from My Year Long Journey(my good friend, Marisa) and brainsnorts inc >.<,

I learned about things other than strokes that rival and surpass what I have gone through from The Fight of My Life: Living with TBI and Grace for Rett and Niltsi’s Spirit.

8) I have learned more about being positive and happy from Mollie Player and Arianna’s “Random” Thoughts.

9) I get my weekly 100 word writing practice from Friday Fictioneers.

10) I have sold 3 of my 4 stories (Yea!) to Cruentus Libri Press who have written to apologize and to say they will print all 3 stories in anthologies by March 1, 2013.

Finally, I have gotten to smile, snicker, and cut up with:  I think in comics, clotildajamcracker, lazylauramaisey, Pretty Feet, Pop Toe, Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride, and the news with nipples.

And, so I don’t pass her up as she was the very first blog I ever followed – Truth and Cake, who had just been freshly pressed about 9 months 1 week ago and I loved the first post of hers that I read.

Now, having said all of this, there are still a lot of people left who I follow who I did not list above.  I did not feel I could list all 129 posts and have you bother to read them all.  Please know that I consider each of you friends to one degree or another and hold all of your posts as important.  Do not feel slighted or neglected in the least.

To finish, I will put my 2012 report on here for your amusement should you need more:

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 12,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 20 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

I know that a lot of people will be out tonight – drinking, laughing, and having fun.

Please everyone be safe!  I don’t want a different set of statistics to show up for any of you out there.  This is a New Year.  Make your resolutions count and worthwhile.  No sense wasting the toast!

This has been a big year of commitment for me.  I have done, apparently, 292 posts without a missed day.  The end of February will mark a full year.  I feel like a blog success and it is because of all of you!

I have enjoyed this year with you and am looking forward to a wonderful 2013 as well!

Love you all from the bottom of my heart.



Why Do We Bother?

Well, looking at my stats, I received a whooping 10 views so far today (about 25 minutes to go).  Of course, I tried to blame myself and ask what I had done wrong.  Then, I realized that a view is just that, not reading, just going there.  So, what I had was a day in which nobody visited.  I guess part of it is because I live alone, but I took a bit to realize just how much the holiday probably played a part in that number.  I was still a bit surprised because there were even more at Christmas.  Then I remembered something someone said:  “People are home at Christmas.”  Yes, they are.  They are home and, at night, they still rev up the computer and do what they have been doing.  The day is done and relaxing is in order.

So, the title:  Why Do We Bother?  The question being why do we bother doing posts on days when people may well be gone and not look at all.  Isn’t this wasting time and energy?  Isn’t this just setting ourselves up for disappointment and discouragement?

I decided on three reasons.  If these are your reasons, then I understand why you do it, because it’s why I do it.

1)  It’s a promise or pledge.  I promised myself, you, and the spiritual world that I would do this and not miss a day for, at least, the first year.  I owe it to myself, you, and the spiritual world to keep that promise and write something worthwhile each and every day.

2)  It only takes one viewer to need to see what you wrote.  I don’t know how many times I have done something and thought it was a waste only to find out that one person really needed to hear, or see what I did.  Just one person is worth the time and effort to me.  God helps me to write these posts and He knows what is needed.

3)  It does me good.  Let’s face it:  I write these as much for myself as I do everyone else.  I don’t have big dreams of success here.  I have already surpassed what I thought would happen with my blog.  I have written my thoughts down, kept a promise, been steadfast, helped people, made friends, and had a few people smile.  What more could I really ask?

So, tonight, “why do I bother?”  I bother because of myself, others, and my spirit.  Seems good enough to me.

Namaste and Happy New Year,



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