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Hey, Donald…


I would like to clear the air about a few generic matters here.  First of all, I really need for you to understand that there were 2 reasons I did vote for you in the last election.

  1. I did not like the candidate running for the Democratic party at all.  I would have voted for almost anyone who was running against her.
  2. I like some of the attitude you portrayed and the way you managed to win the primary.

Now, I need for you to understand the implications of what 1 and 2 above state:  They do not say I support all or even most of your agendas.  I am very used to a party candidate making all sorts of campaign promises and having those disappear right after the election.  I never expected, nor do I expect your “wall” to be built on the border.  However, you have made another “wall” between us and Mexico and it is not a very pretty one.  Can’t say I approve.

Next, I can’t say I approve of most of your values toward women.

Finally, I know that I am against your railings against the LBGTQ.  I spend a lot of time with friends and all who belong to that group of wonderful people.  We have made such strides toward getting the public to, at least, tolerate and, at most, begin to accept all these wonderful individuals.  You lost a lot of my respect with this move.

There are, I am  positive, many other points we would strongly disagree on, but I am not going to deal with those right now.  I will let you know that I am tired of being raked over the coals for the three-second action of pressing a button and accepting my ballot.  You have disappointed me in so very many ways, Sir.  I stand by the office of my President.  You, Sir, I do not need to stand behind.

Scott L Vannatter

You Knew It – This Post Trumps the Others…

You knew it had to be coming.  The election ends; I have said so much about Trump (and against Hillary).  There had to be a post.  Well, here it is in all its glory.

(Not) – I had a very long night last night.  I ate out, followed the election. I played on my tablet at the restaurant, followed the election.  I worked out, followed the election.  I made chili (veg), followed the election.  In short, I followed the election.  That’s not really like me.  This has been the first election, really, in as long as I can remember where I was really into the election itself.  I looked at maps, read articles, listed to newscasts, and followed on my tablet.

I noticed the trend before they really started talking about it too much:  Hillary winning the big cities, but Trump covering the rest of the states.  I didn’t realize what a defeat it was, how surprising it was, until it was over.  Then people were like…shell shocked.  I head to some of my social sites and people are scared and worried and don’t know what to do.  I was kinda dumbfounded.  It has taken till now for me to really get ahold of what has happened.

IT WAS A GREAT UPSET!!! Both to the Democrats and to the polls.  The polls, I guess, had never been this wrong.

So, yes, it is over and my person, Mr. Trump, won.  Now, what happens, America?  Everyone is asking that.

I listened to Mr. Trumps acceptance speech after Hillary called him.  He had changed; he has matured; I think we will be okay.  He was not quite the power monger or the anti-Christ people had pegged him as.  He spoke of peace, moving forward, healing our country, and caring for the people.

I listened to Hillary’s consolatory (right word?) speech.  She, basically, said the same thing.  She tried hard to pull the people together, to have Republicans and Democrats work together, all people work together to help our nation and its peoples.  Good speech, good timing. I think it will help a lot.

I believe we are now entering something very new, brand new:  we have a Republican President, House, and Senate.  Never before, well in a very long time, have we had such a chance to pull together and work hard to get something very positive done.  We have the opportunity to rebuild, restructure, and unite our country.

Yes, the stocks are down; people are scared; however, I think Mr. Trump truly wants to do what he kept saying he wanted to do:  unite and rebuild, help our country become great once again.

I certainly want that.

It is my hope that we will all do just that and that he will provide us the leadership that lends itself toward those precious goals.

I am not boasting; I am not bragging; I am not saying, “I told you so.”

What I am saying is, “Let’s not blow this.  Let’s all work together hard and see how great we can become.”

U-S-A!    U-S-A!    U-S-A!    U-S-A!    U-S-A!    U-S-A!

Let’s make America “Great Again”.



As Ricky says, ” ‘Splain this to me.” Okay, I will try…

My daughter is probably a bit upset with me.  I can’t be sure unless she comes right out and says it (and I am not stupid enough to just ask!).  So, we will keep it at probably.  Why?

Well, it’s not because I missed her birthday or stepped on her feet, or wrecked her car with mine, or even hit her garage door with something I was carrying.

She is probably mad because…I am voting for Trump.  Yup!  Are you mad now, too?  Well, at least, let me explain.

I tried this in another post >HERE< and thought I did a good job, but not many people commented so maybe they just skipped it.  This is my thing:

  1.  There are no other good Republican candidates.  They are all, basically, with the Establishment.  Those are the grass roots Republican Party people who run the governmental part of the Republicans.  I don’t trust them.  I doubt you should either.
  2. There are no good Democratic candidates.  Hillary may be indicted (and should be, if only to prove she is innocent) and Bernie Sanders is a Socialist (We don’t need that any more than to be like the Muslim government).
  3. He is being, for the most part, truthful.  Yeah, he has told some pretty obvious fibs, but he says it directly and out front.  I have criticized Cruz because he doesn’t and I will stick to that.  He talks in circles.  Heck, even Kelly said it right to him, “Will you answer the question I have asked you?”
  4. I believe he will truly try to do most of what he says he will do.  The government may not agree and may vote his ideas down, but his vetoes will be a good bargaining power, which is what he says – bargain.
  5. I don’t think this country will change much at all with anyone in there but him.  The way we are heading, this is toward certain death.
  6. He is a people’s person.  He is more down to earth.  You may not like some of his stances (I don’t), but I haven’t liked the stances of several of our last presidents…they still functioned.
  7. It’s time for the common man, instead of the big politician, to be in charge.  See what happens.
  8. I really doubt that other countries would do much messing with us when Trump has the football.  I don’t think he would throw it unless he had to, but he would throw it.

Now, I feel better; don’t you?  Don’t throw things, it’s rude and someone could get hurt.

Okay, all take a deep breath and repeat after me:

Dear God.  You are in charge.  Put the person we need the most in the President’s position.




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