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Comcast – All Sales, No Help?

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I have never quite had the above feelings about Comcast – however, I have come close.  For a long time, I have hollered and screamed and yelled to others about how poorly Comcast handles problems.  For a time, rather recently, that was not the case.  I finally had service when I needed it and someone seemed to be listening when I called.  Of course, I had a package and was willing to purchase another package.  Just fix me.

In the very recent past, I was working on my sister’s computer at her home.  She made the comment of how much her Comcast bill was.  I listened and had her read off what she had with them.  After she did, I asked her if she had any special stations or anything out of the ordinary.  When she didn’t know, I told her what my cable cost and (after she stood back up from fainting) I had her call Comcast and tell them she was going to disconnect services.  This, of course, put her in touch with the package part of the company.  She received a new package, saving her between $20-75 a month.  They had her hooked up to all kinds of extra stations she never watched and didn’t want to watch.  Now, she had basic cable, phone, and Internet.  She’s happy, and Comcast still has her as a customer.

Comcast – All Sales, No Help?

This article didn’t really surprise me.  However, what it did do was open my eyes to a problem that is more extensive than I thought.  We have to stand up and demand service on something we already have?!  Now, if we have a problem, instead of fixing it we have to listen to pitches about upgrading or adding extras to our service?!  This is ridiculous.

I encourage you to listen to the link for the particular sales call mentioned in the article.  It should work.  And, it will amaze you.  I have argued with them before and felt as if I was running in circles.  You have to push and you should be willing to renegotiate.  Simply have your needs on a card and never vary from them without good reason and a great price.

Sales – glad I am disabled…isn’t that a sad state of affairs?




Some Choices have to be Shared

There are some times in your life in which you just wish you had known what you know now just a bit earlier, right? I don’t mean earth-shattering things; I simply mean that some little choices would have left you better off in the long run.I feel that way, today.

A couple of weeks ago, I chose to begin reading a book on Kindle: “Life Knocks”. If the title had been “Life Sucks” I would have been a little more ready for it, I think. i have tried not to get on this blog and shoot things down; however, as with the title to this post, some choices really do need to be shared.

I purchased this book because someone online praised it so highly and it looked somewhat interesting. I am beginning to believe that the praising person was the man’s brother who, for a dollar or two, told a lie big enough to make his nose into a stop bar at a parking garage.

Then I read that the book was on the top six shortlist for  the 2012 Dundee International Book Prize.  Scary sometimes, isn’t it?  To be fair, if you go to Amazon, type in Life Knocks, and read the review, you might wish to purchase it also.  I reread it; you have been warned.

The author of this material had a good story. The characters were interesting, the plot intriguing; however, somewhere between the first and tenth pages, I nearly ceased to be amused.

Now, I am about 40% through it and still deciding if I am going to finish it. As I said, the story itself is good. It is kind of like if Gone With the Wind had been written by an seventh grader: good story, bad delivery.

There are quite a few type-o s in the book. Those I can deal with. It’s his similes (they are referred to as “metaphors” in the critiques) that I am having so much trouble with. He puts them all throughout the book and they can be almost a full paragraph in length and the comparisons are, at times, horribly humorous. Without quoting one directly, let me illustrate with one of my own:

Her makeup was put on like a rhino in a china shop playing the french horn to a group of ballerinas who were partially deaf but dancing nonetheless.

Do you see my plight? I actually think that the story could even be a movie, but … oh well. I will read and decide. lol

To top off the time, today I decided to watch a movie, but had no idea what to watch. I began going through my watch list on Amazon. I generally just put movies there that I don’t want to watch now, but sound interesting enough to keep around. I looked at the movie I was considering, “Bad Girls Go to Hell” and realized that the biggest reason I had put it in the watch list was to see if anyone would review it or even describe it.

All the description said was “Crime”. That could be like saying “Bonnie and Clyde” is a love story. It was black and white but filmed in 2010 (should have known). NOTE* I feel better now.  When I went to get the above picture, I discovered that, somehow, I misread or it was a mistake:  The movie was made in 1965.  Now, it makes more sense.

It was only $1.99 and 1 and 1/2 hours so I thought “I can do anything for 90 minutes”. I should have continued reading the book I was talking about above. It would have been a better way to spend 90 minutes of my life.

The movie was horrible; I don’t mean Gothic horrible or terror horrible; I mean horrible horrible. The dialogue was being read off set and then simply put onto the movie. Except for two small parts in the entire thing, you never actually saw the mouth of the person speaking while they were speaking.

To say it was dubbed would be an insult to foreign films everywhere. In those two small instances, I really believe the actors were speaking English, so dubbed is not an accurate description. I want to say that the “actors” were so bad that they couldn’t do their lines well enough, so they were gone over, but that would mean the cameraman was too dumb to ever show their faces and the acting was worse than the talking.

The plot was decent (5 of 10) and that was the best part of the entire film. I have always praised myself for being one of those people who really enjoys “B” movies. If that is a grade, however, then I watched a “D-” movie and that may be giving them a few points.

The point to this entire blog? I am not sure there is one. I am just venting, but that doesn’t sound good, so:

The point is that you have control over how you spend the moments of your life. If it is going horribly and it is possible – STOP!


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