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Five Sentence Fiction – Whimsical – As You Wish – PG13

Lillie McFerrin has selected “whimsical” as the one-word prompt for the five-sentence stories this week at Five Sentence Fiction.  Please click > Here < for the other stories after reading mine below.  Enjoy!!!

Source: http://lilliemcferrin.com/five-sentence-fiction-whimsical/ Assumed license allows reprint

She watched as the clouds changed colors at her touch; the rocks smoothed; the waters parted; and the animals became lively and festive.

She saw him standing over in the ankle-deep marsh waters bringing sense and a bit of order to her chaos.

She was happy to have him with her at this final exercise on her way to becoming a true witch-princess of the white dove order.

He was her partner and her love, her beginning and her end, her reason and her season; she could just go on and on.

She was Whimsi and he, Cal; what a pair!




Friday Fictioneers – B / E – Rated PG13 – Humorous

Here we are again with Friday Fictioneers.   Hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, FF is an opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings about the picture prompt below in 100 words (ok, give or take a few).  After reading mine below, please click > HERE < to check out the rest of the entries.  Enjoy!!!

Copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Just Dropping In (With Friends like Him)

By Scott L Vannatter – 100 @words

Steve let go of the rope, dropping onto the top of the old elevator.  He opened the hatch and dropped down inside.

He was happy.  The novel he read helped him understand a cat burglar was no big deal.  His neighbor three floors down had a collection of vintage items worth $300,000.  He would leave the elevator and then pick the door’s lock.  He had come at 2am so no one would see him.  His mask itched.

A grinding sounded and the elevator stopped between floors 3 and 4.

Steve thought that the novel made no mention of this scenario.




Friday Fictioneers – “Roller Coaster” – 100 Words – Humorous – PG

copyright – Kent Bonham

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by RochelleW.  The idea:  using the above photo prompt, create a complete story of 100 words (+/-).  After reading my entry below, click > HERE < for the rest of the stories.  Enjoy!

“Roller coaster”

Scott L Vannatter – 100 words


“You got dees?”  Armando asked Tellan.

“Sure,” Tellan wished he was as confident as he sounded.  His bravado had gotten him into trouble before.  This was not going to be an exception.  He just hoped it was not his last.

He stared down the stone alleyway.  The slope was steep.  Each one-brick level had two 1/2 bricks raised up to the level of the stones above, a kind of track of stone.  The tire was wider than the brick, so the ride was perilous.

He got it up to 30, then cut the engine in idle.

“Here we go, Amigo!”




Flash Friday – “Of Mouse and Man” – 210 Words – Rated PG13

Flash Friday hosted by Rebekah Postupak.  This week, a 200 (+/-5) word story based on the photo.  After reading my entry (which overshot by 5 words as I misread the prompt) click on the pic to read the other entries.  Enjoy!

When the Clouds Roll By (1919). Public Domain.


Of Rats and Man

By Scott L Vannatter – 210 words


“And these two spots located near your temples are auxiliary spots.  They allow the telepathic portions of your brain to function.”  Leonardo spoke crisply with just a hint of European accent.

“Uh,” responded Silas, uncertain of what half the words meant but loving that Leonardo was giving him attention instead of the rats he normally handled.

Leonardo excused himself and went into a back room and Silas heard him rummaging a bit and opening and closing things.  He returned to the room holding a large rodent in his hands.  Silas nearly cried.  He had those things again.  Would he never get the attention he felt he deserved as his assistant?

Leonardo held the large rat in front of Silas and began speaking.  “Focus on those spots, Silas.  Those spots I told you about.  Think, man.  Try to read the mind of the rat.  What is it thinking?”

Silas concentrated hard.  He stared at the rat. It stared back.  He could clearly see a piece of cheese in his head, but did not figure Leonardo would want to hear that.  Then, it became clear.

“I see it!  It doesn’t like being held.  It…”

Leonardo dropped the angry animal and went to tend to his wound.  Silas hoped he had done well.




Friday Fictioneers – FF – 10/25/13 – “Personal Music” PG13 – Humorous

Friday Fictioneers

copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Friday Fictioneers is here!  Hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, it is creating a 100 word (+/-) story from the picture prompt above.

After reading my entry below, click —> Here <— for the rest of the entries.  Enjoy!


“Personal Music”

By Scott L Vannatter -100 Words

“It’s my birthday present,” Jacob said with some defiance.

“I know that,” his Mother retorted,” but you tore it apart.  Now it won’t play anymore.”

“I have been … working on it.”

“Oh My God.  What have you done now?”  She was so very tired of Jacob taking things apart to do other things with them.  The last little escapade was him trying to create a self-running iron.  She had to buy a new iron and three shirts.

Jacob looked at her and said nothing.  Instead he opened his mouth and a symphony began playing.

He stopped when she fainted.





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