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Why Do We Bother?

Well, looking at my stats, I received a whooping 10 views so far today (about 25 minutes to go).  Of course, I tried to blame myself and ask what I had done wrong.  Then, I realized that a view is just that, not reading, just going there.  So, what I had was a day in which nobody visited.  I guess part of it is because I live alone, but I took a bit to realize just how much the holiday probably played a part in that number.  I was still a bit surprised because there were even more at Christmas.  Then I remembered something someone said:  “People are home at Christmas.”  Yes, they are.  They are home and, at night, they still rev up the computer and do what they have been doing.  The day is done and relaxing is in order.

So, the title:  Why Do We Bother?  The question being why do we bother doing posts on days when people may well be gone and not look at all.  Isn’t this wasting time and energy?  Isn’t this just setting ourselves up for disappointment and discouragement?

I decided on three reasons.  If these are your reasons, then I understand why you do it, because it’s why I do it.

1)  It’s a promise or pledge.  I promised myself, you, and the spiritual world that I would do this and not miss a day for, at least, the first year.  I owe it to myself, you, and the spiritual world to keep that promise and write something worthwhile each and every day.

2)  It only takes one viewer to need to see what you wrote.  I don’t know how many times I have done something and thought it was a waste only to find out that one person really needed to hear, or see what I did.  Just one person is worth the time and effort to me.  God helps me to write these posts and He knows what is needed.

3)  It does me good.  Let’s face it:  I write these as much for myself as I do everyone else.  I don’t have big dreams of success here.  I have already surpassed what I thought would happen with my blog.  I have written my thoughts down, kept a promise, been steadfast, helped people, made friends, and had a few people smile.  What more could I really ask?

So, tonight, “why do I bother?”  I bother because of myself, others, and my spirit.  Seems good enough to me.

Namaste and Happy New Year,



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