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A Busy Life – Who? Me?

My life has been taking extreme turns the last few weeks.   To begin with I have started a new job.  I won’t tell you a whole lot about it right now, other than it deals with service, can be done part-time, and should get me out of being on disability in about a year.  That has had me going from doing very little and having a free schedule to actually having to plan out my days and keep some notes on what I need to do and when.

“Oh, but Scott, why would give up a life of luxury and freedom?” I hear you all thinking I have gone nuts.  Why in the world would I try to get out of disability when it took so very long to get on it to start with?  The answer is pretty simple:  I would like to hold my own and get ahead.

Being on disability means that I am sorely restricted in any extra income I may make.  What I have had trouble understanding is that to lose my disability I only have to make about 60% of what I am making while on disability.  Since disability just allows me to kind of glide by on finances by the skin of my teeth, there is no way to live on the amount I would be making if I lost my disability by the minimum amount.

So, I begin to look for work that will pay me, at least, what disability is paying and that I can handle in my physical shape with my fatigue so low and my balance off and… um … something else…oh yes…my memory.

So, I turn to God and prayer and intention to help me.  The result has been something coming along that I enjoy and should turn out to be good for me.  When I am more certain that it is going to do what I need for it to do, I will clue you all in.  While almost all of you are among the most positive people I know, I just don’t want some outside (or family) comment to derail me with negative problems.  I hope you all understand.



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