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My How We’ve Changed

“One Small Step…”

Those were words heard round the world.  I heard them.  I remember planning to get up about 3am (no alarm, couldn’t wake Dad, and there were no cell phones).  I sneaked down to the living room, turned the TV on muted (well, the sound knob was all the way down, and very slowly (really) I turned it up until, from my spot about 8-10 inches away from the screen, I could just barely hear the sound.

I sat, excitedly, and watched for almost two hours, I believe, as Neil Armstrong stepped onto the surface of the moon.  The first human to do so.  And, I and my little black and white TV were right there with him.

It was exciting.  Even more so because, when it was done I got up and tripped over a TV tray and got up and tripped over another one!  Yes, woke Dad anyway, and he wasn’t very happy about it!

My memories!

We have come so far.  Now, today, this morning, I watch as Commander Chris Hadfield of the International Space Station is shown on YouTube singing a song which is on a David Bowie album.  It was recorded on the space station!  He even had a guitar!

Taking that guitar to the moon would have cost so much it wasn’t even practical.  Every single ounce of weight was accounted for.  It took so much to move weight through space to the moon (actually, just getting it off the ground) that the astronauts had little at all for remembrances of home.

Now, on the space station, that doesn’t seem to matter as much.  A guitar weighs several pounds.  When I was listening to him sing, it wasn’t so much the song (which was okay), it was the entire idea that this man was recording pleasurable music for us to listen to and his recording studio was circling high above the Earth!

I forget it’s up there.  Do you?  I mean it’s talked about, but not like it is headlines every day.  I have wondered what happens if it ever needs to leave orbit.  Does it crash into the Earth and we just hope?  Or, does it self-destruct and throw pieces everywhere?  Maybe they can push it out of Earth’s orbit entirely and head it for the sun.  I don’t know, or I didn’t know.

Now, with Google, I simply queried “what happens when the space station need to come down?” and got the following article:

“How Will the International Space Station Fall to Earth?”

Now, I have read it all.  I have read how we studied the Russia station as it fell.  I have read how we have “practiced” with small vehicles.  I have read how we are sending it down in a planned reentry and that it will end up in a 3,000 kilometer stretch of unpopulated ocean.  And, all that will not be until 2020 or, perhaps, even 2028.

However, for all our glory and wonder, for all our ability to overcome our environment and even space, it was the last line of the article I will remember for quite awhile:

“…it would be just blind luck, because we can’t predict where it’s going to be and exactly when.”

They mean where in that 3000 kilometer stretch of ocean, but..

How do you feel about it?  Do you even think about it?

That was the original ending of my post.  Then, I found this clip:

Now, I am not much of a conspiratorial type person, but, after I finished this, there were some nagging doubts.  Some of it was hard to not believe.  Now, the thing I notice is that we are not even trying to get back to the moon.  It is on to Mars.  Just wonder if we would find evidence of that first moon landing if we went back. As I said, just a thought.

For those of you really curious, now, here is a much longer, more in-depth look at both sides.  It is a good show and helped me believe once more.



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