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The Ups and Downs of My Week

I have had an up and down week. There have been good, even great, moments; however, there have been the others. I was leafing through my set-aside poetry and saw a few I thought I would share that are also up and down.

by Scott L Vannatter – 1-23-12

Sitting, deep in thought
Lost, caught between
Knowing best, wanting other
fear of future, of unknown
stepping out, chance taken
Divinity watches, smiles at knowing
Trust begins, journey starts.

Life Happens
by Scott L Vannatter – 1-23-12

Soft, deep kiss, Touches soul
Embrace the life, the living
Mind wavers, consciousness drifts
Thought moves toward beauty
future seen, not prepared
Listen not, promises made
too late the knowledge becomes solid

Two becomes three, becomes way of life
One leaves, mother remains
tough existence, another steps up
fear overrides, and the good never happens.

by Scott L Vannatter – 1-31-12

She steps in grace,
Movement depicts awe
My eyes lock onto beauty and its form.
Shape appeals as well as face.

I stutter as I talk, struggling to stand.
Her voice drifts with sweetness over the breeze
Each word rests with love upon my ears.

Hope springs, my heart leaps
The smile I bring to her lips
As I open the door.


Taking Leave
by Scott L Vannatter – 1-31-12

Momentary pause, my heart stumbles at the thought
The scrawling on the page takes form
before my eyes become a note of destruction,
Our love becoming my love.
Separation of being, loneliness sets in
And I know solitude is my soul.


The good thing is that God is always with me and it all works out in the end.

The other good thing is that I know all of you are out there and that makes me smile. 🙂


A YouTube Day…

It’s All Sam’s fault!

Yes, it is, Sam. Yours! Your wonderful post today included “Wonkey Donkey” (http://aspergersgirls.wordpress.com/) and after it finished (oh, I laughed), then YouTube advertised several others.

I forgot what I was doing. From about 5pm until almost 10pm I was lost in “YouTube” land. I went from “Wonkey Donkey” to funny pics to rugby, even watching live water birth, and all sorts of videos in between.

It’s been a long time since I got lost like that, but it was worth it. The longest time spent was on “Flash Mobs”. If you aren’t familiar with them, I will bring you up to speed.

The original flash mob was a group of people who just seemed to appear somewhere different and sang and danced. The people around them didn’t know it was going to happen and … well … wonderful surprise happened! It has caught on and spread around the world; I don’t know where it started.

In the way of leaving you today, I would like to give 3 video examples I simply loved.

Do Re Mi Flash Mob


Paul Potts Flash singing


Waka Waka – Biggest Flash mob in the Netherlands



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