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WordPress May Get a Cold

Actually, WordPress may get a virus, not a cold.  I was perusing several articles today and noticed that WP was specifically mentioned as the target for one cyber attack.  The reason?   Well, not because we have such guarded military secrets or because our dialogues are so captivating.  No, it is mainly because WP isn’t well guarded enough.  The hackers can get in, so why not try?  We have become the target of ease.

I have listed the main article at the end of this post, so you can read what I did and try to follow it, too.  Personally, it was too much techie talk for me.  That world and I have parted company and I don’t want to talk about apache and admin passwords and file structures.  Just not me anymore.

However, I did follow enough to go back to saying what I have always said:  your password(s) is(are) very important.  The article suggested that one way these guys are trying to get into WP is through password guessing.  The spybots, it seems, go into the system and try to get in by guessing a few key passwords that are used a lot by admins and so forth.  They may only try a dozen and then move on to something else.  So?  What if they do get in?  Well, what they truly want is the account that belongs to  one of the more elite users or a person who helped to create the site.  Then, they hope to break through that person and into the root of the system or the core.  They look for plans, blueprints, file system structures, even emails, anything that will help them get a little more of that pie and on into the system itself.

So, back to passwords.  I try to keep up on things.  This article says WP is rather a weakly protected site, so I figure I used anti worm, virus, and such on my own computer and I put in a good password on the site.  This may well have to do.  I am not an expert nor a guru.  A lot of the other ideas for help involve knowing a lot more about computereze than I do.  I wrote a post about building a good password.  That can be found here.  The other articles are below.  Just know that one of the objects of hackers can be malicious:  they may get to the system from your account so they can shut down the entire WP.

Just wanting you to think.  Article:

Experts Warn Small Businesses

***Also, before I go I had better say this:  My modem is on the fritz.  It is scheduled to be replaced Thursday between 5 and 7pm.  It is possible I won’t be able to get on long enough tomorrow to post.  I know I can’t read the 50-70 posts I will be behind on by then.  Just letting you know.



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