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Getting Away from the Narcissist…

Great article.  These help me understand many parts of my life and the lives of those around me whom I care for.




Looking at my Cat

With Dad in the hospital and me home more now, I have had a lot of time to think (even if it is on the run).  One of the things I have thought a lot about is my cat, Tamika. I have a good friend who lost one of her pets recently. It bothered her a great deal and, I imagine, it still does. I have known for a while that my parents are getting older, my friends are getting older, I am getting older. However, in the last week, I have really been looking at my cat, Tamika.

Tamika has always been one of those things in life that you just can’t quite make up your mind on. She is loving enough and company enough to keep a solitary man sane, but also enough trouble to drive me nuts at times. Now, however, I see her differently. She is starting to gray a bit, and slow down some (8 years old in June). She still plays and romps and cries at the outside world, but she also sleeps and ignores when she feels like it.

When I had my stroke, she was at home alone for several months. Mom/Sis came to feed her and so forth, but she was alone over 90% of the time. During this, her hair started to fall out and she became very nervous. When I came home in the fall of 2010, she wore me out crying and running and needing attention. She had been lonely and, probably, scared.

I went visit my daughter for two weeks back in late February. Mom/Sis, again, fed the cat. Mom said that, at the end of the two weeks, the cat hissed at her and would not allow her to leave; she got between her and the door. Again, I figure she thought I had left forever and was lonely and scared. When I came back, for three days, she would not leave my side.

We are back to normal now. She does ignore me a lot; however, I have noticed that, often, several times a day, she will jump on the pillow I have near the computer and lay down, resting while I am there. I treat her with extra attention then, and she laps it up.

Perspective, again, that interesting fellow. We need to look in from the perspectives of others, even animals, to see if there is some little thing we can do that may make a huge difference in their lives.

Beauty lies within yourself

The only impossible journey in life is you never begin!! ~Tanvir Kaur


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