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To Vegan or not to Vegan…

As many of you know, I have been vegan since July of 2014.  For those that have difficulties knowing what that means, I do not eat meat, nor take in dairy.  That means no hamburgers, no cheese, no eggs, no milk, no ice cream, no regular chocolate.  I did this because I read a good book that discussed research stating nearly all people in the study who stuck to a vegan diet (and they were diabetic) had their blood sugar, their cholesterol, and their blood pressure go down, as well as their weight.  For many they stopped being diabetic about 6-9 months into the program.

My blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol has, indeed, gone down.  My weight has dropped a bit.  The problem was that, after 17 months of the diet (and being very careful for the first 8 months), I am not satisfied that, the program has been worth it.  My feelings are if I would eat reasonably and exercise I would see as much, if not more, positive results.

I do not feel this means it doesn’t work; it just doesn’t work well enough for me.

So, after some deliberation, I have altered the diet for me.  I will still restrict myself to more leaner meats.  I will still mostly avoid regular chocolate.  I will still cut down on cheese.  I will still, of course, watch my sugar, test my glucose, and blood pressure, as well as take all my meds.

However, I believe my life will be more fruitful  and enjoyable) if I do this in moderation, exercise in moderation (try 20-30 minutes of light-moderate exercise 3x a week), and try to keep more active in general by doing a lot of versatile things.

I no longer love food; I enjoy food, but it no longer rules me.  That came out of this diet.  I proved to myself and others I could do this for over 1 year.  There’s nothing wrong with the diet.  If you watch your protein and vary your foods, it is very healthy.  I may go back on it again if I start feeling sluggish or gaining weight that can’t be explained by muscle.

I just wanted to keep all of you up to date on me, one of my favorite subjects.

I am making some social changes in my life; perhaps, more on that another time.

In the meantime, let me simply wish you all well, eat healthy, enjoy life, and smile – a lot…



A Life-Changing Video PG

I don’t know if the prompt sites I normally use will post anything this wonderful holiday week.  So, I decided to post something not holiday, but so very important that I will ask you to take the 5 minutes you usually use to read my story and watch the video below.  It can be a life-changer.  Will you let it?



A Short Collection of Catch-up Thoughts Early in the Morning

source: Google Image search with license for reuse. Click on pic for page.

I wasn’t going to write anything tonight (well, now, last night), but as I looked over the week and the writings and just my life in general, I decided I would do something short and, for me, to the point.  I decided just to let you in on what’s going on and what’s new.

First, I have taken to a new game.  No, not a video game this time (I am still on Skyrim and am at level 41.  I have never been here before).  No, I am talking about the old-fashioned “Dungeons and Dragons” – “D&D”.   I found a site, roll20 and fell in love with it.  The site has taken the board game and, instead of making a video of it, they have brought the table to the Internet.  They have a virtual table and dice and you play just like you used to – roll dice and move and talk in groups (via Raidcall and chat on the site and Skype).  It is addictive, once a week for me – Mondays 7pm-11pm.  I am a Rogue (thief in the older language) and help my group of 3 others through what may be months of playing.  Check out the site.  It is fun and educational.

My vegan diet is going well.  I have lost just under 10 pounds in 4 months and my blood sugar is doing well.  My blood pressure was around 104/48 several times and they may need to remove or reduce one of my meds!  Great!  I find out in December.

I am feeling better for the most part.  I still don’t sleep well, but manage to put in about 9 1/2 broken hours a night.  I still have some nights where I don’t get to sleep until dawn, but it all works out in a few days.  I have been sneezing today and have some sinus problems and a headache, but I don’t think I am getting sick, just tired and the weather is changing here – hard.

I am getting to read some of your posts, though not as many as I might have hoped.  Yes, I know it is a choice, but I need to do these other things.  Just know I think about a lot of you all the time and save the links so I can do, at least, some as time permits.

Finally, I am now doing about 1/2 – 2/3 of the cleaning of my house.  I still hope to have someone in once a month to give it a thorough going-through, but I am doing a lot of it on my own and that is a huge improvement.

By the way, I have taken a liking to Peanut butter (organic), sauerkraut, mustard, and Italian dressing or rye.  Don’t ask, but I do like it.

Guess that’s it.  Love you all…



All It Takes

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You know, I could really complain this week.  I mean, I guess we all have the right to complain all the time.  And, some of us probably have good reason; however, I don’t think I will.  When I started this post I wasn’t certain just what direction I was going to take.  A good part of me wanted the feelings I get when I drop everything off my chest and let the world have it.  Then, there’s the other part of me that says, “Why do that?  Things could be so much worse.”  And, finally, there’s the third part.  That’s the one that realizes the complaining part is a temporary fix and everyone else gets tired of hearing it, and the second part is a bit of a cop out because it can ALWAYS be worse.  Just telling yourself that it could be worse doesn’t allow you to feel what’s going on.  You are trapped with the idea that you should never complain because it could ALWAYS be worse.

This third part is that small voice that has you more looking at the positives than the negatives.  You can’t ignore the negatives; that would be the “Pollyanna” attitude of the sun will come out tomorrow thing…  I don’t want that; what I want is simply to see life as it is:  good and bad.

I lost a friend yesterday; he was my chiropractor; he was my family’s chiropractor for many years.  He was a casual friend, but he was a friend.  I knew him by name; I have seen pictures of his ex-wife and his little girl.  I have spoken to him about some personal problems and asked advice.  In short, I knew him; now, he’s gone.  I don’t know any other details yet.  What matters is that there is a little piece of me that has a hole in it, and I know his family has a larger hole.

All of this happening when I am at a point in which I realize I am 56 years old and, while I am getting better, I am not in perfect health.  I have a father whose health is worse than mine.  I have a wonderful sister who has her own set of problems, just like my Mom.  And, I have friends, each with his or her own problems, too.  It just gets me to thinking.

The world is a fleeting place.  We are on it for something less than 120 years.  Then, we are gone.  Life continues; people don’t forget you, but, eventually, there is no one who has actually met you who is still alive.  The things I do here will be reflected in the attitudes and actions of those I know and love.  My children make me proud.  I know that when I do leave this world they are going to be making it a better place rather than causing the problems everyone has to face.  That’s a good feeling.

What’s really great is to know that my writing will survive me.  My blog posts have been a help and/or inspiration to some.  I have made friends and, if I go, they will remember, at least, for awhile.

This post has gone almost full circle; it started out as almost a whine and now has circled back to being a positive note on being here.  This is almost an esoteric posting.  It is intended more to get my thoughts out than to make you think anything in particular.  However, I would be very interested in knowing how you think and feel after reading this.  What say you?



Opps! I forgot…So, now, a word from our sponsor – me!

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A bit of a change here, today, I would normally being issuing an entry into Flash Friday.  However, I, um…forgot until after the deadline passed.  This has been somewhat normal for me since my stroke in May of 2010; I forget lots of things.  I was just going to skip the night and pick back up on Tuesday, but I felt that was unfair to anyone used to seeing my entry on Fridays.  So, here I am, kind of apologizing and kind of just letting you know what’s going on.

What I will do is take this open moment to let you know what is going on in my life now.  Things change all the time for everyone, me included.  Right now I:

1)       Am still helping our public library by selling on Amazon.

2)       Am still selling a little on Amazon myself.

3)      Still writing.  Just finished “Keeping Watch” (about 13,400 word short story)

4)      Trying to get back to a Spring schedule and out of this miserable winter one.

5)      Taking care of my car, which just topped $600 in repairs this month.

6)      Trying (and failing) to keep up in my reading of other blogs.  There are so many interesting stories and yet I don’t get many read.

7)      Have begun creating crossword puzzles and submitting them.  Just finished doing so last night.

8)      Reading some comic books I bought on E-bay a couple of years ago.  Fun!

9)      Playing  “Fallout 3” again, but one notch harder in difficulty.

10)   Enjoying lunch/dinner and a movie with a good friend on the weekends.

11)   Visiting another good friend about 1 ½ hours away once a month.

12)    Eating out once a week with a third good friend.

13)   Trying to keep my blog moving.

14)   Also, trying my hand at a new type of writing.  I am not sharing it right now, but it is intriguing to me.

15)   In general, trying to define myself anew since the stroke.  I think differently, act differently, and feel differently.

Now, you are mostly caught up in my life.  It is a busy one and I don’t have a job!

How do you all do it?

Seriously, question of the post:  How do you balance all the things going on in your life?




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