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Mondays Finish the Story – “Perception” – Humorous PG13

babso2you hosts “Mondays Finish the Story.”  Using the photo prompt and the first sentence prompt, do the story in 100-150 more words.  Mine is below, the rest are > HERE < Enjoy!!!


By Scott L Vannatter – November 13, 2014

“Would anyone know if there truly was an alien invasion?”  Ramon sat back and asked the question during breakfast.  He had a tendency to not let a meal pass without a formal dissertation on something that needled at his brain.

“I wouldn’t and not even certain if I would care as long as they served breakfast like this,” Thom guffawed while holding his greens high overhead.

“Here, here!” agreed Simon, munching hard on his own meal.

Ramon looked over the group and had to agree on two fronts.  First, yes, this was an excellent breakfast, and second, he would not care much if aliens took them over as long as they served breakfast like this and allowed he and his friends to eat together.  With that he opened his mandibular jaws and bit down hard on the plant stem in front of him.




Wedding Bells!

No, not mine! My daughter and her guy of over 10 years are getting married next month.

Today, I joined them in getting our suits for the wedding. We went to “Men’s Warehouse”. It was interesting.

We (he and I) tried on several jackets, then got measured, and then discussed and chose. The man helping us told us that he had to say that they (daughter and guy) were the most decisive couple he had had (forever or in a long time).

He said that, normally, he could lay out the choices and go away for a couple of hours, come back, and they would be saying, “Well, I am still not sure…”!

I mean really?! I can see some things taking a long time, but once you have your colors out and have discussed things and chosen where to shop? Two hours? I have known couples who spent less time than that deciding to get married.

But, my daughter is and has always been rather decisive, so I shouldn’t be surprised. The final choices were very nice looking (even on me).

Afterwards, we had lunch at “5 Guys Burger and Fries”. I get a kick out of that. Perhaps, I should begin a chain store for books. Nah, I would have to call it “2803 guys 4387 girls and a Book or Two”. Wouldn’t fly…and the sign would cost a fortune!!!


Time for a Change

Well, I told Lady Day I would talk about some changes today, so I will. I have been feeling a bit down lately. Part of it is my seemingly eternal quest for sleep, quality sleep. It is better; however, after a time, lack of good sleep catches up to you and voila – you are down.

So, I decided to do some pick-me-ups. I had lunch today, out of town, with a couple of old friends. We get together about 1 time a month, eat, and catch up.

After that, I decided to go to a nail shop in town and have my toes done. You see, one of my bigger problems is that I can’t bend over well and can’t raise my feet up like I used to. So, trimming toenails is not only horribly difficult, but dangerous. I have some neuropathy, loss of feeling, and so, when I tried it myself, I cut pretty deep. Not good for a diabetic. So, I go to a nail salon and, for $5 plus tip, they take care of it for me. I just do it when I go to eat, so all in one trip. The people are oriental and very nice. After the first couple of trips, I have gotten to enjoy it and almost look forward to it.

Following that, I decided to take in a matinee. I went to two different theaters (experimenting with my GPS). However, I caught them both in the middle of shows and if I waited for the next one I would be driving home in the dark. I didn’t want to do that today, so I came on home.

When I arrived, I had been doing some thinking and decided on a big change…I deleted my beard! Yes, I cut it off, mustache and all. I then took a new pic for my gravatar and will put it on the other sites, too. The beard thing was somewhat expected. This was the longest beard and I had it for the longest time. I don’t care for them much. I thought back as to why I grew this one and realized that most of it (shakes head in shame) was that I was tired of shaving every day. What I realized is that, first, I don’t like the way I look in a beard, and, second, it is more trouble than it is worth. So, about a half hour and two twin blades later, I am me again. I also realized that I was doing just a bit of hiding behind it. That has to stop, so, now, it is done.

I feel…lighter!

Have you ever done something in order to hide behind it?

How about because you were being a bit lazy?


Have a wonderful day and smile more!


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