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A Trip Down the Amazon

I began thinking tonight that I needed something to blog concerning something periodically that would get people to thinking or, at least, reading about that thing.  Many bloggers do this and I enjoy a lot of those blogs.  I tried to think of the things I do a lot of:  video games, scrabble, computer issues, spirituality, and all of that is important to me.  So, there may be the occasional posting topic.  However, I decided that the one thing I do that might interest most readers are the things and values I buy on Amazon.

I have simplified my life immensely by becoming immersed in the purchase of items I use all the time.  I buy foods, vitamins, herbs, and then general things I decide merit my attention or interest.

So, about once a week (or whenever my brain allows me to remember) I will post one of the above.  This week is the Magic Bullet Mixing System.

I guess I should say “Blender” instead of “Mixer” as that’s the wording at the site.  The above picture was found on Google and is, almost (If not), exactly the same as the pic in the link.

I had my first one, given to me by my daughter, for about 3-6 years (a reasonable guess).  She gave it to me when she got another system and had the one I got for about 3-4 years.  So, the system itself lasted, being well-used, for 6-10 years.  I never bought any new parts.  Don’t know what the warranty is/was.  I knew it worked, so good enough for me.  In fact, when I threw the old one away, it turns out it may have been fine.  It would not blend and I figured, since it had been stopping at times, it must have burned its 240W motor out.  I used it daily for the smoothies and other diet drinks I had (check out the blog posts on health).  It worked well and hard.  I know my daughter used it daily for smoothies.  Anyway, back to the story.  When I ordered the new one from Amazon it didn’t work the first time I used it.  I remember sighing with the thought of sending something I really used back.  I made my chocolate milk (Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, Stevia, and Organic Cocoa Powder) daily (sometimes 2-3 times) with it.  Then I thought that, maybe, the new glasses worked better than the old with the new system.  It started right up.  Turns out there are 3 little plastic prongs on each cup and they all have to fit into the blender to work.  Well, one of the plastic prongs was broken.  In fact, I broke a second one about a week later.  It turns out you can buy spare glasses, but I imagine I am just a bit rough on mine, especially since I didn’t know they were THAT important.  It, apparently took over 6 years to break the first one, after all!

Digression seems to be deeply in my nature, so back to it.  The cups are about 16 oz (2 cups).  It takes almost 2 of those to fill my 30oz Big Bubba cup (perhaps, covered in another post someday).  I used it for many drinks – low carb ice cream, almond milk, and Cocoa Powder, for one.  The cost was just about $32 and my use of Amazon Prime to cover the shipping $.

I hope this prompts you to, at least, look at the link above and consider purchasing one if you are so inclined.  I think you can buy a cheaper set at Walmart, but I believe it is only a 7-piece (oh, and the instruction booklet counts as a piece, yeah, I looked for that 11th piece for a bit!



Christmas Eve 2018

I am not here to take away from  your celebrations.

I am sitting here at my computer, our big celebration over, and thinking that I like the quiet going on right now.  It’s about 3 hours to midnight on Christmas Eve, 3 hours until the bell tolls and Christmas begins.  Those 24 hours are not the only magical ones in the year, but I watch a lot of people who think so.  Their attitudes get better; they smile more; they are more giving; and, they seem to see many others in a better light.

What more could you ask out of one day?

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you!


*Grace, a special Holiday care note out to you, Sweet Girl.pexels-photo-280204

If it’s not one thing – Well, it is usually more things.

Long week.  Dad passed on the 25th of July.  His birthday was yesterday (Tuesday).  Sis had her cancer surgery Monday.  She is doing well, miserable, but well.  Me?  I went to the Doctor’s this morning with a stuffy head, drainage, body aches, no fever, and a bad raspy cough.

The doctor kinda looked at me and said, “Stress.”  I didn’t think about that.  I am under so little stress since my stroke and I have such a different outlook on life that I forget stress can still get to me.  So, I am sick – I am stressed.  Okay, I will get better – am getting better.

I used to play a card game called “Magic the Gathering” (ooh and aah).  Well, I played and I shared it with my students and met with a group of them after school once a week.  We had fun and they learned to play nicely together.  I collected the cards and gave them or traded them to the students as a reward for behavior or whatever.  We all enjoyed the time.   Of course, that buying of cards to sell meant buying bulk cards at a good rate.  I now do not play, so I have been trying to sell the lot of them (or most, I still want to maybe play).  Well, I found someone to buy them and we are meeting later this week.  The final sell count was just over 49,000 cards…YES, I wrote that right… over forty-nine thousand cards!  I am pleased to be selling them and I am pleased to have them out of my house.  I kept several hundred for myself, but that’s a small amount that won’t take up a lot of room.  However, getting them out and separated and counted…wow!  I am tired and still sick…But, it is done.

So, tired, sick, and somewhat happy, plus glad Sis is fine.  I guess I will call it a day.  DAY!



Five Sentence Fiction – “Offering” – Finality – Rated PG13 Fantasy

Lillie, once again, brings us Five Sentence Fiction.  This week’s word prompt is “Offering.”  My offering, if you will, is below.  All others can be found >HERE<.  Enjoy!!!

Source: http://lilliemcferrin.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/offering.jpg License for reuse assumed. Click Pic for Page.



Scott L Vannatter – January 14, 2015

Jeckland raised her hands toward the heavens and cited the lines from the ritual she had studied for several months.

“I offer myself to the realms as a sacrifice to that which on my life I have pledged.”

The air grew still then, almost like a breath, the clouds opened up and shimmering, whirling bands of starry lights cascaded from the center, opening up and engulfing the figure of the woman, now so tiny in respect to the magnificence of the scene.

Her body began to blur, taking on the aspect of a ghost and, within minutes, she vanished entirely, the clouds drew up, and all became still once more.

After a slight hesitation, the earth at the center of where Jeckland had stood only moments before exploded into light; the illumination spread to all parts of the globe, wiping pollution, trash, and all manner of planetary desecration clean, giving the Earth a new and glorious start.




I Would Like to Thank…

***OOOh!  Gotta say it!  My story (included in “The Dead Sea” anthology is now on Amazon.  It is or will be on Kindle very soon!) at http://www.amazon.com/dp/1478310596 . Okay, done.


I was given nomination for two awards by Ruby, for the Very Inspiring Blogger and the Versatile Blogger. I passed the torch on to the very lovely and talented Katrina Perkins who gave it to John W Howell.  He, then, gave it back to me.  No Problem!  I enjoy this very much.

The rules that need to be followed are:

  1. Display the Award Certificate on your website

  2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award

  3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers

  4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post

  5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Since I have already been nominated for each of the awards, I will nominate as many new people as I can, but I may not hit the 15 mark. JMMcDowell mentioned that often combining awards is the way to go.  I can’t take any credit for that as Ruby sent the combination to me.  As for the wonderful pic of the “Dragon Loyalty Award” that needs some explaining.  I enjoy starting my posts with a pic.  I looked up awards on Google and enjoyed this one.  So, I just wanted to clarify that I really didn’t mean for it to become a new award!  However, let me give it fair credit as the pick came from:  Parajunkee  .  Now, if it is legal and all to continue passing the picture, I love it.  I would ask that you embed or give the credit mentioned above.  There, I think we have covered the basis.

Now for number 5 – the 7 more interesting things about me:

1)  On my European concert tour with Sounds of Hope in 1976, I was in England and they had dumpling balls of some sort.  I popped one in my mouth and bit, only to find that the center was almost boiling.  It put a large blister on the roof of my mouth!

2) I once was playing a round of golf and a worm deflected my ball on a long putt.  It was going to be in, too!

3)  My favorite colors used to be midnight blue, but in the last few years, it has changed to powder blue.  I also have gained an intense like for earth tones.

4) I was in the restroom at work once when the Halon (fire extinguishing equipment) was set off in our computer room.  The equipment was located in a space next to the bathroom.  The noise was so loud…well, I am glad I was already sitting.

5) Twice in my life, as a security guard at two different companies, I tripped and nearly fell off the roof of 8 story buildings.

6) One of my dreams growing up was to attend a John Denver concert.  Sadly, his death came before my dream was realized.

7) I was, once, instrumental in bringing a theft ring to justice.

The nominees for the two awards are: (loud drum roll with full orchestral accompaniment)

1) Rian at Truthandcake – Truth be told, Rian was one of the very first bloggers I followed.  I read her on “Freshly Pressed” and really liked what she had to say.

2) Soma  – Soma has been extremely busy lately, so I don’t know if she will be able to accept this, but I wanted to send it anyway as she has always been able to make me smile.

3) Mollie Player – Mollie has become, at least to me, one of my better friends here on WordPress.  Her devotion to her stories and books keep me reading and enjoying her blog.  We share a lot of beliefs in the positive and in visualization and creating what you choose in your life.

4) JMMcDowell – Whether it is through her character, Meghan Bode, and the in post mysteries she presents or through her up-and-coming books, JMMcDowell is a joy to read and to follow.

5) Susie Lindau –  Susie is a hoot!  I laugh repeatedly when I read her posts.

6) Magsx2 – Margaret is another blogger who I haven’t heard from in awhile.  I know she is busy, so she may not be able to accept this award either, but I had to try!

7) PFPT (Pretty Feet, Pop Toe) – This young lady has been a favorite of mine for quite awhile!  As you can see by the post I am directing you to here, she has quite a biting sense of humor.

8) Buckwheatsrisk – Zoe is a great blog-friend of mine.  We have hit it off very well and, often, hold short conversations in our comments.  Her blog is important as it covers the nature of parental abuse and the consequences on the children.

I know that I only did 8 of 15, but, to tell you the truth, I am to the point that I may be nominating people I have just nominated.  So, to give them a break (and me) I will stop.

If you aren’t in the list above, just know that I thought of all of you.

If you are, don’t feel obligated to accept.  If you have won before, so what?  I did, too.  If you don’t know 15 blogs to nominate, you have two choices – nominate who you do know, or follow some more.  The other 14 above would be good choices 🙂

Please visit the blogs that aren’t yours and enjoy.  Following them wouldn’t be a bad idea!



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