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Synchronicity and the Tire

For those unfamiliar with the term “synchronicity” or, at least, not familiar with how I tend to use it, it is when two or more events happen which appear different, but revolve around each other.

Google states: “Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, yet are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful manner.”

Please keep this in mind while I tell my tale of a tire, but don’t fret, as I will connect the dots near the end.

I have a new house cleaner.  She is wonderful.  She cleans so thoroughly it is just amazing.  The most recent problem, though, is that she didn’t have a car to get to my house Tuesday to clean.  As I don’t work, and so, am home most of the time, I offered to pick her up and bring her to the house so she could clean this week.  She agreed and we set up 10:30am as the time for me to arrive.

I didn’t want to be tired and groggy, so I went to bed very early for me and set my alarm for about 9:15.  I got up, ate, and then realized that I actually had some time to do a few things before picking her up.  I decided to wrap an book I had sold for our library to be mailed as an Amazon sale.  It was a huge and heavy book, 10lbs 2oz, and I worked hard to get it done.

About the time I got it finished, I received a text from my cleaning person telling me she could not leave the house until 11am.  I told her fine and decided that I would not only mail said package, but pick up my Rx, and pay my utility bill at the drive through.

Not the one in my town.

All went well up to paying the utility bill.  There was a utility truck and people working in the drive up, but not in the way of dropping off the bill.  However, as I tried to maneuver my little car in the area, I hit my front tire on the curb.  It made a loud “pop” sound, which made one of the utility people look up, but I had my CD player on and it was much softer to me inside the car.

I then drove the car to my Dad and Mom’s because I had received another text apologizing, but saying that my cleaning person was not able to leave just yet.  I stopped at my parents’ house to visit and to allow a text to be sent when I could go pick up my cleaning person.

We enjoyed the visit.  Dad had a service person from an auto shop come by to fix a small leak in my Dad’s van’s tire.  The gentleman arrived and was working on Dad’s tire.  Dad opened the window to make a comment to him and the man asked Dad if he also wanted him to fix the tire on the “Red” car:  mine.

I went out to take a look, thinking I had lost some air when I “popped” the tire earlier, only to find that it was completely flat and had a tear in it about an inch long.

Long story short, I had to have the tired replaced and I was not able to pick up my cleaning person, which worked out well as she ended up unable to leave due to a delay and her ill grandmother.

Yeah, about like that…

Rather than get angry, I just shrugged the entire mess off.  My Dad looked at me and said, “It sure is lucky that you came here.”  I told him that it wasn’t luck; My life worked this way since I decided to Trust God to simply take care of things.

Synchronicity – Realize at this point that, there were so many different things that could have happened to have me not be at my parents’ house just when they were having a person over to fix their tire.  A person who was able to replace the tire within hours and without having the car towed.  Further realize that, had I driven on to wait at my cleaning person’s house (as I had thought about) I would have been stranded on back roads with a flat tire and being disabled to boot.  Also see that had I not had to wait until 11, I would not have mailed the package for Amazon and it would not have been mailed that day at all, making it late and messing up my ratings.  And, finally, understand that the entire ordeal brought me back home about the time I would, normally, have gotten up from my nap and finished the same couple of tasks (ie: no time was lost).

This is the way my life truly goes now.  I don’t worry much.  I won’t say I never worry, but it is so much less that my blood pressure is excellent most of the time.  I don’t get stress headaches and I feel relaxed and calm, for the most part.

It took a stroke for me to understand all of this and how great it is to live without the big worries about how things will work out.  I hope that this story and my blog, in general, help you a little in understanding without all the mess.  Live a good life: don’t worry.  God is watching over us.



Why Would You Do That?

My devoted followers know that I purchased a new mattress and box spring set (Serta) last week. What you don’t know is the rest of the story.

I put $50 down on the bed set to hold it so I could transfer the money from savings to checking (online) and then pay them for the entire set the next day. I went home and transferred the money and decided to pay it all at once. I called the store and we did a payment over the phone and – it was declined. I believe I even had him try again.

So, I hung up and called the bank. The nice lady told me that I had gone over my limit for the day of $750. I knew it was only a little above, but I also knew I had several regular items to purchase and was supposed to go out for dinner that night with my friend. She was happy to increase that line of money for one day. That was fine with me. She did; I did, and we were all happy. The above pic is of a different bank and I called them, but you get the idea.

Now, let’s go to Friday the 28th of September. I went to the post office in the morning to mail a package I had sold on Amazon. I gave the man my card, he slid it through, and it was declined. I had him try again…declined. I managed to have the small amount in cash and I paid for the package.

Then I went home to call the bank. The different nice lady looked at her screen and told me she would have to call the main office (I never really like it when they have to do that. It means it is difficult). She came back on the phone and told me that someplace that I had used my card had been hacked and, for safety reasons, all the MasterCards that were used there were cancelled.

They had mailed out new cards with new pin numbers so I shouldn’t worry. In the meantime, I guess I was … well, having difficulties. We talked on. I asked her, politely, when did they mail out the new card. She told me “on the 21st”. She assured me it should arrive anytime (It is Monday; it did not arrive by the 1st of October).

I told her that was not what was bothering me right now. When she asked what was, I slowly said,

“You said they mailed the card out on the 21st. Today is the 29th. I have used my card up until this morning. If you cancelled it on the 21st (or before) how could I use it for the whole next week?”

She had no good answer (not her department – plausible deniability and all that), so I hung up. Somehow I feel that I deserve an answer to that question. Somehow, it seems to me that if a new card is in the mail, then the old card (since it may have been compromised) should not be any good.

I retold this to a health food store staff today and their mouths fell open. That was much better! A good reaction to such atrocities!

I have made arrangements for the cash to deal with the next several days. But I am still bothered. Now, I must go to the nearest branch (16 miles) and have them print a new card. Now, we will see if she will cancel the one in the mail as it seems to be lost or if I will have to release my inner demons again!

What was your last big blowup with the bank?

How well did they handle the whole thing?


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