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To dream? That is not the Question! To Sleep – Ah, Yes!

Well, last night was the second night on my new bed (mattress and box springs). The first night I slept soundly.

Last night, however, I tossed and micro-slept for an hour, then had to get up I was up about 2 hours at the computer and, finally, went back to bed about 4 and slept until 9 (with a couple of breaks).

All-in-all, I am still one tired person.

I don’t think it was the bed; I think I just concentrated on things that kept me awake instead of asleep. I thought about active things and thought things through instead of just letting myself think, forget, and sleep. I will try better tonight.

Today (Thursday) I went to visit the Reflexologist. She worked on my feet (of course). She brought out pains I didn’t even know I had, though they felt, somehow, familiar. She told me that I don’t digest my food very well and that my pancreas is blocked. My hip pain is stemming from my shoulder.

Where she worked to restore the normal meridians, my shoulder and lower leg hurt horribly. She said that might happen. Also, my feet still hurt where she told me I have problems. It was amazing how it all ties together, but that shouldn’t surprise me.

The thing that hurts the most is my lower-middle back, right around my spine at my waist. I know that pain and it can come from sleeping poorly (in a poor position) or from straining somehow. It is not going away. I decided to give it to Monday then go to the chiropractor. There are some stretching exercises I can try that might help (they have before).

After the visit, I prepared to meet some friends for a birthday celebration for one of them. We had a good time. But, you know, it was all falling short because of this back pain. I sit here now and it doesn’t hurt, but it will, horribly, when I get up.  (I also noticed that it is Google’s 14th Birthday!)

I feel like a cripple and I don’t like that at all. I want to be back to walking everywhere and playing volleyball and doing exercises much more often. I have my affirmations and my vision board. Now, I need the same thing doctors need -> p-a-t-i-e-n-c-e !
Sorry for the horrible pun. But, I do!

What slows you down?

What brings out the need for patience in you?

I hope you have learned how to cope. I am there in a lot of ways, but still have some distance to go.

Any thoughts?


A New Tactic

“No – I ‘talked’ to my doctor ‘about sleep'”

Well, I did go to the doctor this morning for blood work, general checkup (for stroke and meds), as well as discussing sleep. I mentioned two herbs my son had suggested work well together. They are Melatonin and Valerian Root. Valerian Root, apparently, makes you sleepy, while Melatonin regulates your sleep cycle over time.

The doctor told me to take those two with my current med. I confirmed with the pharmacist that this was okay. I wanted to make certain I had given my doctor the proper info and heard him correctly. So, hopefully, tonight, I will sleep well.

I also purchased a new mattress and box spring set. It feels wonderful and will come in Wednesday. I am going to bed much earlier (before midnight). All these things are to help me sleep.

I did stop in at a reflexology place in town and made an appointment for tomorrow. She will, hopefully, be able to help my neuropathy (nerve problems in feet, mostly from diabetes) and work on my arthritic hip.

Came up on Google for watching movie – I just like the bear.

I will end tomorrow by taking my daughter out to eat (or eat at her apartment) and watch a movie with her.

I came home today to the person who works on my yard. He had two people with him and they were trimming my bushes and trees and removing (chopping and loading) all the damaged wood from the storms we have been having.

Busy Day!

So, things are happening and I just wanted to keep all of you up to date. I am going to post this, take my meds, and – sleep!


Beauty lies within yourself

The only impossible journey in life is you never begin!! ~Tanvir Kaur


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