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Submission to Sammi

I am trying a bit to get back into the writings such as Flash Friday.

This week, I am attempting the prompt of 136 Words exactly, including the prompt word “barricade”.

Thank you for reading.

Submission to

Sammi Cox


Help of the Vile

She stepped onto the balcony overlooking the square. Her people, she wasn’t their queen but nonetheless, milled about, oblivious to the danger. How long had she feared this day? How true was the vision? She knew the answer. Regardless, she had to try.

She looked up, as if she could, literally, see the impending doom falling from the heavens. There was no Zeus to stop this, only her tiny body to block the cataclysm.

She began the incantations, putting the ingredients from her vision into the incense burner. She inhaled deeply, continued the old language speech. Her body twisted and lifted into the air.

Her incorporeal form shot through the sky, becoming a barricade to the hurtling meteor. The 300 ton rock deflected, missing Earth. Neither it nor the witch Magnemna would trouble the planet again.

-136 words minus the title




A Meteoric Sermon

I would like to preface this post with two statements:

1) This is a 37 minute clip of a sermon.  Now, I have said before I am a spiritual person.  I am not out to change anyone’s beliefs or to “get” you to listen to any specific type of religious material.  Your beliefs are your own.  Having said that, I offer this clip to you in hopes that you will watch the first 13 minutes of it.  It is the sermon told by a pastor who was landing in a plane when the Russian meteor struck (according to him, it has now been reclassified as an asteroid).  He was there for some speaking engagements and was given some film clips put together by the students of a university using their security cameras during the strike.  It is well worth watching and listening to the background information.  If you want to stop the clip after this (around 13 minutes into it), feel free.  I skimmed the rest.

2)  If you are using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer as your browser, you may have some difficulties with the first 45 seconds of the clip.  Firefox seemed to have problems “keeping up” between audio and video.  I stopped and started it a couple of times; I don’t know if that helped.  Normally, I wouldn’t use something that didn’t work any better than this, but it was a wonderful video as far as interest was concerned.  The actual link is: http://vimeo.com/60572858 That may help if nothing else works.

The big things I thought about here were that it would seem like the end of the world and that, for all those things to be “just right”, it supports my belief in God more than ever.  I don’t subscribe much to any particular religion.  Man made those; they may be God-inspired, but man has mixed his own needs and twists into those religions so that certain “things” are done.  Those “things” may or may not be of God.  I don’t believe that God believes women to be property;  I don’t believe that God feels one race is better than another; I don’t believe that we all are dirty and sinful and will go to Hell without being forgiven.  I DO believe that God loves us all, looks out for us all, and that we will be with Him after death and are now.  I am not preaching, not asking you to join me, or following some book or leader who proclaims this to be truth.  These are my beliefs, formed from a life of trying to make sense of it all and realizing that most of the problem, for me, lay with listening to the orchestrations of man using God to mandate someone else’s needs and/or problems.  Okay – done.

This should be posted for Sunday March 2, 2013.  It seems appropriate for Sunday as setting apart a few moments for contemplating the relationship between us and whatever you call the higher power that shapes our world.  It is not my intent to upset anyone.  Know that I love you all and am simply offering my own thoughts.



Some Room with a View!

Before I get into the post, I really wanted to tell you that I read Mollie Player’s book “Alone and Together” today in one sitting and it was wonderful!  Pop over to her site and/or take a look on Amazon at her book.

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program:

I decided to try something new just to see what happens.  I was thinking about that day a couple of weeks ago in which my tiny little Minotaur poem went berserk and granted me over 700 views in one day.  For my blog, that is a lot.  I tracked it down and, if you have read that post, you will see that it was mostly because it hit in the top 50 for the pictures on Google searches on the word “Minotaur.”

So, here is what I am doing as an experiment.  I have taken 13 key words from what has been searched the most on Google so far (this year?).  Those 13 terms have been searched for over 1.9 million times.  I topped it off with 2 of the top pictures searched for on Google.  I put the words into a poem.  Now, I am posting it.  I will keep you informed over the next week or so as to what happens with those terms and 2 pictures.  I guess I am just curious.

Will I get more views?

Will I get more followers?

Why don’t you give a guess in the comments as to how many views you think I might get in the next couple of days?

Here we go:

By Scott Vannatter – 2/19/2013

Sex, Minotaur, and Zombie oh my!


If for the views I write my verse

With nothing else in mind,

I search Google for all the terms

To see what others would find.


They look for sex, of course, of course

And Carnival is a hit.

But when it comes to news impacts

Russia’s Meteor may beat it.


The NBA and WWE

With NASCAR make a trio.

They watch Safe Haven and OSCAR night

Perhaps, James Bond in Rio?


Downton Abby is new to me

Kate Middleton still makes the news.

Put them all into a poem

And cover nearly 2 million views.


My poem’s not good I hear you say.

It only makes so much sense.

But if the views strike close to true

The numbers might make you wince.


I find it intriguing that the pics were not really all that special.  They are not the 1 and 2 spot as those were just pages of a spreadsheet or some such.  The actress above, Katrina Kaisf, was supposed to be the most popular celebrity of 2009, right above Michael Jackson.  The other was just an interesting cartoon on Google.  Oh, the power of the search engines!



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