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Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

I was watching “Star Trek” (the first of the brand new ones) again tonight.  As it all played out, I began thinking how nice it would be to be able to change branches and head off toward a new future.  I have always thought it would be nice to take my mind now (not my brain, but my mind) and put it back in, say, me at age 10 or 8 or even the first day of school.  I  have had a lot of people say no, make it 16 or 18, or even 30, but not that young.  But I say I want a head start into it all.  If I know everything I know now and I go back to that young, I could begin eating better and exercising better and writing sooner.  I know I would have to fake being young a lot.  After all, can’t be too smart as a 2nd grader or your whole life does change.  But I could read more and spend my time doing things a bit differently.  By the time I do get to high school, I should be doing well in whatever.

But, truth be known, what I would really, truly do, would be to save.  That’s right, save those pennies, nickles, and dimes from first grade through high school.  And, I would work in high school and earn money doing different things.  My goal:  have a few thousand saved by the time I am in college (and beyond) and start playing the stock market.  I would know that Microsoft, Amazon, and Google would the places to place your money in as soon as they started.  I would know to put money in Chrysler at $3.00 and sell it at $32.00.  I would know that Amazon would go from a couple of cents a share to well over $300 a share.  Just think if I could invest $3000 in Google at $0.02 a share and sell it at even $200.00 a share that would be Thirty Million dollars minus some management fees and taxes.  I would still clear over $12,000,000!

I live some of this because I knew that Chrysler would not fall apart back then.  I came so close to borrowing money to buy it at $3.00.  And I would have sold it around $20.  $5000 dollars in that rate would still have been over $30,000.  Not millions, but still…nice.

That all being said, I know that I am glad things are as they are.  I am not a millionaire, but they have problems too.  As I said to someone a while ago, if you watch “Arrow” on TV you notice that the billionaires all live under one roof and have to hire protection.  I don’t know that I would enjoy that life at all (but, I would be willing to try it).  I also know that I would not go through two bad marriages, but I would also not get to raise my children.  Having those memories would not be the same as getting to see them.  I do love my life.  It’s not perfect, but I am not sure I would really want it to be.  Perfection to one is unique; it would be meaningless to someone else.  Millionaires have problems; so do great marriages; so do wonderful parents.  What is important is how you live your life and that you DO LIVE YOUR LIFE!  Love living it!  Since it is the only one you have, why not enjoy it?

That’s my thoughts on the matter.  What are yours?  As it used to be said, “Inquiring Minds Want to Know”.



A Long (but Enjoyable) Day

Today, I read and wrote a lot, at least, for me.  I began by trying to catch up on my blog posts (I had fallen almost 70 behind).  I am down now (it is 6:24PM) to 29.  I liked all of them and commented on a lot of them.  I also decided to start a book.  I like the idea and thank Robin Coyle for putting part of it into my head.  It wasn’t her idea, just reading her post made me start thinking.  Anyway, I did the short synopsis and wrote the first 1200 words.  We will see how it goes, but I like this one because I don’t know where it’s going.  It is writing itself.

Hmm, may have to change the name of my book – well, not mine, but check this one out. I don’t know anything about it, but, the picture is nice…

It’s not horror (gasp); instead, it is about a man with everything who has a stroke and it changes his life, including some type of vision/ESP thing that makes it more of a thriller with a lot of life teaching stuck in it.  A little life, but a lot of fiction is more my type of thing.  I love making stuff up.  Tentatively calling it “Heading Home”.  Anyway, it feels good and it will take about a year to get it to where I can think about publishing it, so, by then, we will see where I am in life.

My point here is that today has been a long day, enjoyable, but long.  It started early and I have been at it for nearly 8 full hours.  The double cup of caffeinated coffee really came in handy.  The worst part is that, while my head is spinning and thinking all kinds of things, the other end of me is tired and sore.  I need to get up for a bit and walk around, so I will, in a minute.

Before that, I need to say that all of the posts I read so close together today made me feel special to a lot of people – all of you whose posts I read.  There were a lot of people and a lot of different things said.  I laughed, listened, wrote, smiled, thought intently, considered a lot, felt moved, felt sad, happy, glad, tired, connected, upset, all of this a way of communicating with people I truly consider friends and loved ones.

I have decided that “when” I win the lottery or become a multi-millionaire (whichever comes first), I want to travel to visit a great lot of you – You know who you are.  That should take well over a year (and a bit of money – going to India, Australia, Canada, Europe, and all over the US).  After that, who knows?  But, it won’t matter because I will have met and talked with so many friends and will feel fulfilled.

I will also feel that I already know everyone I plan on visiting.  It’s wonderful to travel around the world every day or two and hear stories that are beginning to sound familiar.  That’s the thing that sets blogging apart from other writings:  you develop a relationship with people; you feel a “kindred spirit”.

Kindred Spirits

I love that!




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