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God and Manifestation are both Wonderful!!!

Of course, I know that God handles manifestation.  I simply believe He gives us rules to follow in order to take full advantage of our humanness.  Manifestation is a way in which God can bring into our lives those things we ask for and concentrate on.  That’s my story for tonight.

This is actually Friday early morning.  It’s about 1:45am.  I was heading to bed and decided to get the mail in case the library had put any books in my collection box and it decided to rain (as it has for weeks).  I pulled out the mail and was disappointed to find two extra doctor bills from my hip surgery in April.  The hospital has been going over my financial statements to see if I qualify for a reduction in the nearly $1200 bill.  I don’t mind paying it.  It has been a true Godsend to have the ability to walk and bend again.  My other hip will be scheduled for next April.

Anyway, the other two bills amounted to about $31.00.  I will pay them.  I just know those types of bills will continue coming for months…a bit here and there.  So, I decided to perk up and just be happy I could pay them…on time even!  Then, I got to the last bill – a letter, actually, from the hospital, St Vincent’s in Anderson.  The letter said (I tried not to read ahead and ruin anything) they were happy that because of my financial status and the generous donations from others and patients who could really afford to pay, they were able to FORGIVE MY ENTIRE BILL!  I almost cried.  I had hoped dearly for a 20% reduction.  This brought all my finances back into order.  I only had to pay the little bills and the surgeon who was 50% paid off now.

I just had to pass this on as I had manifested $100 dollars this month and already received that, so this was on top of it all.  I always leave myself open to more abundance.  Bless all the people who made it possible.

And, Mollie, here is another wonderful example of manifesting and letting it go to the universe.



And How Long Will This Miracle Take?

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Well, things can get very interesting if you let them.

For instance, I pray for something.  Now, if it is something difficult, then a miracle may be needed.  I believe that God is perfectly capable of bringing that miracle into existence.  But, that is often the point at which I also decide that, perhaps, He shouldn’t.  I mean, who am I to say that He should grant such and such?  What if granting that something would really mess us other good things that are going on?  What right do I have to demand (pray without ceasing) that my miracle happen?  Anyway, that is often where I, at least, used to go with the conversation.

I have addressed that question according to my current set of beliefs and am comfortable with my answer.  How do I feel?  Well, now, I don’t pray exactly for miracles, at least, not in the same way.  I ask for what I choose to have come into my life or to come into the lives of others.  However, now, I add a statement at the end of my prayers.  It goes something like this:

Lord, I have asked for these miracles to come into my life.  But, only, God, if they can be part of the best for all concerned.  You know better than I and I will accept whatever happens.

Then, I accept whatever happens.  It doesn’t mean, to me, that I have set myself up to accept failure.  What it means to me is that I have allowed God to do what He does best: work things out the best for all concerned.

If you have read much of my spiritual beliefs, you know that I don’t hold much account with any religion.  They are fine.  People are welcome to believe what they will.  My beliefs, however, do not fit within the confines of any religion.  I love God and know that He loves me and that He loves everyone, even those I have great problems with.  His love is total; I can only try and approach that level; it is a goal.  But, that means that He is always looking out for everyone and, sometimes, my “miracles” could make that rough.  So, if God wants to supercede my miracle, then I know that, if I wait, something even better will come along.  It always has.  It’s the basis of my belief system:

All things work together for good in the end; if it hasn’t worked out, it isn’t the end.

There are hundreds of examples of this rule all around us.  The usual problem is that we don’t see the examples.  Either we are too busy asking for what we want or we are upset that what we want has not come to pass.  Either way we are missing out on some great stuff.

I am happy with my belief system now.  It is still being tweaked, but the basics are done and I am satisfied that God is truly in my life.

How do you feel about miracles?  This post could go many directions.  I have chosen one.  If you want another direction explored, simply start the discussion in the comments.  If it grows large, then I can make it into a separate post!  Love to hear from you all!



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