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God and Manifestation are both Wonderful!!!

Of course, I know that God handles manifestation.  I simply believe He gives us rules to follow in order to take full advantage of our humanness.  Manifestation is a way in which God can bring into our lives those things we ask for and concentrate on.  That’s my story for tonight.

This is actually Friday early morning.  It’s about 1:45am.  I was heading to bed and decided to get the mail in case the library had put any books in my collection box and it decided to rain (as it has for weeks).  I pulled out the mail and was disappointed to find two extra doctor bills from my hip surgery in April.  The hospital has been going over my financial statements to see if I qualify for a reduction in the nearly $1200 bill.  I don’t mind paying it.  It has been a true Godsend to have the ability to walk and bend again.  My other hip will be scheduled for next April.

Anyway, the other two bills amounted to about $31.00.  I will pay them.  I just know those types of bills will continue coming for months…a bit here and there.  So, I decided to perk up and just be happy I could pay them…on time even!  Then, I got to the last bill – a letter, actually, from the hospital, St Vincent’s in Anderson.  The letter said (I tried not to read ahead and ruin anything) they were happy that because of my financial status and the generous donations from others and patients who could really afford to pay, they were able to FORGIVE MY ENTIRE BILL!  I almost cried.  I had hoped dearly for a 20% reduction.  This brought all my finances back into order.  I only had to pay the little bills and the surgeon who was 50% paid off now.

I just had to pass this on as I had manifested $100 dollars this month and already received that, so this was on top of it all.  I always leave myself open to more abundance.  Bless all the people who made it possible.

And, Mollie, here is another wonderful example of manifesting and letting it go to the universe.



First Post Challenge. It has Begun…

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Thank you to ThumbsUp for nominating me.  This one is pretty easy.

Here are the rules:

Copy-paste, link, pingback or whatever way you want to, your first post.

State what type of post that was. E.G. Introduction, Story, Poem

Explain why that was your first post.

Nominate 5 other bloggers.


Here is my first post:

Hello world!

Namaste! to All.  My name is Scott.  This blog will be dedicated to spreading the news that, in the words of Alanis Morrisette, “Everything’s gonna be fine fine fine.”

I am a deeply spiritual person and want to share my stories, my travels, my life, and my truths (those being what are true for me).  In return, I hope to help you share your thoughts, questions, fears, worries, and concerns over all things affecting our spirits and emotions here on Earth.

This is not a “religious” blog.  My definition of “spiritual” is that which constitutes your life in terms of your truths on God, love, and the way things work at this time for you.

Our truths change constantly.  They must or we would become stagnant and we would cease our spiritual growth.  You are on a path.  Where that leads and what becomes of you on the way is up to you.  My hope is that by sharing all of our collective thoughts, feelings, and concerns about our “truths” we may grow more quickly and lovingly on this trek.

I look forward to sharing with you.  I will post my thoughts and truths on several different areas of life to help us all begin our conversations in the hopes that our community may grow and work together so that all people may become more loving and less fearfull.



This was an introductory post.  It was fairly short and to the point, something I am not always so inclined to anymore 🙂  There were 46 comments.  I believe that is still my record.  It was new and all my friends and family around here jumped on to comment.  Sadly, most (basically all) no longer read it much and, certainly don’t comment.  It’s okay.  I have over 1,000 followers and for the vast majority to be people who have simply read my blog and liked it enough to follow – that’s great!  It’s what I really wanted out of a blog.

The reason for this blog at all is that I wanted to connect with others who held similar believes to mine as concerns faith and spiritualism.  I could not really talk about it at all with people around me at the time.  They wouldn’t understand and I didn’t want to fight, I wanted to talk, discuss, move forward.  Since that couldn’t be done here at home well, I pushed my thoughts out to the blogging community.  Now, to have reached well over 100 countries, 9,000 comments and over 35,000 views, makes me pretty darn happy and proud.  I know that’s not a record or anything, but it is something to me.  I have succeeded and written pretty consistently for a long time now (over 4 years, I believe).

This is my 861st blog post.  Not a record either, but impressive, at least, to me.

Thank you for all who have viewed, contributed, or in some small way given me that “keep going” feeling.  I have needed it at times.

I would like to nominate the following for the award:

1) Onlybadchi

2) Mollie Player

3) Aghostdancer 

4)  Laura Macky

5)  Princess Kick-Ass

You can join in if you choose to.  It’s not the thing for some (But I hope you do).






Once Again, Affirmation Works!


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This has been an interesting month.  I often read Mollie Player’s blog about affirmations.  I have proofed one of her books twice.  Buy one and read it.  She has an interesting way of looking at things; kinda like me, only different (that statement always looks weird when I read it).

One of her basic premises, and I share it, too, is that we get what we affirm.  I test that, in my own little way, each month.  It’s not really a test; it’s a putting into practice.  On the 1st of each month, I choose an amount that I am comfortable with and affirm that I will have that extra to spend by the 1st of the next month.  I began with $50 for the first 2-3 months.  Each month, that amount or a little more would come to me.  I did $100 one month and, though it took 3-4 different sources, I received that amount.

On the first or so of September of this year, I decided to try $150.  I realized yesterday that we were about 3/4 of the way through the month and I did not think I had received any!  I did not panic; I simply thought, “Okay, you are just not supposed to worry about it and let it happen.”  Later that day my Mom stopped into the house and while we were talking she said, “Here’s $20 just so you will have some.”  Then she remembered about me doing laundry and gave me 8 quarters.  I thought, “Well, there’s $22 of my $150.”  Then it hit me and I started checking into things.

I receive my check for disability once a month on the fourth Wednesday of the month.  This was Tuesday, the day before.  I realized that I had bought gas for the car yesterday when I normally have used up my allotment for the month.  Then I realized I had gone to Walmart for groceries and I had $13 in my pocket I don’t normally have at this time of the month.  That worked out this way:

$20 Mom + $2 Quarters + $22 Gas + $33 Groceries = $77  Now, I was a bit excited.  I was almost 1/2 way there.  See, having the money because you did not have to spend it is the same as having it extra.  I went to the computer and brought up  my spreadsheet for my budget.  There had been 3 bills that, due to summer and the nice weather, had been lower this month and I did not get someone to clean the house a second time ($40 Cleaning).  I added up what was left for the month in my budget and the total of all of it was $167!!!  I thought that an odd amount.  But, tonight, Tuesday, I took my Sis out for her birthday (I had forgotten I had budgeted for that) and it was about $17 which brought the total down to, YEP!, $150.

Remember the head honcho on the old show “A-Team” when he would always say, “I love it when a plan comes together”? – Well, so do I.




Super Sweet! – Me?

John W. Howell has nominated me for the Super Sweet Award.  I have been nominated once and carry the icon on my left side section, but it is always special, I think, to be nominated for an award.  It shows that what I am doing is liked by others and that they took time out of their busy schedules to think of me.

The Rules:

  • Thank the Super Sweet Blogger that nominated you. (Thank you John)
  • Answer five Super Sweet questions. (see below)
  • Include the Super Sweet Blogging award image in your blog post. (Okay, Here you go.)
  • Nominate a baker’s dozen (13) other bloggers. (I did 4)
  • Notify your nominees on their blog.(Did)

The 5 Super Sweet Questions: (and, my answers)

  1. Cookies or Cake?  I can’t have either on any type of regular basis; however, I can have cookies once in a while if I am careful about the carbs.
  2. Chocolate or Vanilla? I agree with John – chocolate is a food group.
  3. Favorite Sweet Treat? My favorite sweet treat has changed since my diagnosis with Diabetes.  Now, I love Bryer’s high-fiber chocolate ice cream.  It is low in carbs, tastes good, and allows me ice cream!  Let’s not confuse this with a Dairy Queen Large Chocolate Malt which I adore, but can no longer have.
  4. When do you crave sweet things the most? Is there a time when I wouldn’t?
  5. Sweet Nick Name? “Different” – “You certainly are ‘different’.” They usually mean it in a nice way!

I am not going to come up with more than a few people to nominate for an award I have already been nominated for, but, I think I will take John’s idea and nominate those people whose posts generally have me going, “Oh, wow! That’s certainly different! – sweet!”

1) Mollie Player – Keeps my belief in the power of affirmation strong!

2) Renee – Her posts are often heated and not for the young, but wow!

3)  Becca – Her blog says that it is PG-13 on it, so don’t say I didn’t tell you – but she makes me laugh.

4) I think in comics – This wonderful young lady has always been able to make me smile with her comics.  I suggest some directions and she tolerates me for them.

Okay, that’s it!  As always, accept the nominations if you wish and all remember that I can’t nominate everyone, but I love you all.



God and Religion: Do They Go Together?

I just read Mollie Players post (this is on Monday Night).  You should read it, too.  It will help you figure out where I am coming from here.  Here it is –>post <–

Mollie’s post about “get a religion” to be happy did not sit well with me; that is, before I read it.  I know Mollie enough that, even when I read the title, I read the post.  She thinks a lot like I do and I just couldn’t see her telling me to get religion.

People who know me well and have read my posts or asked me probably understand that I don’t care much for organized religion.  I am not against spirituality; I am not against God; I am not against people having faith and believing how they may believe.

What gets to me is that almost all (I think all but I will allow a bit of leeway) organized religions contort the view of God by attaching all types of rules, regulations, and “must do” things (rituals) and stating that you MUST follow all of these to the letter in order to be assured a place in heaven (if you rename heaven as simply being with God, you and I will be on the same wavelength).

I am not going to denounce everything religions have to say; nor will I tell you that you are wrong for believing whatever religion suits you.  People have a right to believe and to put their faith in whatever and/or whoever they choose.

I don’t agree with the “one true” part, but believe what you will.

Now, here is the hard part:  I don’t really care to sit down with you or here in this post and argue discuss my beliefs and yours.  If you out-maneuver me and get your “points” I still won’t change much.  You and I agree on a lot of things, I imagine.

I believe in a higher power than myself and the world (I choose to call this power God).

I believe that when you die, your life continues in some fashion.

I believe that you can call upon this power to aid you (I choose to call this prayer).

Much beyond this and we will begin to diversify.  The one thing that may really be different about us and our beliefs (be honest now) is that I can honestly look at you and say that your beliefs are fine.  I am not going to try to talk you out of your beliefs; I am not going to show up on your doorstep with pamphlets and/or flyers telling you how to keep out of hell and the “rules” you need to start following.

I will tell you that God loves you.  I believe that, no matter what you believe or don’t believe, God loves you.  I believe that God works in our lives so that “everything works together for good in the end; if it hasn’t worked out, it isn’t the end.”  That’s my mantra and I love it; it has always been true in my life.  God has never let me down and I can’t say that for anyone else, including me.

I had two Jehovah Witnesses stop by my home this morning to see how my life was.  We had a nice conversation, she left me with a pamphlet, some kinds words came from both of us, and we both went on to a good day.  There was no arguing; I didn’t tell her she was wrong or that I wasn’t going to listen to her; we just innately agreed to be humans and love God.  I wish that would be more true to more of us.

If two people talk or meet and there is tension, then love is diminished.  Where there is true, real love (not the romantic kind) then tension is gone and life flows there.

I feel both, sometimes, when I am writing or commenting on a post or even answering comments to mine.  I feel both a tension and a flowing of life.  What I know is that in the tension I have disagreed with someone; I have enabled a rift to form (sometimes, that happens).  When there is a flowing, then love is existing there.

Life is full of love and beauty.

I love to learn; I love to experience the beauty of life.  I do a lot of that through your blogs.  And, those blogs that are not so happy, still allow me to experience beauty.  I see it when you come through the problems like Zoe in Buckwheatsrisk; I see it when Mollie points out another way she has found to be happy; I even find it in the funny posts and humorous stories told by many of the bloggers I follow.  I find it in many places, just not all places.

I have begun to ramble which means I need to make my point and end.

Point:  Religion and God can go together.  It is “how” you incorporate the religion into your life that determines how much God there is in religion.

God is in every part of my beliefs (read that “religion” if you are going to use it as Molly did).  Love flows through my life.  Is it always perfect and loving? No, I don’t manage that all the time; however, God’s love is always there, so, when I am tired of the tension and decide to return back to my beliefs, there is God and there is love.

If you can say that about your beliefs…wow for you.



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