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All of Life Caught in Movies

It isn’t often you get to see about 100 movies in clips, put together to show you life, in less than 3 minutes.  Enjoy!

All of Life in Movie Clips



Short one tonight.

I am tired and still working through stuff.  I decided that I have seen enough movies in the past months that I could rate them in order and, perhaps, help you in your choices.

Now, do let me say this:  the movies are in order of me wanting to watch them again.  Also, if you don’t care for scary or whatever, then those would move up on your list.  Finally, I listed “Gatsby” as last, but it was good.  All of them were good.  If you notice 3 stars is the lowest and that is mostly because “Gatsby” just wasn’t my type of show.  It, probably, deserved better.

So, without further adieu:

Five Stars:_______________

Star Trek:  Into Darkness – Great Movie Watched it twice *****

Man of Steel – ***** Would definitely watch it again

Iron Man 3 – ***** Stellar movie

Four Stars:_______________

Olympus has Fallen ****

After Earth ****

Oblivion ****

Epic ****

Jack the Giant Slayer ****

World War Z ****

Splinter **** – Scared the daylights out of me (2nd time)

Three and a Half Stars:_______________

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two ***1/2  Enjoyed the 2nd half

Much Ado about Nothing – Joss Whedon  ***1/2

The Host ***1/2

Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter ***1/2

Monster U ***1/2

The Call ***1/2

OZ, the Great and Powerful  ***1/2

Three  Stars:_______________

Warm Bodies ***

The Ruins *** (Scary!)

Gatsby ***




These are a Few of My Favorite Things…

Taking a hint from Buckwheatsrisk, I decided that a “Thankful” list combined with a “Favorite” Things list might be good for me and amusing for you.  Those are two pretty powerful ideas.  So, I will give you a current list of my favs and thanks and call it my:

ThankFav list

1)  My 2 children (2 of the very best in the world)

2)  Being able to watch a lot of movies

3)  Having a decently successful blog

4)  Enough money to live on and still have some fun

5)  A wonderful group of friends (you all are included)

6)  Living through a near-fatal stroke (and the wondrous things since then)

7)  Being intelligent and able to think

8)  Having sold 4 short stories and to soon be a published author

9)  God

10)  Memories (the good ones, especially, but even the lesser ones are good to have)

11)  A good family

12)  My cat (don’t tell her!)

Okay, that was short / sweet.  I just realized that I have been kinda sliding by in life without really concentrating on what I have to be so thankful for.  The list above is not in order, but all of them are important to me.

What are your favorite things?  What things are you truly thankful for?



A Riveting Review – Not!

I am trying out Amazon Prime this month.  I got rid of Cable awhile ago and have been using Hulu Plus.  For those of you who don’t know, Hulu Plus is available on http://www.hulu.com and has some really great programming choices for watching on your computer.  If you want to watch it on TV, you need 3 things:

1) A Roku box – hooks your TV to your wireless

2) Wireless (duh?)

3) A subscription to Hulu Plus

They had trouble accepting my PayPal account payments.  I have gone back and forth with one of their reps for several weeks.  Although he was very nice about it and I would recommend it to others, I decided enough was enough and had it shut off.

I still love my Roku box and it allows me a lot of versatility.  However, I wanted to be able to use something besides my Amazon account to rent movies.  The Amazon account has been advertising Amazon Prime and I decided the one month free was a good price to check it out on.

Amazon Prime allows you to watch without cost hundreds of movies listed in their Prime section.  Some of these are newer, but a lot of them are movies you may never have heard of.  I will get to that in a second.  They also have seasons of many TV shows.  I am watching Season 1 of “Falling Skies”.  That one is pretty good.  The cost for Amazon Prime is $79 per year.  It also gives you a discount on some of the Amazon shipping services and a few other things.  Check it out on the site http://www.Amazon.com.

Getting to the nitty-gritty of today, I wanted to try out a few more of the movies on Prime.  I went through the indexes for several hundred last night and flagged several to look at today.  Now, understand that I am a fan of “B” movies and that I will sit through a movie, once started, for the slimmest of reasons.  The first movie I chose today to watch was an independent film.  I normally love to see how these low-budget films go.  However, in this case, I am going to ask that you not judge me on the film.  It was free, independent, and unknown.  It was called “Bimbos B.C.”  Yes, yes, I know…but the description of the movie and the genre (horror) led me to believe it was a monster film.  Horror-ible was the better word.  I am only allowing you to know that I actually decided on this film for two reasons:

1)  It was so bad, it was funny

2) I only watched about 20 minutes of it (I just couldn’t take anymore)

So, here is the deal:  The film had the name B.C. in it, so I am thinking “cave people, dinosaurs, etc…”.  The film takes place in the future AFTER a chemical catastrophe in the US.  The actors (and that word here should be used very loosely) were dressed in possible left-overs from other films.  The acting was bad, the script was terrible, and I just couldn’t take it.  One “action” scene was a zombie-like creature who found AN OPEN DOOR in the fortress (which was a high school) and walked right in!  Two women warriors searched for him and found him in the kitchen.  I found it remarkable that there were no guards and that the film, supposedly in the future after a chemical disaster, was shot in a spotless kitchen with all of the appliances and dishes and silverware in perfect condition and not being used!  The warriors were joined by two others who helped them to kill the monster by chopping off its arm and then pulling it apart with their bare hands.  They had weapons!

The “queen” of this outfit was out on a hunting mission BY HERSELF and was bitten by a human bird thing.  She manages to crawl all the way back to the fortress where a guard (where was the guard when the other creature walked in?) sees her and they take her to the doctor.  The conversation that took place there was general stuff all the while their queen, lying right next to them on the floor, is dying.

I would like to tell you what happened next, but, unless something really weird overtakes me (it has happened before) I will not be watching anymore of it…

Short post tonight, but I need to save my energy for more of these uplifting films!



Three Short Reviews

Well, spending the day on the couch was good for me.  I really hope to get out and about tomorrow (Sat).  While laid up, I did watch quite a few movies.  Some were really good, others average, and then…well, we won’t speak much of them.  But there were 3 worth mentioning, so I will:

1)  Total Recall (The newest one).  This show took the old Arnold film and turned it on its side.  It held true to the story and the old show, but twisted it and turned it some so that even the old watchers would be surprised a bit.  No spoiler, but enjoy it when he tries to go through the police checkpoint for a flight.  It was heavy action and a bit of romance here and there.  If you haven’t seen it, do.   Maybe watch the original first, just to compare.

2)  The Amazing Spiderman.  This latest and greatest twist takes a lot from the comics, but also pushes some of it aside and gives, what I feel, is a much more realistic look at what would happen if…

3)  The Raven.  This great thriller features John Cuzack (for once without his sister) as the famous Edgar Allan Poe as he tries to help the police catch a serial killer.  Fascinating look and feel to the movie and John does a great job of building that love-hate characterization of Poe that we are all used to.

Do yourself a favor and watch at least one of them soon.



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