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A Film Worth Watching

As I have said before, I love movies – of all types.  I decided to watch a movie tonight, but didn’t know what to watch.  Weeks ago (probably months) I bought quite a few movies at a local store that were in paper, nameless cases for $3 each.  If it looked interesting, I bought it.

I am just now getting around to watching them.  The first one was a very good film (B+ in my rating scale) called “Centurion”.  It won’t win any awards (I am pretty certain it didn’t), but it was intriguing and enjoyable.  It was about the Romans’ battle against the Piks (sp?), a long-time battle that, I believe, brought about the building of Hadrian’s Wall.  Clip follows:

But, it was the next movie that brought about this post.  I didn’t know what I wanted to watch, but knew I didn’t really want horror, sex, or extreme violence (how about that for a male?).

The movies didn’t have descriptions, just a title.  I chose “Dead Awake”.  It was a film with both Rose McGowan and Amy Smart in it.  How could I go wrong? 🙂 I put it in the computer and began.

What it turned out to be was a decently made B movie that went slowly and steadily and pulled you into it.  It had some twists and turns, but wasn’t an action movie and really wasn’t a thriller.  The ending caught me a bit off-guard as I had just been thinking in another direction.  It was good.  I doubt it costs much to rent; heck, it may be on television somewhere.

Anyway, worth watching and made me think:  What really is death and how does it truly work?  Any ideas?



Hooray for Hollywood

October, my favorite month, is here again. I like it because the weather is crisp, cool, and smells so clean. I like it for all the colors and the slight darkness. But, the post today is about other things concerning October: horror movies.

My good friend and fellow blogster, Susie Landau had a great post on this just the other day- See that post here – and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. She made a great list of the classics she grew up with. I move on from year to year in these stories and look for the next best one.

But trailing back a bit, I thought I would share the movies that really bothered me, why they did, and what do I think of watching them! So, sit back, shudder (don’t smile), and peek at a few trailers if you haven’t see these (or, better yet, watch and remember if you have).  They are not in a certain order.  They affected me really hard when I, originally, watched them.

Oh yeah – they are rated “R” – so the clips might be, you know, scary or gross!

1)  Crazies – Scary, intense, and twisted!  Yes!

2)  Human Centipede 1 – I wouldn’t advise watching this unless you are pretty ready for a hard trip.  Intense and rough to watch.  I am not sure you can call it a scary movie, but you need to be ready for it.  I kinda was.  It started bothering me the day after I watched it.

3)  Halloween 1 – 1978 – Yeah, but it was good!  One of the best is that there is no blood.  As far as I remember and from what I read, there is NONE.  Now, to be good and no blood – Special!

4)  Tingler – I watched this as a child.  My dad hid in my bed so when I jumped into it I landed on his arm!  Scared me to death!  Still have some memories!

5)  The Unseen – Another one from my youth.  This one I rated then as the scariest I had ever seen and gave me nightmares.  Unfortunately, there have been several movies by that name and I couldn’t find the one for my particular show.  Sorry!  I do remember that the monster was a brain and spinal cord with eyes and couldn’t be seen.

6)  The Thing (Original) – Probably (yes) one of my very favorite movies.

7)  Dawn of the Dead (2004) Remake – I think this would be my number one pick of all time.  I did not care for the very end, but up to just before that….excellent!

8)  The Day After – Okay, technically, not a scary movie – but, for when it came out and even now if you watch the movie and not the special effects, this was horribly scary (should be even now)

9)  Wrong Turn 1 – Okay, I do give this one really high marks and I absolutely loved it.  It was intense and cool.  But, I gotta be honest, the best thing about it for me is Eliza Dushku.  I just think she is something else.  So, trying to set aside prejudices – I will rate it number … 2

10)  Hostel 1 – Okay, this one really did keep me up at night for awhile.  I hated the foot and the eye parts.  “Nuff said.

11)  Dead Birds – This one is just simply creepy!  I mean creepy!

12) A Nightmare on Elm Street 1 – Great movie!  Great Idea! And Johnny Depp is in it!


A Quick Look for You – 2 Movie Review

Nollywood Movies

Nollywood Movies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have gotten to watch a couple of movies this week and thought I would take a moment and just let you consider them. They are at opposing ends on the spectrum.

The first film is entitled “This Means War“.

It stars Reece Witherspoon (the only reason I would watch “Legally Blond”.

It is the story of two CIA agents who are very different and who both fall in love with Reece. They go all out to try and win her and it is hilarious. It also features a lot of action, thrills, and even some romance worked in there.

I liked it and that is not normally my type of movie. It was well-worth the time, however, and I recommend it with an 8 of 10 rating after finishing it.

I do believe it is rated R so be careful who watches with you and for the trailer below – has language and some sex-related material.

The second movie is entitled “Predators“.

It is not funny. It is not very romantic – though there is a bit.

It is a lot of action and quite a bit of gore.

The “Predator” series has been around quite awhile and I almost dismissed this one because I didn’t know if I could take another one. Wrong! This one takes a really different look at it and has a multitude of stars in its main cast.

There were enough that the acting was excellent and the plot was not very standard. It tripped me up several times and that’s what I enjoy. Also rated R. I know most of my readers won’t like it and won’t watch it. That’s why I did the other one first.

I would rate this one another 8 of 10 but for different reasons, obviously. The clip is a bit rough – just so you know – language and some gore.

As an extra, no clip, however, if you really like “chick flicks” a short list of several I truly enjoyed was:
1) Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightley
2) How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
3) Bicentennial Man

Okay, enjoy.


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