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Five Sentence Fiction – Spoiled – “What a Brat!” Rated PG13 – humorous

Lillie brings us, once again, “Five Sentence Fiction“.  This is a weekly flash fiction challenge in which Lillie provides a one-word prompt and we, the acceptors of the challenge, create a full story in just five sentences based on that one word.  This week’s word is “Spoiled”.  My story is below the picture.  The rest are >HERE<.  Enjoy!!!


“What a Brat!”

By Scott L Vannatter – March 9, 2015

I got married at 17 because my boyfriend, Sam, wanted to; I got pregnant at 18 because Sam thought it would be cool; I went to work at 2 jobs at 19 because Sam said we needed the money; we are in financial trouble because Sam thought his job was not paying him enough, so he quit.

If I say anything to Sam he ignores me and says I don’t understand; if I say something to his parents, they tell me I don’t love him enough; if I say something to my parents, they want no part of it; If I tell our friends, they tell me I am getting what I deserve.

I told Sam I wish I was smart enough to deal drugs and make all that easy money; I told Sam I wish I was smart enough to run a prostitution ring and have other people do all the work and I make all the money; I told Sam I wish I was brave enough to just kill the bad people who got in my way.

Sam started his new jobs six months ago; I turned State’s evidence last week.

I think I will like my new home in San Diego; I think I will like my new name, too.



Scott L Vannatter

Five Sentence Fiction – Villainous “What Evil Lurks…” Suspense – Rated PG13

Lillie brings us a new Five Sentence Fiction topic again; this week is “Villainous”.  My story is after the picture.  The rest are >HERE<.  Enjoy!!!


“What Evil Lurks…”

Scott L Vannatter – February 10, 2015

Gerrard stalked through the forest looking intently for his prey under bush, foot, and rock.

His problem was not his intent, but his vision, as his prey lurked up in a moss-covered tree and that prey jumped him as he passed underneath the green canopy.

Hearing the sudden change in noise, Gerrard managed to turn up and draw his blade as the enemy’s dagger went for his own throat.

The blades sunk in deeply, mortally wounding both Gerrard and the surprised villainous personage.

Gerrard managed to look at the dead murderer as his own life slipped away, and he choked out a satisfied sigh knowing that, at least, he had rid the world of the Ripper though none might ever know.




Five Sentence Fiction: Confusion – “It was a Dark and Stormy Night” Rated R

Lillie gives us the word prompt “Confusion” for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction. My contribution below, rest > HERE <  Enjoy!!!

Source: http://daksheshparmar.blogspot.com/2011/06/confusion.html Copied from Lillie McFerrin’s Blog – Click the Pic for the Page Reuse license assumed.


“It was a Dark and Stormy Night”

By Scott L Vannatter – September 26, 2014

Jonus opened his eyes and listened with great confusion to the raging storm outside, matching the one going on inside him.

He could not remember anything about most anything except that his little girl had been murdered by two? no, three men.

He shook his head and felt the weight of the machete in his right hand, the handle dripping red onto a growing pool.

One by one he saw the bits and pieces of human beings scattered all around the old warehouse floor.

Then, shaking his head once more, he saw the two? no, three heads laying on the concrete and he remembered it all.




Friday Fictioneers – “Whodunnit”

Join us, along with Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields, for Friday Fictioneers.  Weekly picture prompt with mine below. Click >HERE< for the rest.


Source: PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Renee Heath


by Scott L Vannatter – 100 words

Melanie looked around the lavish room, spotted the candle wax burning low, the previous hours spilling down the table. Her mind analyzed as she put the entire image to memory. Two drops of blood near the table, staining the white shag; heavy fireplace poker missing along with the sectional rug (noticed because the shag had two shades); Jenny nowhere around.

“Yes, Magistrate, she was murdered here and I believe I know who the killer is.”


“It was Paul in the parlor with the poker.”


“Yes, Magistrate, the butler did it. I believe he thinks this is a game!”




Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers – October 5, 2012

Picture Perfect

By Scott L Vannatter

October 4, 2012

Gayland looked at the kitchen:  globe lighting, shelf of wine bottles, spotless.

Then he looked at the body on the floor:  Arms akimbo, blood spattered across her clothing and face, butcher knife protruding from her chest.  The entire scene looked like something from a bad movie set.  He pulled at his beard and stomped his foot.

“I don’t like the way it looks,” he muttered to all around him.  They looked at their shoes hoping it wasn’t their fault.

He grabbed the corpse by the arm and pulled.

“Get up, Sweetheart.  Go back to makeup and have them try again.”



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