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FF – Friday Fictioneers – Shoes of the Past – R – Horror

It is time again for Friday Fictioneers hosted by RochelleW.  A full story of 100 words (+/-) based on the photo below is the calling for the day.  After reading my entry (following picture), please click > HERE < to see the rest.  Enjoy!!!

Copyright: Adam Ickes

Shoes of the Past

Scott L Vannatter – 100 Words

Carolyn walked through the dark room guided by sunbeams filtering through dirty skylights.   The jagged splotches of illumination somewhat resembled a checkerboard from hell.  She stopped, noticing a small wooden platform near several large panoramas of early American history.  The platform shone a bit more than the rest of the area and on top sat a pair of empty clod hoppers, farmer’s boots.  They almost seemed in place here in the museum with this exhibit – almost.

Carolyn crept over to the pair and examined them.  Nestled down inside each boot were the remains of a foot.  She drew the berretta.


Thanks for reading another vignette from Carolyn’s story.  I have begun the longer version of the story and began by posting part one last night on my blog.  I hope to see you there.  As a side note – you have no idea how close  I came to calling this “Soles of the Past” 🙂





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