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I thought it would be interesting to see what is in our news lately and what I read.

The second would have to be more interesting for you; I know what I read.  Anyway, I read a lot of news and the weird things often stick with me.  Here is  a list of what I have read / learned very recently:

1)       A study shows that people who drink moderately are happier than people who do not drink.

2)      There is less pornography on the Internet than was thought.

3)      Zimmerman is putting up a good defense about killing the young man.

4)      Green Tea may help cure Alzheimer.

5)      Paula Deen’s first-born son has a birthday this week.

6)      Paula Hernandez does news commenting on E News.

7)      NFL player does 25 mph on a treadmill.

8)      Andy Mohr cars sit on 40 acres.

9)      Serena loses at Wimbledon.

10)   Jessica Alba, 32, can still make the news by baring her midriff.

11)   Hot Air balloon deflated on highway.

12)   A skydiving cameraman caught another’s shoe in midair during jump.

13)   Mariah Carey’s outfit pops 2 buttons in back during performance.

14)   Christy Brinkley’s daughter is becoming a model.

15)   A WWII mine is detonated in NJ waters.

16)   US woman golfer fires caddy mid-tournament and hires boyfriend.

17)   Two-headed turtle born in Texas zoo.

18)   Gay marriage bans battled down.

19)   The Zip Code turns 50.

20)   Drones are being used a lot in US arsenal against some other nations.

21)   “Dr. Who” seems to outdo both “Star Trek” and “Star Wars”.

22)   Paula Deen’s cooking empire burning up.

23)   Eating nuts helps to relax you.

24)   Joey Fallon hit himself in the face with a car door hard enough to have to show it on air.

25)   Jay Leno leaving “Tonight Show” in six months.

26)   Obama is in Africa.

27)   Lesbian couple marries across street from Westboro Baptist Church.

28)   Snowden keeps leaking US information.

29)   Texas Congress woman successfully filibusters for nearly 12 hours straight.

30)   Mosquitoes in Florida – one species is 20 times larger than normal mosquitoes.

31)   Many female mummies found in ancient tomb – thought to be sacrifices.

32)   Woman drinks cola for 16 years – no water – health bad!

33)   Two men were arrested for building an X-Ray gun to use on Obama.

34)   Windows has created Windows 8.1 and it seems stable.

35)   *Firefox and Adobe Flash don’t work well together, so I had to stop this post!




The Question Remains…

Wish the views on my blog were like this!!!

Have you ever looked at something and thought, “Yeah, okay,” and then thought about it a lot and said, “Now, wait a minute”?   Here’s one for you:

I was checking my stats late last night early this morning and latched onto something that has only happened once before  and that one beat this one silly, however, this one has me more stumped.

My views for yesterday’s post were 188.  Now, for me, that’s overwhelmingly wonderful.  I have had a 150 and the record of 726, so this comes in 2nd.  So, as with the other one, I began looking to see why this happened.  Inquiring minds and all that…

Anyway, looking at my stats page, I noticed that the hugest (word?) “most huge” doesn’t sound better (lol), anyway, the largest portion of the views went to my home/archive page, which was 106.  The bulk of the rest was for Five Sentence Fiction and Friday Fictioneers, which makes sense to me.

What didn’t make sense was that, although it said 106 views went to my home/archive page, it stated I only had 54 visitors who gave the 106 views.  That makes no sense to me as it means that nearly everyone, on average, visited my home/archive page twice!  I may be dense, but that makes very little sense to me.

I can see why a few people might go to my home/archive page 2-3 times through error or doing something else and coming back, but that many?

I remember several other bloggers stating that they didn’t like the new stats page because of the views vs visitors calculations seeming off a bit.  I simply want to know because I wanted to see what I could do to up my views and that just didn’t help at all.

Well, I will finish with something(s) totally different.  The first is a new YouTube Evian commercial clip.  It has already gone viral with more than 38 million hits in this short amount of time.

I liked the rollerskating babies better.  It has over 68 million hits to date.

The second thing is a clip from the David Letterman show.  The gentleman being interviewed was a news anchor from Bismark, ND.  His first day on the job, the very first thing he said were two swear words (he didn’t know he was even on camera yet) and the place fired him.

I don’t think he should have been fired.  Do you? Big controversy right now.

Anyway, enjoy.  I love you all.



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