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Five Sentence Fiction – “Doors” – Carolyn Revisited

Lillie McFerrin brings us Five Sentence Fiction with the word prompt of “Doors”.  After reading mine below, please click > HERE < for the rest.  Enjoy!!!

Carolyn Revisited (Keeping Watch)

It had been several days since she had been able to sleep more than a couple of hours and almost two days since she had eaten.

Carolyn stepped through the doorway of the abandoned office building and, trying to step around the broken glass and pieces of trash, she was managing to be very quiet as well as moving with reasonable speed to reach a place of relative safety.

Her senses were on high and she pointed the Beretta at anything that set those senses off; the latest offender had been a sparrow.

But the sloshing, plodding noise she heard along with the breathing told her she was not alone even here with the deathly visage of damage in the city; the night walkers were here as well.

She put her Beretta in its holster, safety off, preferring her large hunting knife for close, quiet work, and trekked deeper into the modern tomb.




Flash Friday – Aftermath – Carolyn – Horror Rated R

Carolyn’s story is truly coming to an end.  The final part is planned for my post on Tuesday night.  All of the parts ( except 11) are contained on the Carolyn page listed at the top left of my blog.  Enjoy them.  For tonight, I have double-posted.  The first entry is 159 words.  When I finished I realized I had not followed the guidelines for the prompts at Flash Friday (hosted by Rebekah Postupak).  I then wrote the second one (159 words) which does.  Since they are all part of the saga, I have both posted below so you can fill in some blanks.  After reading them, please click > HERE < for all the other stories.  Enjoy!!!

Source: Gary Plant Tubular Steel Corporation, 1943. Public domain photo.

Vendetta and Aftermath

Carolyn and the others sat, looking at the corpses of night crawlers lying around.  Sheila checked the girls to see if they had scratches.  Carolyn did not have to be checked.  One finger nearly severed and two bite marks came from saving Jenny.

Jenny was crying and screaming, “No! No! No!” at everyone around her.  Carolyn finally got her to stop.

“It wasn’t your fault, dear.  I did what had to be done.  Now, I have to do what has to be done.”

Jenny hugged Carolyn so tightly it nearly hurt, but Carolyn did not mind; she understood.

Sheila took Jenny to herself and looked at Carolyn.

“So, no other way around it?”  She was tearing up, but holding on for the sake of the girls.

The others were in shock.  Carolyn simply shook her head.

“You all were brave.  Now, I need you to be brave one more time.”  She picked up her Beretta and checked the ammo.


Jenny turned the metal pole once more, welding the blade to the three foot rod.  She removed the welding glasses after turning the unit off.  She was glad they had managed to get into the high school and the shop department.  The equipment ran off of tank gas, so it was usable.

She admired the spear; it was sharp, pointed, and solid.  It would help her when they came back.  Her vendetta was strong.  She was not going to waiver.  Sheila had tried talking to her, but it had done no good other than strengthening her resolve.  She knew what she had to do.

The young teen put the spear next to the other seven and started on another one after placing her hand on the Beretta and hunting knife she now called her own.

Later, Jenny went to the back of the elementary home they all still shared.  She sat by the hand-dug grave a long time.




Five Sentence Fiction – Carolyn – Misunderstanding – Horror Rated R

As Carolyn’s tale winds to a close, I thank Lillie McFerrin at Five Sentence Fiction for this week’s one-word prompt, “misunderstanding“, as it has allowed me to continue my tale in snippets.  Find the entire story in ten parts (the last part, eleven, will be posted next Tuesday night) on Carolyn’s page to the left of this post.  After reading my entry, click > HERE < for the rest of the stories… Enjoy!!!

Five Sentence Fiction


Scott L Vannatter

Carolyn pushed the dead night crawler out of the way and ran to Jenny’s aid as the last of the creatures brought his teeth down toward her throat, forcing Carolyn to act on instinct as a mother and protector.

She brought her knife up for the kill strike, but had to get the thing’s teeth away from Jenny so there were no scratches, bites, or other marks which drew blood and could turn the young girl into a night crawler.

She knew she was not going to make it in time and stay safe so she did what she knew had to be done and grabbed the horrid thing by the jaw putting her own hand in its mouth and feeling the teeth sink into her fingers.

Plunging the hunting knife deep into the skull of the creature, Carolyn had to ignore the pain and the blood on her hands as she searched the crying girl’s skin for puncture marks and found none.

Jenny saw the blood and bites on Carolyn’s hand and started screaming, causing Carolyn to calm the girl down and make absolutely certain the teen did not misunderstand; she had to make her know she was not to blame for what was to come.




Flash Friday – Aging and Prompt – Carolyn – 2/21/2014

Well, it’s Friday and Rebekah PostuPak comes to us once again with a word and pic prompt (below) for Flash Friday.  The word is aging.  150 (+/-10) words forming the story done by dozens of very talented writers hoping to win the coveted attention/prize.   After reading my entry below, please click > HERE < to see the rest of the creations.  Enjoy!!!

Source: Parachutist @ Ft Lewis. Public domain photo.

Seconds Like Hours

Scott L Vannatter (159 words)

Carolyn ran like the wind, trying to reach the Elementary where her new family was and where the alarm bell had just been sounded.  Seconds passed like hours as she pushed herself to move even faster.  She felt the wind rush over her face and hair and remembered it had felt just that ecstatic and breathless the one time she skydived and her cord had refused to come out for a few precious seconds.  Now, it was Sheila and the four girls who could be suffering at the hands of the night crawlers. Carolyn aged.

She realized it was only mid-afternoon.  If it was them, why were they out in the daylight?  Then, a horrible thought struck her:  what if they were dying from the intense cold of winter and had become restless or even panicked?  What if they had abandoned their old ways because of starvation?

She rushed even harder, her breath losing the battle to keep up.




FSF – Carolyn – Sunshine – Horror Rated R

Lillie McFerrin hosts, Five Sentence Fiction, complete stand-alones in five sentences based on the one-word prompt, which is “Sunshine” this week.  After reading my choice below, please click > HERE < for the rest of the creations.  Enjoy!!!

Source: LillieMcFerrin.com

Five Sentence Fiction



Carolyn crept quietly through the small town looking for weapons and food to help all of them at the elementary school in case of an attack by the night crawlers.  In spite of her worries and concerns, she was so very happy to be part of a group, even a small one such as they were, and being able to stay in one place and have a fairly strong sense of security and comfort, something she had not had in a while.

The memories of Jordan and Billy, especially Billy, were strong in her mind, but she found her step a bit lighter than before she arrived here, her eyes taking in the cold sunshine, and she actually looked forward to the evenings spent cooking supper, eating, sharing, and playing with the children before they all went to bed, just Sheila and Carolyn taking turns keeping watch through the night.   It had been weeks, and while the deep cold of Midwestern winter was settling in, the even colder fear from night crawler attacks was nicely absent.  Carolyn was becoming at home, though she still had to continually tell her mind she was still being careful, knowing that joy could breed carelessness which could bring about a swift death.




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