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Nomination Time!!!

Well, Hope the Happy Hugger nominated “You!” for the xxxxxx award, so I decided that I was a “you!” and am accepting.  Rules are pretty simple:

1)  Tell something about yourself.

2) Nominate others.

1)  Something about myself:  My favorite type of movie is the “Armageddon” type movies.  I enjoy the “after it is done, mankind is fighting to stay alive” things.  This works out well as many of these movies feature Zombies.  “The Walking Dead” is a great example of this.  However, movies such as “Tooth and Nail” are also great.

2) I think this time I will nominate several of my newest followers:

Through My Hearts  

Green Tea and Velociraptors




Okay, please check out these people and, again, thanks to Hope, the Happy Hugger for nominating me!



Giving of Yourself

Clio Award

I would like to devote tonight’s post to a new award I have created. It is entitled the “Giving of Yourself” award.

This award is to be given to those individual’s who show, through their posts, that they give of themselves to the rest of us. It is for those who share experiences, thoughts, ideas that may put themselves a bit on the line, showing a part of themselves that opens them up to vulnerabilities.

In other words, they are showing us trust by sharing parts of themselves that may open them up to ridicule, poor opinions, or nonacceptance by large parts of the general population.

Cover of "Rules (Newbery Honor Book)"

Cover of Rules (Newbery Honor Book)

They may do this through their poetry, their life experiences, and any other method shown by their posts. There are few rules to this award. They are as follows:
1) You may nominate only when accepting a nomination from another.
2) You may nominate from 3-5 individuals when passing on the award. Tell us why you are nominating them and link to their blogs.
3) When accepting the award, please tell us in some detail how you feel about being nominated.
4) Please add the image below to your blog site and link it to the person who nominated you.

Please know that, because of the nature of this award, I will NOT be placing the image on my own blog site until/unless I am nominated by someone else. Here are 5 of the individuals (certainly not all) who I wish to be the initial receivers of this award:

1) Buckwheatsrisk – Survivor of abuse who shares items with us that, not only pull up deep stress within her own life, but could threaten her life in the wrong hands. You are a dear.

2) ORGANISED CHAOS – You, Soraya, who shared parts of yourself both through your poetry and in your posts that, you said yourself, might cause people to think differently and, perhaps, reject you. Be strong. We are with you.

3) Grace for Rett – Though Grace, herself, cannot do this blog, her mother, bless her soul, gives of her life in her posts to show us how their lives are forever damaged through Rett’s, but also how beautiful a life they still live. You often bring tears to my eyes.

4) Mullberry Whine – You talk most of your patients with cancer, however, what you do is show how you feel about the patients, their problems, and the, sometimes, difficult manner in which they are treated by others. Your compassion shines through.

5) Everyday Asperger’s – Sam, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t nominate you for this award. I realize that you may not accept it (you have stated this toward other awards in the past); however, whether you do or not, I have to offer it as you give of yourself in ways that others may not realize. You put yourself out there honestly, ignoring how many people may feel about those who have handicaps, especially those of the mind. I love you dear, like a sister, and am proud of you.

Image to be put on your blog site:

The “Official” “Giving of Yourself” Award Image




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