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Two Nice Awards – One New and One Old

So, yesterday, the wonderful and absolutely beautiful KZ nominated me for two awards.  the “ABC” Award and the “Dragon Loyalty” Award.  Since the second award is already two awards and since I am the one to kinda “accidentally” name the award –> see post  <– I will do what is required for the first one and link back to KZ’s blog for the second.  My nominations will be for the ABC award, but if you want to accept the Dragon’s Loyalty Award too, then that’s fine.  I will post the rules for both.

As always, if you don’t do awards, or don’t have the time to accept it, then that is up to you.

Here is the pic for the ABC award:


Thank you KZ!

For this award, you have to come up with a word for each letter of the alphabet and write about something relevant to you. So here’s my A-Z of words that describe or mean something to me ^^

A – Alone:  Since my stroke I have learned to be more alone with myself and to enjoy the time.

B – Books:  Books have been a godsend to me my entire life.  I love to read and am getting back to that idea with nightly readings now.

C – Creativity:  Creativity has always been my greatest asset and, now, since the stroke, I realize that I have lost a little of my Creative Imagination.  It saddens me as I use it so much.

D – Diabetes:  This disease has changed my life so drastically and was one of the biggest reasons for my stroke in May 2010.

E – Email:  A life saver for me in that it has allowed me to get messages to my friends and family quickly, easily, and thoroughly.

F – Future:  I don’t live there anymore, but I think about it and, now, look very forward to it.

G – Giving:  I not only try to do this much more often, but I am the recipient of it now a lot and I have learned to accept it graciously and with joy.

H – Honesty:  I have found this to be the best way to make friends as well as to keep them.

I – Integrity:  As with honesty, this produces good friends and keeps me out of a lot of trouble.

J – Jealousy:  I lost a lot of things with my stroke.  Jealousy seems to be one of them as I don’t feel that way many of the times when I would have before.  I am told that means my self-esteem is higher.

K – Kindness:  This trait I look for in people and try hard to display it myself.

L – Love:  The most important thing in the world.  It comes in all shapes, sizes, and descriptions.  Love of God and love by God is extremely important to me.

M – Memory:  It has slipped a bit in me since the stroke and it often picks bad times to leave for awhile.  Since I know it leaves often, I miss it and think of it more now.

N – Normal:  I am learning now what that term means.  I have never felt normal.  Now, in many ways, I do, and it is a very new experience.

O – Optimism:  The backbone of my beliefs.  I believe God is always with us, so things will always work out.

P – PC:  Especially since my stroke, my computer has become the most important tool in my home.  It connects me to the world and gives me so much freedom to see things I might never have a chance to.

Q – Quality:  I look more for quality in life now than any other single thing.  Before I was mostly just busy, always trying to get ready for what’s coming.  I am more about living in the moment now and knowing the future’s coming.

R – Relax:  Not just resting, relaxation is allowing your body to throw off tensions and stress so that you can renew and handle what’s around the corner.

S – Self:  Me, just me, I need to and have learned to see me as an entity.  I love me.  This allows me to grow.

T – Texting:  This has increased immensely in my life in the last couple of years.  I text a few friends as well as my daughter.

U – Unaware:  This has become really important in my life as, since the stroke, I need to try and know what’s coming all the time so I can prepare for it.

V – Variety:  My new diet (diabetes) has made variety difficult.  However, I am managing, one item at a time, to increase the different things I eat.

W – WordPress:  I don’t think I need to say why this word is so important to me.

X – Xi:  I don’t even know what it means, but it’s important because of how often I use it in “Playing with Words” (Zynga.com).

Y – You:  All of you who follow, comment, read, share my thoughts on WordPress.  You are all important to me.

Z – Zealous: Because it is the way I feel right now about my being published and my daily posts on WordPress.


One of the rules for this award is to list 7 things about yourself.  I love doing that.  The other is to nominate 15 people.  I have just done 5 this time around.
My List:

1) I have 3 packages of comic books that I have not opened yet.  I have so much to read!

2)  I have well over 500 DVDs and 3x that many books.

3)  One of my very favorite video games is Oblivion, though Minecraft is pushing a close 2nd right now.

4)  One of my favorite meals is:  3 hot dogs (plain), a small carton of high fiber cottage cheese, and 2 cups of high fiber ice cream.  It stays within my carb limits and it is better for me than a fast food meal.

5)  My sister and I got in trouble when I was about 5 yrs old, on Easter morning, because I took her outside and pulled her around in the wagon.  2 reasons – we weren’t to be outside alone and the grass was wet and it soaked our PJs.

6)  Sis and I set our family room carpet on fire several times (the same time) when we were fairly young.  I don’t remember the paddling!

7)  I started out in college to study the ministry of the United Methodist Church.

My nominees for both awards:


Madison Woods

Debra Kristi

Boomie Bol

I am just a Poet

I think that is enough this time around.  I love all of you and have problems deciding who to choose – but that is a good problem to have!



Super Sweet!

Thanks, first of all, to Hope-the Happy Hugger for nominating for this award!

Rules for this award include: Thank the super sweet blogger who made the nomination, Nominate a baker’s dozen of other bloggers (below) and answer five questions:

1) Cookie or cake? Cookies
2) Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
3) What is your favorite sweet treat? Since the stroke and diabetes, my favorite is Breyer’s Carb Smart Chocolate Ice Cream…before that?  It was a large chocolate malt from Dairy Queen.
4) When do you crave sweet things the most? Excuse me? There’s supposed to be a time when I don’t?
5) If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? I think I am old fashioned and like “sweetheart” the best, but that could change, right?


Here are the nominees I chose.  If you don’t do awards, just smile; if you have won this before, just smile! Okay, here is what I found:  I had at least twice this many people that I felt deserved this award.  What I did was to start at the top of my list and go down until I, basically, chose my baker’s dozen.  If you didn’t get this from me, I am sorry that I have so many sweet and wonderful friends.  I am thinking of you and feel bad I couldn’t choose everyone.

1) My Scarlett Heartt

2) Madison Woods

3) BuckWheatsRisk

4) बंजारा

5) lazylauramaisey

6) Trying to be Conscious

7) Life, Love & Lyricality

8) My Year Long Journey

9) Lyrical Love

10) Swirling Turnip

11) Blessed with a Star on the Forehead

12) clotildajamcracker

13) Mullberry Whine



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