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No Time Like the Present

I don’t plan these posts far ahead of time.  In fact, most are thoughts in the moment combined with ongoing thoughts in my head.  This is the first time I have, actually, been afraid of the November election process.  I have gone on record stating that I voted for Trump in 2016.  I did so because I did not want Hilary in the White House (still don’t).  However, that was, I see now, an unwinnable tenet in voting.  Trump has taken four very long years out of the life of this country and stepped all over it in the name of progress and self-serving ideals.  I was happy when he was elected.  That lasted about 3-4 months when I started seeing what a Frankenstein we had elected.  This devaluation of Democracy, of United States’ social/economical values, as well as the value of the individual has continued for years now.  I have see-sawed on worry about this election.  At times, I felt Democracy and pride in our country was going to win out.  Right now, I am worried.  I still believe that all things work out in the end, but that process, I feel, could be lengthened this November.

I spent this morning catching up on the Conventions a bit.  This one speech I, particularly, enjoyed.  It held hope and elevation of people at it’s heart.  It’s less than 25 mins and I feel it could raise your hopes if you let it.

Obama’s speech 2020 

If you do nothing else, please think about how “Great” America has gotten these last few years.  Job losses, disease deaths, hopelessness, wealthy getting wealthier,…the list does not stop there.

I urge you to get out and vote to get America back on track.

Sincerely.  Namaste,


What are We Running Here?

I don’t know precisely where this post will end, what note it will finally rest on, but here it is (me being tired and all).  I awoke early this morning to my computer.  I logged in, signed on to Comcast, and there was a headline about Roseanne being cancelled.  I had to look further.  When I poked around Google for a bit, I found what I was looking for, which was not what I was looking for at 7:10AM on a Wednesday.  I had not planned on watching the redone “Roseanne”, just wasn’t my cup of tea in the first place; however, to see that the TV station and Disney had dropped the show so early made me read on. I am not going to repost Rosanne’s tweets. I don’t feel that is necessary.  I suppose I have to agree with Disney and all as if I made such a statement at work about someone in my company, I would find myself in the boss’s office facing the demise of my job or, at least, severe disciplinary actions.

I am not in any way saying her tweets were proper, correct, or anything positive at all.  They pissed me off.  I didn’t care for the cooking lady who made the racist remark either back a couple years ago.  However, something has my attention here.  Now, I voted for Barack in the first election.  Thought, perhaps, he could help things along.  I, personally, was disappointed in the first 4 years.  Now, that may have been news prejudice, I won’t say it wasn’t, however, even today I am not really happy with those 4 years.  So, I didn’t vote for him the second term. I am allowed; it’s my right. And, I shook my head when he won, but then, I did acknowledge him as our President.

Now, I have gone on written record here as saying that I voted for Trump.  Well, actually, I voted against Hillary.  I was surprised and pleased when he won.  However, I need to ask:  why have Rosanne and so many others get into so much trouble for making comments like they did and our President, whom I am not pleased with, has made some comments on Twitter that have surprised the heck out of me.  I won’t say he has come right out with any racist remarks, but he picks on everyone who doesn’t care for him and there seems to be no repercussions.  Now, I am not saying to impeach him or anything like that.  It simply seems to me, in my own humble opinion, that the leader of our country should have better things to do than get angry on Twitter.  Again, some of this may be the other side’s bias news, but not all of it is.

What I see is a glaring split between what a movie or TV star can get away with and what people with real power can get away with.  I know that much of our Senate and Congress are not a whole lot better.  There are many laws trying to be passed that are simply ridiculous.  There is much being done and said that should outrage everyone.  I am not saying to get rid of all of them (though limiting terms would be nice up there).  I am just saying keep a level playing ground.

Rant done and I feel better,



Let’s Play Cards: I call Kings are Trump!

Did I get your attention!?  Did my title make you react?  How did you react?  Do I really want to know?

I talk to a lot of people.  Interestingly enough, many of them don’t like President Trump.  Many more do not like the way he is tossing Executive Orders around.  Let’s do a bit of discussion with these orders and all the hype.

First off, nearly every single President issues at least one executive order.  They have to; it’s practically part of the job description.  I see it as how they jump start their Presidency.  The first few days/weeks can be really tough, especially if parties are changing.  An executive order allows the President to say, “Hey! This is important to me!  Let’s look at this NOW!”  And we do…

I am trying hard not to take sides here.  I have gone on public writing record as being for President Trump.  I have also gone on record as pleading for people to start getting along and help our country instead of fighting about who should have won.  We did that enough with President Obama’s 1st term in office.

So, according to the people, President Trump is overusing his powers as President in signing so many executive orders so quickly (18 orders in his first 12 days of office).  So, I looked it up…Mr. Obama signed 19 orders in his first 12 days of office…https://qz.com/899741/how-many-executive-orders-has-donald-trump-signed-compared-to-barack-obama/

Now, the picky ones out there are gonna try and tell me how much more good for us were Mr. Obama’s EOs then President Trumps.  I know that; I can hear it coming before it’s said.

So, I go to another article: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/presidential-executive-orders-donald-trump-what-are-they-constitutional-limits-congress-anti-a7554231.html.  This one doesn’t exactly tell us whose orders are best.  What it does is tell what these EOs are, how they are used, how they can be repealed, and what guidelines must be followed (oh yes, there are guidelines).

In layman’s terms (and my opinion, of course), executive orders cannot undermine the Constitution, they cannot create new laws, and they cannot order new funds from the Treasury.  A President must look at all of these and word his EOs so that they follow the rules.  The Congress (2/3 majority) can overrule an EO.  The Courts can overturn one that goes against the Constitution.  Otherwise, the President can use these EOs to strengthen his first few weeks in office and get rid of things his predecessor(s) put into place.

Our country was set up with rules and regulations.  Many people scream that Mr. Obama was trying to overthrow the Constitution with his EOs (not possible).  Now, the same is being said of President Trump (still not possible).

I see this whole thing of the last 8+ years as being a “good for the goose; good for the gander” ideal.  It was done by Mr. Obama when he was President and the Republicans screamed; now, the same basic thing is being done by President Trump and the Democrats are screaming.  What we really need to do is to grow up and accept that our country is bigger than its Presidents.  Those change every few years while our country keeps on keeping on.

I know I will, probably, be screamed at and trolled in the comments.  However, what I have tried to do is simply present a balanced idea for the use of EOs as have been done by, at least, the last two Presidents.  People are going to scream.  That is a right in this country.  I really don’t ever want to see that right overturned; however, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to be just a bit more prudent as to when and how much we do it.



Free at Last?

This morning I watched “Blackish”.  Never seen the show, but Xfinity described it as being about the election and what Black people thought.  I decided to see.  It was a good show.   You had to watch it all or you might get the wrong idea.

I have caught some backlash from my vote and my voice.  I am tired of arguing.  The election is over and we now get to deal with what happened, AS A COUNTRY.  There were hollers and screams when Obama won his first election.  There was a lot of disbelief when he was reelected.  We survived all of that.  It would be nice to survive all of this.

I live in a part of the US where the results are divided enough that I don’t get violent opposition around me, either way.  I am not saying that’s necessarily good; it just is.  So, I don’t hear a lot of the national screaming and yelling that seems to be overcoming the sensibility of most people.

I am not here to tell you how to feel or who to support, other than this:  please don’t get yourself involved in something violent and dangerous.  We need to unite not separate.

Here’s the episode I watched if you have Xfinity:




Just Admit It!!!

Now, let it first be known that I try to stay out of politics.  I really do.  However, when I visit Dad at the nursing home 5 times a week, if a basketball (or baseball or football) game isn’t on that he likes, it’s usually the debates or the caucuses or the talk show specials about the candidates that’s on.  And, if it’s one of the 2nd group, the sound has to be up for him, so I AM going to listen (ie. can’t turn on my tablet and escape!).

So, I listen to the people talk.  So, I am going to do something I very seldom do:  give my political opinions.   Someone needs to mark this day on a calendar (It’s the 29th, so it’s very special anyway).   Hey, I just thought of something:  does that mean that most every presidential campaign is on a leap year?  Kinda ruins the event, don’t ya think?

Now, first off, this Kelly woman, the political-minded newscaster or whatever she is…I don’t like her.  Not so much because of what she says.  It’s because she is very loud, talks over people if SHE has something to say and, if she doesn’t agree with what you are saying, she TALKS OVER ‘YOU!  Rude and mouthy.  And, she pauses a lot…gets a bit lost, but wants to make sure she says … SOMETHING to stop whoever is talking.  Rant done.

Now, about President Obama – loaded questions/answers, I know.  However, I heard someone say recently (not exact quote): “The President is not evil; he is trying to make our nation like another nation.  He’s wrong, but not evil.”

That sums it up pretty much for me.  I don’t care for him.  I voted for him the first time around – not the second.  “Fooled me once” and all that.  He has not really done anything productive that I have seen.  I am sure there is something; I just don’t see it.  He is relatively weak, especially in relations with most other nations.  He may have a big picture, but it’s not shaping up as anyone particularly wants it over here.  However, let’s not forget that he couldn’t do much if it wasn’t for enough congressional support; they are helping him, people…please see that.

Okay, now, that’s old news; current news?  Well, I like Trump.  I am not saying he is the perfect candidate (I don’t think we have ever seen the most perfect candidate, yet).  But, he is telling us what we want to hear and, I believe, he means to try and do it all.  Big difference…not placating us…Lord no!  He is not placating at all; he merely sees how upset we are and is jumping on it.  He’s  not afraid because, end of day, he goes back to being a billionaire!

And what do I hear the other Republican candidates saying about him?  (not a quote)  “Trump is gaining support of the Democratic supporters because they KNOW he can’t beat Hillary!”  Really?!  I don’t think Hillary should even be running.  I don’t know if she is guilty of anything or not, but if not, she is not too bright about it all.  Do we really want that in our presidential chair?  Further, it has been said that Trump might get over-zealous and toss the “football”.  I see Hillary as one who would NEVER toss the football, even if it really needed tossing.  I am not for nuclear war; no one in their right mind is (guess that leaves the military in their left mind).  But, Trump would be a valid threat to those who wish us big harm (look at North Korea who is threatening us!).  Not saying to NUKE them, but I doubt they even think it is possible with this President and Hillary would not be any different.

Okay, I am running out of steam.  Tell you what, let me know in the comments what you think about this or any other political topic.  Don’t troll me or ogre me or giant me (get the idea?); simply state your case and let’s let people talk.

I am not always right.  In fact, the only time I think I am always right is about not always being right…think on that one.



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