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Hooray for Hollywood

October, my favorite month, is here again. I like it because the weather is crisp, cool, and smells so clean. I like it for all the colors and the slight darkness. But, the post today is about other things concerning October: horror movies.

My good friend and fellow blogster, Susie Landau had a great post on this just the other day- See that post here – and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. She made a great list of the classics she grew up with. I move on from year to year in these stories and look for the next best one.

But trailing back a bit, I thought I would share the movies that really bothered me, why they did, and what do I think of watching them! So, sit back, shudder (don’t smile), and peek at a few trailers if you haven’t see these (or, better yet, watch and remember if you have).  They are not in a certain order.  They affected me really hard when I, originally, watched them.

Oh yeah – they are rated “R” – so the clips might be, you know, scary or gross!

1)  Crazies – Scary, intense, and twisted!  Yes!

2)  Human Centipede 1 – I wouldn’t advise watching this unless you are pretty ready for a hard trip.  Intense and rough to watch.  I am not sure you can call it a scary movie, but you need to be ready for it.  I kinda was.  It started bothering me the day after I watched it.

3)  Halloween 1 – 1978 – Yeah, but it was good!  One of the best is that there is no blood.  As far as I remember and from what I read, there is NONE.  Now, to be good and no blood – Special!

4)  Tingler – I watched this as a child.  My dad hid in my bed so when I jumped into it I landed on his arm!  Scared me to death!  Still have some memories!

5)  The Unseen – Another one from my youth.  This one I rated then as the scariest I had ever seen and gave me nightmares.  Unfortunately, there have been several movies by that name and I couldn’t find the one for my particular show.  Sorry!  I do remember that the monster was a brain and spinal cord with eyes and couldn’t be seen.

6)  The Thing (Original) – Probably (yes) one of my very favorite movies.

7)  Dawn of the Dead (2004) Remake – I think this would be my number one pick of all time.  I did not care for the very end, but up to just before that….excellent!

8)  The Day After – Okay, technically, not a scary movie – but, for when it came out and even now if you watch the movie and not the special effects, this was horribly scary (should be even now)

9)  Wrong Turn 1 – Okay, I do give this one really high marks and I absolutely loved it.  It was intense and cool.  But, I gotta be honest, the best thing about it for me is Eliza Dushku.  I just think she is something else.  So, trying to set aside prejudices – I will rate it number … 2

10)  Hostel 1 – Okay, this one really did keep me up at night for awhile.  I hated the foot and the eye parts.  “Nuff said.

11)  Dead Birds – This one is just simply creepy!  I mean creepy!

12) A Nightmare on Elm Street 1 – Great movie!  Great Idea! And Johnny Depp is in it!


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