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At Last! (Mixed Blessings)

Well, last night and today have been mixed blessings.

I found out last night that I am, finally, published!!!  That’s right.  Finally, after waiting since around June 2012, the online magazine “Atomic Avarice” published my work, “The  Way It Is.”

Just go to http://www.atomicavarice.com/ , then click on “Fiction” and I am in the bottom row (as of 7:00pm).  I am both pleased and proud of the story.  It concerns the dealing of a union for haunting houses.  I was supposed to write something that was a type of political satire and horror.  Apparently, I did well enough.

That was the great thing.  The not-so-great thing?  The magazine published the story and didn’t pay me.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  It’s not a lot to begin with.  But the idea is that I have a signed contract that stated they would pay me before they published the story.  So, I don’t truly even know when they did so.

I am not angry.  After all, it is my first story and I, probably, would have sent it to them even without pay in the deal.  However, I do have a contract; they sent it; I returned it; and I will honor it, so they should, too.

Now, do understand.  I am fairly easy-going.  I sent them a rather nice letter and told them about my concerns and asked them to fix things (I used the word “rectify” as that sounds much more important, don’t you think?).  There are several things I can think of that might have gone wrong and I am not screaming at them about this.  I just want what I was promised.

So, we shall see.  The other publishing company (in England) sent out notices that the first of my 4 anthologies, “The Dead Sea,” is, finally, done at the printers.  The publishers are being sent a hard copy to approve, then it will be out in 7-10 days.  He felt certain that this one would be done and out to read by March 1st.  I know he is frustrated; you can just tell.

After that, the other 3 anthologies are supposed to come along quickly.

So, as I said, mixed blessings.

I will end the post with a wonderful picture of my cat, Tamika, who is ever vigilant and attentive, especially if birds are involved.  Enjoy.





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