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Friday Fictioneers – “A Bird in the…” Humorous – PG13

Rochelle and Friday Fictioneers – What else is there to say?  Read mine, then > HERE < for the rest.  Enjoy!!!

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“A Bird in the …”

By Scott L Vannatter – 100 words

Scott was done with online dating. It was frustrating. Since he found that old medallion in the knick-knack shop, he was free. It allowed him to fly and fast! He had spent weeks perfecting his technique, riding the wind currents and soaring among the trees.

Now, he was flying alongside a 747, signaling to the cute blonde in 12C. She saw him wave and, after being shocked, smiled, waving back coquettishly. Suddenly a goose slammed into Scott’s face and he rolled back, smacking hard into the wing. After pulling out the feathers, he wondered if he still had his password.




Our Fits to Fly

Dreaming of flying is fun. I did have one astral projection in which I flew. It felt so wonderful!

*Warning* this blog and some of the clips deal hard with death.

I was reading a blog by Joe C Combs 2 about the Hindenburg Disaster (click on his name for the post).  After watching that video, I did what I usually do – YouTube hop.  I found something that bothered me and intrigued me.  Then I realized it would make a descent post!

I am scared of heights.  People who have followed my blog for long know this.  I don’t care for water either, but I did learn to swim well and went to the pool often before my stroke.  However, other than large airplanes and video games, I don’t take to the air or high up well.  I have been in the St. Louis Arch, I have been on roofs 8-10 stories up, but I just don’t care for it.

So, I find a clip about a man who tried to invent a parachute to allow him to jump off the Eiffel Tower (see 1st clip).  His name was Franz Reichelt.

This man believed so much in what he was doing that he did the jump himself and died doing it.  How much did he want to fly?

Then, I see another one: Bird Man Jumps to death, Gerard Masselin, in 1963.

Here is another man who wanted to fly.  He wanted it so much, he died trying it.

Finally, I look for a third one.  This one doesn’t involve death, but, to watch it, makes you wonder how they could do this one at all.

Wing Suit Diving.  We have reached the point in our lives that, except for Superman’s way of doing things, we can fly.  What I don’t understand is the difference between the three clips.

In the first one, I do see all the bulk and the puffing out of the suit.  In the second one, this is all gone.  My problem is that I don’t see the full difference between the suit used in the 2nd clip and the ones used in the 3rd clip, except, of course, they work.

These new suits are simply amazing to me and, watching the people do this, this will be one easy way for me to enjoy flying.  The best way, however, and still a bit scary to me, is to jump off of mountains in my video games and climb down them or to walk across a very narrow bridge/pass or fight at the top of a scary height in a building or cave.  If none of that bothers you, I say “wonderful” for you.  It gives me a drop in my stomach that I have managed to learn to play through in games and in my dreams.

Okay, I used this video clip once before, but it seems really appropriate here.  For those of you who were not bothered at all by the preceding clips, here is one that, if you haven’t seen it (maybe if you have), it is, um, difficult to watch if heights bother you at all, and that has been agreed with by many.


How about you?  Do heights bother you?  Have you ever been sky diving or anything like it?  Wow!



I Live My Life

I Live My Life
By Scott L Vannatter
September 14, 2012

I live my life just like a jet
Moving and running, never is set
My gait is wide open I am really alive
I am living my life; hey, I am five

I live my life just like a plane
I go here and there, not to be seen again
I hoop and I holler; I make such a din
I am living my life; hey, I am ten

I live my life just like a race car
I move here and there, both near and far
I can handle anything; though it looks like a zoo
I am living my life; I am twenty-two

I live my life just like an old Chevy
I move to new houses, though the tasks may be heavy
My job’s wearing thin; I’m tired of eating so late
I am living my life; I am thirty and eight

I live my life just like a shiny, new bike
I still climb those mountains, a wondrous hike
I tire of the old; I need to train a bit more
I am living my life; I am forty and four

I live my life just like a small deer
I still move quite well, just more around here
I am looking to settle with my piece of Heaven
I am living my life; I am fifty and seven

I live my life just like a small boat
I am still doing my work to keep us afloat
I am staying at home more; just you look and see
I am living my life; I am sixty and three

I live my life now more like a raft
Still doing some things like reading and craft
I am slow but I’m steady and still can have fun
I am living my life at seventy-one.

I live my life now like a wagon that’s pulled
I enjoy sleeping late and my memory’s dulled
I use a cane to go slowly but fine
I am living my life; I’m now eighty-nine

I’ve lived most of my life like one thing or other
I miss all my friends, my Dad and my Mother
I think I have done most what I will do
I still have my life at one hundred and two.

For all of you people who’ve passed through my reaching
I hope you will learn from all of my teaching
To live each year happy, not filled up with fear
I have lived all my life and was happy right here.


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