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That 4-Letter Word

Hate – yup, that one.  I have seen it off and on my entire life.  However, now I see it a bit differently. Here’s why:

This last election was a very temper-driven one, as Shakespeare said, “Full of Sound and fury, signifying nothing” (Macbeth, I believe).

I look at our nation right now and I don’t see that much has changed.  It is just as anger-filled as it was with Pres, Obama.  People think that his 8 years were directed toward peace and some tenderness.  They, apparently, weren’t listening to the shouting going on behind the scenes, the Republicans who were very unhappy with the results of the presidency.  Even now, those words ring out.

And for those now screaming about the Republicans and Obama rip, don’t forget the “quiet, calm” Democrats screaming and yelling and starting fights at Republican conventions.  Don’t forget all the hate-filled words tossed out now at the current president, Donald Trump.  Yes, all that has changed is the sides.  Hate still reigns.

Not totally what I was going to write about, but I do let my words go where they might.  This all stemmed from a very emotional TED talk:  Revolutionary Love .

You watch all 22 minutes and see if she doesn’t make you either tear up or, at least, think about the way it all is.  Hate is not much of an answer.

I said it started with the TED talk, but what really did it was another wonderful dating site wonder.  Here, I had another woman who wrote tons of wonderful stuff, things I was interested in, a person I wanted to know.  Then, her last line in her profile:

“If you voted for Trump, pass me by.”

I don’t remember if I actually did it, but I know I really thought about writing her back and saying, “Please change your profile and put the last line first.  You will waste less of my time.”

What angered me was not that she did not want to go out with Trump supporters.  That is as much her right as mine to date younger women or non-BBWs.  Both are fine.  So are older women and BBWs.  I have said this.  It is just a preference.  My statement may have sounded the same.  I ask that if you are older or BBW you know that you might not be my preference, however, I have spoken to and been interested in both.  People are people.  You cannot make a blanket statement.  I put those preferences in there because if I decide to meet an older woman or a BBW, then I want to be the one to choose.  I do see that either can be a very wonderful, beautiful person whom I would be lucky to know and, perhaps, even luckier to date.  But I just don’t want to be inundated with them in my inbox.  Let me look and decide on my own. I feel the same for the women who do not wish to date someone who voted for Trump – your choice.

However, that is not the problem here.  The problem is that I mention that there is nothing inherently wrong with BBWs or older women (at least, I try to make that effort).  The women who I read who do not want to see a Trump voter do not acknowledge that a person who supports or voted for President Trump can be a worthwhile person.  They, basically, hate anyone who voted for him.  I have said many times that I don’t fully agree with President Trump’s stands/views.  I do support LBGTQ.  I am fine with single-sex marriages. I am not in favor of just sending all refugees back to their countries (though, if you read, Trump isn’t either).  I have problems with a lot of his stands.  However, I did not want Ms. Clinton at the helm of our country.  It was something I could not support.  And, after watching Donald Trump overcome such odds in the Primary, I felt he would be our best chance of keeping her out.  Do I hate Hilary?  No…I don’t hate anyone.  I just think her agenda does not go well with an America that is what I wish to see in America.  Is President Trump’s vision mine?  No.  But, I think we will survive his presidency better.  It was a matter of degrees.  That is what I wish people would see in place of just hate.

Hate is filling our streets.  We are angry at so much and taking it out on any target we are given that is deemed acceptable by someone we believe in.  Hate.  A four-letter word.  I hope (another 4 letter word) that we will set the hate aside and go more in the direction of Love (yet another).  Be the change…Ghandi was right.  We had to do it.  No one else may.



Just Admit It!!!

Now, let it first be known that I try to stay out of politics.  I really do.  However, when I visit Dad at the nursing home 5 times a week, if a basketball (or baseball or football) game isn’t on that he likes, it’s usually the debates or the caucuses or the talk show specials about the candidates that’s on.  And, if it’s one of the 2nd group, the sound has to be up for him, so I AM going to listen (ie. can’t turn on my tablet and escape!).

So, I listen to the people talk.  So, I am going to do something I very seldom do:  give my political opinions.   Someone needs to mark this day on a calendar (It’s the 29th, so it’s very special anyway).   Hey, I just thought of something:  does that mean that most every presidential campaign is on a leap year?  Kinda ruins the event, don’t ya think?

Now, first off, this Kelly woman, the political-minded newscaster or whatever she is…I don’t like her.  Not so much because of what she says.  It’s because she is very loud, talks over people if SHE has something to say and, if she doesn’t agree with what you are saying, she TALKS OVER ‘YOU!  Rude and mouthy.  And, she pauses a lot…gets a bit lost, but wants to make sure she says … SOMETHING to stop whoever is talking.  Rant done.

Now, about President Obama – loaded questions/answers, I know.  However, I heard someone say recently (not exact quote): “The President is not evil; he is trying to make our nation like another nation.  He’s wrong, but not evil.”

That sums it up pretty much for me.  I don’t care for him.  I voted for him the first time around – not the second.  “Fooled me once” and all that.  He has not really done anything productive that I have seen.  I am sure there is something; I just don’t see it.  He is relatively weak, especially in relations with most other nations.  He may have a big picture, but it’s not shaping up as anyone particularly wants it over here.  However, let’s not forget that he couldn’t do much if it wasn’t for enough congressional support; they are helping him, people…please see that.

Okay, now, that’s old news; current news?  Well, I like Trump.  I am not saying he is the perfect candidate (I don’t think we have ever seen the most perfect candidate, yet).  But, he is telling us what we want to hear and, I believe, he means to try and do it all.  Big difference…not placating us…Lord no!  He is not placating at all; he merely sees how upset we are and is jumping on it.  He’s  not afraid because, end of day, he goes back to being a billionaire!

And what do I hear the other Republican candidates saying about him?  (not a quote)  “Trump is gaining support of the Democratic supporters because they KNOW he can’t beat Hillary!”  Really?!  I don’t think Hillary should even be running.  I don’t know if she is guilty of anything or not, but if not, she is not too bright about it all.  Do we really want that in our presidential chair?  Further, it has been said that Trump might get over-zealous and toss the “football”.  I see Hillary as one who would NEVER toss the football, even if it really needed tossing.  I am not for nuclear war; no one in their right mind is (guess that leaves the military in their left mind).  But, Trump would be a valid threat to those who wish us big harm (look at North Korea who is threatening us!).  Not saying to NUKE them, but I doubt they even think it is possible with this President and Hillary would not be any different.

Okay, I am running out of steam.  Tell you what, let me know in the comments what you think about this or any other political topic.  Don’t troll me or ogre me or giant me (get the idea?); simply state your case and let’s let people talk.

I am not always right.  In fact, the only time I think I am always right is about not always being right…think on that one.



Well, Who Won and What Does It Mean?

As I am sitting here writing this, it is Tuesday, Election Day, about 5:57PM. I am not very political; I will be the first to say it. I don’t like all the hype and the problems and the arguments and … well, any of it really.

But this year is kinda special, though I am not really certain why. I don’t care much for either Presidential candidate. I don’t really look for the major problems to be solved in the next four years, regardless of who wins.

I am a bit glad that the President does not have all the powers that we, the common folk, often give him. He helps to shape the direction of things and can, certainly, add to or detract from what happens, but we need to remember that it is Congress who passes the laws.

I think that Congress has really allowed the people to cheer and/or jeer President Obama these last couple of years. I think it has kept the people from seeing what a poor direction the government has us heading in.

If we had a really great President, loved by nearly all, and things were getting this bad, who would we blame? – Yep, Congress, for not agreeing and getting things done. Well, you know what, I am angry at Congress for not agreeing and getting things done. I am angry because our government has, for the first time, got me really worried about my future in this country.

For the first time, I can’t see far enough ahead to envision a country in which I feel safe and free – you need both!
So, in a few hours we will know who is our new President. But, either way, I still think we should be leery and watching and ready to pounce and scream if the direction doesn’t head toward helping us be more free and safe – both!
That’s it. No long speeches; I said I am not that political and I mean it.


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