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A Long (but Enjoyable) Day

Today, I read and wrote a lot, at least, for me.  I began by trying to catch up on my blog posts (I had fallen almost 70 behind).  I am down now (it is 6:24PM) to 29.  I liked all of them and commented on a lot of them.  I also decided to start a book.  I like the idea and thank Robin Coyle for putting part of it into my head.  It wasn’t her idea, just reading her post made me start thinking.  Anyway, I did the short synopsis and wrote the first 1200 words.  We will see how it goes, but I like this one because I don’t know where it’s going.  It is writing itself.

Hmm, may have to change the name of my book – well, not mine, but check this one out. I don’t know anything about it, but, the picture is nice…

It’s not horror (gasp); instead, it is about a man with everything who has a stroke and it changes his life, including some type of vision/ESP thing that makes it more of a thriller with a lot of life teaching stuck in it.  A little life, but a lot of fiction is more my type of thing.  I love making stuff up.  Tentatively calling it “Heading Home”.  Anyway, it feels good and it will take about a year to get it to where I can think about publishing it, so, by then, we will see where I am in life.

My point here is that today has been a long day, enjoyable, but long.  It started early and I have been at it for nearly 8 full hours.  The double cup of caffeinated coffee really came in handy.  The worst part is that, while my head is spinning and thinking all kinds of things, the other end of me is tired and sore.  I need to get up for a bit and walk around, so I will, in a minute.

Before that, I need to say that all of the posts I read so close together today made me feel special to a lot of people – all of you whose posts I read.  There were a lot of people and a lot of different things said.  I laughed, listened, wrote, smiled, thought intently, considered a lot, felt moved, felt sad, happy, glad, tired, connected, upset, all of this a way of communicating with people I truly consider friends and loved ones.

I have decided that “when” I win the lottery or become a multi-millionaire (whichever comes first), I want to travel to visit a great lot of you – You know who you are.  That should take well over a year (and a bit of money – going to India, Australia, Canada, Europe, and all over the US).  After that, who knows?  But, it won’t matter because I will have met and talked with so many friends and will feel fulfilled.

I will also feel that I already know everyone I plan on visiting.  It’s wonderful to travel around the world every day or two and hear stories that are beginning to sound familiar.  That’s the thing that sets blogging apart from other writings:  you develop a relationship with people; you feel a “kindred spirit”.

Kindred Spirits

I love that!



Not me, this Time!

Short and to the point:
Today, instead of reading something I have put together from scratch, I would like to really invite you to read one of the posts I put on my page:
Some Very Intriguing Posts I have Found

When you are done with 1 (or more if you like) please take just a moment and tell me in a comment which post you read and what you thought of it (a simple 0-5 will suffice 0-hate 5-adored).

It’s just that I read the posts of all these wonderful people and when I find one that just takes my breath away or makes me suck it in I want to share it.

Thanks for all your support.



Preparing for the Day of Celebration – Wedding!

Not the specific one, but you get the idea!

Yes, the wedding day for my daughter and Josh is arriving very soon. This will keep me busy and I am trying to prepare for it by doing a few posts in advance. So, Tuesday-Saturday will be scheduled ahead of time.

If I seem a little slow to respond, just know it means I have not had time to read them yet. Please don’t give up on me. I will get to each and every one of them.

This is a good situation for me. Preparing several posts ahead of time is good practice for later when I am writing and get stuck for an idea; then, I can work on the next post, whenever it is.

I had planned to begin a story continued from Friday Fictioneers. If I am not too tired and inspiration strikes, I may carry that through 2 or 3 segments. It deals with last Friday’s post about a Flea Market tent and items for sale. Several people took my 100 word story -> here <- and said they would like to know the entire story. That’s my plan, especially, if I cannot get in time to do the regular FF 100 word story when it is posted Thursday afternoon.

This also reminds me that I have intended to ask you all out there if there is any subject, topic, or item that I could do a post on that would, particularly, interest you.

I enjoy looking up the history of items, or occasions, the meaning of events or places, short (very) stories, movies, poetry, and other items, many of which I have posted about in the past.

Here’s your chance. In the comments here, let me know your interests and how I might meet them. You can do this, anytime, in the comments, but I will look a little harder at the ones presented here.


Seeing the Complete Picture

I am not going to go on tonight about movies, songs, diseases, or how much change you can find on the floor of a dance hall on Saturday morning.

What I would like to talk to you about today is much simpler and, hopefully, much more interesting. The reading of this blog is about 5-6 minutes, but it will be noticeably longer and (again, hopefully) much more interesting if you will follow the ending instructions.

I work hard on my blog, not just my posts. The posts are a daily thing and, according to my following and my views, I am doing a decent job there. What I am talking about is the left hand column of all my posts. There I have put in hours and hours of work and yet I see no likes or views of those pages, for the most part. There are a few if I mention them, but people do not seem to, normally, gravitate to those sections of the blog.

Well, I would like to change that just a bit, not so much to help me (though it will), but because there are other people who I am also helping with that entire left-hand section. I was going to list all the parts and explain them, but I decided that I will just make a simple plea for a couple of pages and then let you drift where you will.

A) Some interesting places to go

B) Very intriguing posts I have found

Okay, two sections, viewing them will take 10 seconds. Clicking on one of the items is quick, too. Looking at one will take longer, but I think you will be better for it. I have tried to really pinpoint the great things I have found both on WordPress and on the net.

Take a look…my 5-6 minutes is up.


Wow – A Short One!

Short post today. What it amounts to is that I was reading through JMMcDowell’s Post for “How Do You Follow Them? Part 2” and she was talking about how grateful people are when you post three or less times per week.

I understand the statement, the answer, and the reason, but it prompted me to tell you why I post every day. There are several reasons, really.

First, I am disabled and don’t work, so I have time to do this.

Second, I know myself enough to know that, if I don’t post each day, it will die out and I will stop it altogether. I have done this on so many things through my life, I didn’t want to chance it happening here.

Third, I thought people would get to know me a bit better.

Fourth, it has made me become more versatile. By writing every day, I have to change what I post about and the type of post I do.

Finally, I simply love doing it. That’s the most important reason to me. I love doing it and I love hearing from all of you.

I don’t get upset or whatever if you don’t “like” my post or if you don’t comment. I don’t get upset if you can’t read my posts every day or can’t read every post. I may begin to worry if I stop seeing you post and/or comment after a while if you always have before. That’s the friend issue I have: if we chat back and forth several times, I consider you my virtual friend. We haven’t met, but I think about you.

Anyway, I said short, so I will stop with this last thought:

How do you feel about my daily posts?

Is it okay that I do them each day?

Do you like the variety?

What type of posts do you like best?

Love to hear from you.

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