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Are We Going to have an Impeachment?

The question on most people’s mind is “Is President Trump going to be impeached?”  followed by “Who takes over?”.  I knew the answers to most of this, but not the whole process.  So, I read a very good article on the matter.  That article is below in the link.  I don’t know what’s going to happen.  According to the article no president has ever been impeached.  Three had the threat, two were not impeached and Nixon resigned. Other than that, here you go:

Impeachment Process

Have a good day, night, weekend, or whatever…



Hey, Donald…


I would like to clear the air about a few generic matters here.  First of all, I really need for you to understand that there were 2 reasons I did vote for you in the last election.

  1. I did not like the candidate running for the Democratic party at all.  I would have voted for almost anyone who was running against her.
  2. I like some of the attitude you portrayed and the way you managed to win the primary.

Now, I need for you to understand the implications of what 1 and 2 above state:  They do not say I support all or even most of your agendas.  I am very used to a party candidate making all sorts of campaign promises and having those disappear right after the election.  I never expected, nor do I expect your “wall” to be built on the border.  However, you have made another “wall” between us and Mexico and it is not a very pretty one.  Can’t say I approve.

Next, I can’t say I approve of most of your values toward women.

Finally, I know that I am against your railings against the LBGTQ.  I spend a lot of time with friends and all who belong to that group of wonderful people.  We have made such strides toward getting the public to, at least, tolerate and, at most, begin to accept all these wonderful individuals.  You lost a lot of my respect with this move.

There are, I am  positive, many other points we would strongly disagree on, but I am not going to deal with those right now.  I will let you know that I am tired of being raked over the coals for the three-second action of pressing a button and accepting my ballot.  You have disappointed me in so very many ways, Sir.  I stand by the office of my President.  You, Sir, I do not need to stand behind.

Scott L Vannatter

A Sobering Conclusion…

I watched “The Arrival” tonight.  Amy Adams is gorgeous, but that has nothing to do with the post.

2nd thing:  I read a FB plea tonight to get people to have their representatives vote down HR 610.

These two seem totally unconnected, along with several other things I could mention, but it all kinda fell together for me and I have begun to really put some deep thought into a notion.

*Following may be some spoilers for “The Arrival”.  You have been warned*

The movie affected me deeply.  So has a lot of things lately.  The election.  The riots.  The violence.  People talking.  The lack of quiet outside.

As I take it all in and look at the big picture, what I see is that people are never united anymore.  No matter what is said, I mean NO MATTER WHAT is said, people will split on what it means and how to deal with it.

In the movie, the world was nearly destroyed because a few words could be taken a couple of ways.

I read through HR 610.  Not saying good or bad, just read.

I am realizing that, no matter what President Trump does or doesn’t do, he is nearly doomed to failure, at least, by the people.

I get up each morning and, as routine, do my daily things on the computer.  One of those is simply to log in to FB and scroll down 8-10 pages so it is loaded, then start at the top and read.  I don’t get on there to argue or dispute, simply catch up on what people are doing and/or saying.  What I find usually has me saying something in return, good or bad.

So, HR 610 is a budgeting bill for Federal Aid on education and mentions a voucher system.  Not commenting, just stating.  It was stated by someone and most of her followers will, probably, agree with her.  They may or may not (probably not) contact their representatives, but they will agree with her.  But, there will be those who won’t.  And, a few of those will disagree vehemently.  They may not even state this on her FB, but they will do something, say something, tell someone, tell anyone.  They will sow those seeds of discontent, just as she has with her initial post.

I have looked at a lot of things the President is doing.  One of these is the border wall.  Now, I make the statement that if President Trump gets the wall built, if the wall is paid for by Mexico, if the wall keeps drugs and illegal immigrants out of the US, if the wall helps with National Security by keeping ISIS radicals from getting in, if all of this is true, and if this is the extent I am talking about with this example, let me tell you where the US people are and what they have become…

All of those things are good things.  There is not one thing I have stated above that would be bad for America or Americans.  I did not mention anything except the wall.  However, if I put the above paragraph on FB what will happen is that there will be splinter groups.  And not only will there be splinter groups, but some of them will use outside logic to make their stance.  They will talk about all the illegals who are here now.  They will talk about the rich and the poor.  They will talk about voting rights.  They will talk about everything except the wall.  Why?  Because what I said about the wall, all the IFS, do not allow for an argument.  It’s like if I hold up a playing card so all can see and it has an ACE of SPADES on it.  I say “This is an ACE of SPADES.”  There is not much room for argument.  However, if some splinter group member says, “That’s not a real ace of spades.  It isn’t a registered copyrighted card for the abc company!”  Now, there is an argument. Now, others can get excited and say, “Yeah!  He’s right!  And I bet that’s not even a real card from a real deck!”  And off we go…

This post came about because of the movie.  It also came about because of all the things I have been seeing that show me how we have become people who simply like to argue.  We don’t want to fit in, unless we do…People have their opinions and they must be right.  It isn’t that they want to be right; they MUST BE RIGHT!  Any argument that keeps their side alive is valid, even if it has nothing to do with reality or even the point trying to be made.  It is simply an argument continuing means all sides are still alive.

“Do you have an apple?”

“Why would you want an apple?  An orange is so much better.”

“But I asked for an apple.”

“There you go.  You keep talking about apples, when oranges are so much better.”

“But I really need an apple!”

“Apples don’t carry the levels of vitamins that many other fruits have.”

“Just give me an apple!”

“In fact, apples are one of the least colorful fruits as decided by several independent groups.”

“I am doing a school project.  I need a fruit that starts with an ‘A'”.

“Well, why didn’t you say so?  Let’s talk about apricots…”

And so it goes…my point?…people argue.  The problem is that we have elevated that to the level that our arguments now carry violence and weapons and even global issues in them.  We almost argue without thinking…

“He can’t be right! He’s a democrat!”

“You are listening to him?!  He’s just another republican talking!”

It’s bad enough when it deals with political issues, but it spills over into arguments about:

Race, Religion, Sex, Gender, Medicine, Old Age…the list is nearly endless.

This has become serious.  If you don’t think so, just go to FB and begin reading for about 20 screens.  That should be enough.

I shake my head and find myself wanting to argue simply because I begin to hear every argument as coming from an idiot…

Help me, I am beginning to become a part of the swarming void…



As Ricky says, ” ‘Splain this to me.” Okay, I will try…

My daughter is probably a bit upset with me.  I can’t be sure unless she comes right out and says it (and I am not stupid enough to just ask!).  So, we will keep it at probably.  Why?

Well, it’s not because I missed her birthday or stepped on her feet, or wrecked her car with mine, or even hit her garage door with something I was carrying.

She is probably mad because…I am voting for Trump.  Yup!  Are you mad now, too?  Well, at least, let me explain.

I tried this in another post >HERE< and thought I did a good job, but not many people commented so maybe they just skipped it.  This is my thing:

  1.  There are no other good Republican candidates.  They are all, basically, with the Establishment.  Those are the grass roots Republican Party people who run the governmental part of the Republicans.  I don’t trust them.  I doubt you should either.
  2. There are no good Democratic candidates.  Hillary may be indicted (and should be, if only to prove she is innocent) and Bernie Sanders is a Socialist (We don’t need that any more than to be like the Muslim government).
  3. He is being, for the most part, truthful.  Yeah, he has told some pretty obvious fibs, but he says it directly and out front.  I have criticized Cruz because he doesn’t and I will stick to that.  He talks in circles.  Heck, even Kelly said it right to him, “Will you answer the question I have asked you?”
  4. I believe he will truly try to do most of what he says he will do.  The government may not agree and may vote his ideas down, but his vetoes will be a good bargaining power, which is what he says – bargain.
  5. I don’t think this country will change much at all with anyone in there but him.  The way we are heading, this is toward certain death.
  6. He is a people’s person.  He is more down to earth.  You may not like some of his stances (I don’t), but I haven’t liked the stances of several of our last presidents…they still functioned.
  7. It’s time for the common man, instead of the big politician, to be in charge.  See what happens.
  8. I really doubt that other countries would do much messing with us when Trump has the football.  I don’t think he would throw it unless he had to, but he would throw it.

Now, I feel better; don’t you?  Don’t throw things, it’s rude and someone could get hurt.

Okay, all take a deep breath and repeat after me:

Dear God.  You are in charge.  Put the person we need the most in the President’s position.




Well, Who Won and What Does It Mean?

As I am sitting here writing this, it is Tuesday, Election Day, about 5:57PM. I am not very political; I will be the first to say it. I don’t like all the hype and the problems and the arguments and … well, any of it really.

But this year is kinda special, though I am not really certain why. I don’t care much for either Presidential candidate. I don’t really look for the major problems to be solved in the next four years, regardless of who wins.

I am a bit glad that the President does not have all the powers that we, the common folk, often give him. He helps to shape the direction of things and can, certainly, add to or detract from what happens, but we need to remember that it is Congress who passes the laws.

I think that Congress has really allowed the people to cheer and/or jeer President Obama these last couple of years. I think it has kept the people from seeing what a poor direction the government has us heading in.

If we had a really great President, loved by nearly all, and things were getting this bad, who would we blame? – Yep, Congress, for not agreeing and getting things done. Well, you know what, I am angry at Congress for not agreeing and getting things done. I am angry because our government has, for the first time, got me really worried about my future in this country.

For the first time, I can’t see far enough ahead to envision a country in which I feel safe and free – you need both!
So, in a few hours we will know who is our new President. But, either way, I still think we should be leery and watching and ready to pounce and scream if the direction doesn’t head toward helping us be more free and safe – both!
That’s it. No long speeches; I said I am not that political and I mean it.


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