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Five Sentence Fiction – Spoiled – “What a Brat!” Rated PG13 – humorous

Lillie brings us, once again, “Five Sentence Fiction“.  This is a weekly flash fiction challenge in which Lillie provides a one-word prompt and we, the acceptors of the challenge, create a full story in just five sentences based on that one word.  This week’s word is “Spoiled”.  My story is below the picture.  The rest are >HERE<.  Enjoy!!!


“What a Brat!”

By Scott L Vannatter – March 9, 2015

I got married at 17 because my boyfriend, Sam, wanted to; I got pregnant at 18 because Sam thought it would be cool; I went to work at 2 jobs at 19 because Sam said we needed the money; we are in financial trouble because Sam thought his job was not paying him enough, so he quit.

If I say anything to Sam he ignores me and says I don’t understand; if I say something to his parents, they tell me I don’t love him enough; if I say something to my parents, they want no part of it; If I tell our friends, they tell me I am getting what I deserve.

I told Sam I wish I was smart enough to deal drugs and make all that easy money; I told Sam I wish I was smart enough to run a prostitution ring and have other people do all the work and I make all the money; I told Sam I wish I was brave enough to just kill the bad people who got in my way.

Sam started his new jobs six months ago; I turned State’s evidence last week.

I think I will like my new home in San Diego; I think I will like my new name, too.



Scott L Vannatter

Five Sentence Fiction – “Forgotten” – Overlooked – Rated PG13

Lillie brings us this week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt:  Forgotten.  Mine is below; the rest are >HERE< Enjoy!



By Scott L Vannatter – February 26, 2015

She walks slowly and a bit unsteadily down the avenue, carrying all her worldly belongings with her, dropping her umbrella and being way too tired to retrieve it.

Her hopes and dreams have come with her; they are her only currency to make it in this bitter, dirty world.

A man steps from the shadows and approaches her, knowing all too well she is overly-tired and will not run away.

He gives her his oft-made speech about success and money and all she has to do is…

She, like thousands of almost nameless young girls disappear, their hopes and dreams a poor defense against the predators lurking and waiting.




Snuggle Anyone?

I am not going to say much until I give you the chance to watch the two informative clips below.



Okay, now for talking.  I was tremendously intrigued by this woman’s idea of business.  Not because of any sexual connotations.  Instead, it’s because I, actually, thought about this as a business years ago.  The problem I saw with it was that I figured people wouldn’t go for it being non-sexual and I would end up in jail.

I saw this on Comcast’s news summary.  It was a different clip and one that, in many ways, went into a little more depth.  For instance, the two clips talk about her $60 / hr charge to cuddle.  The other clip reported that for $300 she would cuddle with you for an entire night.

Now, I can already hear the screams of “I bet it’s not sexual!” and “You have got to be kidding!”  However, let me ask you this:  “Do you get enough human contact to be healthy?”

My stroke counselor gets worried about me at times because she wants to make absolutely certain that I get out and be around people.  She is happy that I am on the computer, that I have my blog and those friends, and that I have my cat for company.  However, she tells me that you must have actual human contact in the right amounts or you will become unhealthy and depressed.  I have read enough to know that to be true.

Here’s the thing:  I talk a lot about going out for dates and things like that.  I talk about never getting married again because of how much I might have to give up that I am not willing to anymore.  There is all of that talking.  But, what I do truly miss is holding someone’s hand, hugging someone, and…yes, sleeping with my arm around someone.  Are there sexual thoughts?  Well, yes, but that, often,  takes a back seat to just the idea of holding someone.  I have had many times in recent years when I wanted to ask someone if they would spend the night just to cuddle.  I have wanted to cuddle with some women, but didn’t because I knew what would, most likely, start going on in their heads.  We are nearly programmed to think that touching and holding means sexual interest and more of a permanent relationship being desired.

Why does it have to be that way?  Why can’t people simply touch and hold each other and do that for an evening once in a while?

I am not certain here that I have any good answers.  That’s not really the point.  My point here is that this person seems to be offering something needed in our society and she is being met with a lot of criticism and crude humor.  I, for one, wish someone would legitimately open a snugglery near here.  It would be a pleasant alternative to so many things.

What do you think?

Would you go?

What would you think of someone who did?



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