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A New Book Coming out Soon!

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Well, that’s the plan, anyway.  I started thinking yesterday that I have written over 65 Five Sentence Fiction entries to date.  If I put them all together in Word and add several new ones (I was thinking from 10-35), I could publish them on Amazon’s Kindle.  It’s a bit bigger task than it sounds and I have other things I am doing, such as blogging, proofreading, my daily activities, etc… So, I don’t look for it to be done for a week or two.  However, I thought it sounded like fun.

How would you like to help?  Tell you what.  I would really like to do enough new ones that I have 100 total.  In order to do that, I have to pick about 35 new words as my topic word for the five sentences.  Lillie has done such a fine job in the past, but I have used those words.  If you have a word that you think would make an interesting topic, please put it in the comments below.  If you need some help getting an idea of what type of words I am looking for, please check out my section listed to the left <—– entitled “Five Sentence Fiction.”  Those are ones I have done before, so you can use them as a guide.

My other book as well as books I have been published in are also the the left <——-  They are each under their own box.

Well, good luck.



Excited: Three Times is a Charm!

Horror Stories

Wow! I am excited!

I just got news from the publishers at Cruentus Libri Press. They are including my story, “A Word of Advice” in their upcoming anthology entitled, “Under the Knife”.

Of course, both titles could change by the time they actually hit printing (or Kindle or both).

The greatest thing was what the publisher said in the letter telling me of their choice. He said,

“Great stuff – it read like early Robert Bloch, which is a style you just don’t see enough of these days, yet feels totally contemporary.”

Wow – My Hero!

Being compared to Robert Bloch (early or otherwise) is just one of the highest honors I could be given!

Very recently, somewhere online, the question was posed “Has anyone ever told you that you write like someone famous?”  (Not a quote, but the idea was there).  I had to say, “No.”  But now, I can, honestly say, “Yes – Robert Bloch”!  Wow!

That’s my big news for today.  Couldn’t wait to share it.  That’s three stories.  As before, I will tell you when any of them has, actually, been put into print and where.



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