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A Landmark Day

Today’s post was suppose to be the second part of my latest blog story “Accidents.”  I will get back to that tomorrow, but today turned out to be one of those exciting days that you just have to talk about.

I was interviewed by a large newspaper, The Star Press, from Muncie!  I have a book signing here at our local library this Saturday.  That was fairly exciting, still is.  But the local paper put up a piece on the library signing and I received a call from one of the reporters to come and speak with me.

We sat and talked for about an hour and, near the end, a photographer came and took pictures!  That was fun.  I got to give my history and talk about my writing.  He was a horror reader, too, so it was great to talk to someone who shared that enjoyment with me.

I did get to mention this blog, so WordPress did get a small plug.  I also got to give one to Kevin G. Bufton, who, not only has a blog, but also bought several of my stories.  He’s responsible for me being in print.

Another big spot of news:  My fifth story published, my fourth in actual print, came out yesterday.  Amazon has published “War is Hell” edited by Kevin G. Bufton.  I ordered a copy and should have it when I go to my book signing on Saturday.

So, just keeping you all up on the news in my area.

Have a great day!



“Why I am not Freshly Pressed”

Rian from “Truth and Cake”  is the first blogger who I followed after starting this current blog writing streak.  She is a wonderful writer, blogger (bloggess? nah), and person.  The page also says she has 1,721 followers.  She writes that a great deal of those came when she was “freshly pressed”.  Makes sense to me.

Robin Coyle has 673 followers and was just recently freshly pressed.  Robin makes me laugh and has been a good friend in the blogger world.  She talks about her up coming novel and writes a lot of times about writing.  Makes sense to me.

Susie Lindau  has 1,539 followers and was recently freshly pressed.  Susie is wild (she will tell you so herself) and shares her blog, once a month, by letting us all link to a post we really want read of our own.  Makes sense to me.

Now, this next list is just names of people / blogs.  There are the people that may have been freshly pressed.  I can’t remember and there is no good way (that I know of) to find out.

Sam at Everyday Asperger’s with 845 followers

Pretty Feet Pop Toe with 948 followers

Arianna’s Random Thoughts with 216 followers

Your Daily Dose with 482 followers

August McLaughlin with 563 followers

If I am following any of you and you have been freshly pressed and I missed you – sorry.  Please feel free to mention it in the comments.  Give yourself a link.  As for those above, all are great blogs and I try to never miss reading them.  Also, while I still follow well over 100 blogs, I have found that I can’t realistically read all of those every time they have a post.  So, I have stopped the email updates for about 26 of those.  If a couple of posts go by and you don’t notice a “like” or a comment from me and you miss me (aww), then drop me a comment and let me know.  I will add you back.  I am pretty certain I have most of the ones I currently just can’t miss.

As for me, now.  Why am I not freshly pressed?  I looked at this question and I did some research and I think I have some ideas.

There seem to be several things about this.  I read someone’s post (like Rian) and I understand.  Her posts, in my humble opinion, are darn near perfect.  They are funny, sincere, and surround a subject that, most times, is current and thought-provoking.  I read people who write about things that are either fascinating to me or I know would be to others.  They are set up cute; the pics are nice; the titles are catchy; all of those things work. Hmm, some of mine do, too.

I understand that they should be error free.  Okay, MA in English and teacher here. myne Mine r are  2 too.

I used to link it to a possibility that WP felt I wasn’t giving proper credit to the pics that I borrow.  I make a statement on my page concerning copyrights that I embed the information in the pic itself.  Almost always, if you look at the pic info, the original pic image is credited and if you click on the pic you will go to the page where the pic was taken from.  So, mine are too.

Someone can request that you be freshly pressed.  Ah, now we are getting somewhere.  I have no control over this and don’t want any.  That part I leave up to my reading audience.  I have only sent in one request, a while ago.  I can’t be upset if this hasn’t happened.  So, I am not concerned about it.

That brings me to the last thing.  Time and effort and future effort.  I have read how people who get freshly pressed have their views and followers go up immensely, as well as their comments.  I hear stories of views and comments in the thousands, followers doubling and tripling due to exposure the the full WP audience through freshly pressed.  I imagine that is most everyone’s dream somewhere in their heads.

I look at what I do; I am impressed with what I do in my average day.  But, I don’t think I have taken people through my average day.  So, sit back, take your shoes off, and know that if you fall asleep through the next few paragraphs, I will pinch your toe until you wake.

My stroke has had tremendous physical effects on my fatigue level and it has totally screwed played havoc with my sleep.  So, I will start with my glorious bedtime between 11:30 and 3:30 just depending on a lot of factors.  I shoot for 12:30-1:00, so let’s do that.  I will, usually, wake up at about 3:30 and again at 5:30-6:00.  I will then sleep until about 7:30-8:30.  I get up at that time and eat breakfast.  I test my sugar, fix my breakfast, and sit down at the computer.

1)  I read my morning emails (about 25-55) and sort them into several groups: a)  new posts  b)  Family, friends, so on  c)  my blog concerns  d) ones left that I read first

2)  I log into my blog and leave my email up.  I check Amazon to see if I sold anything.

3)  I read the “other” emails, then start on my new blog posts from others (15-25)

4)  after about 1 hour, I have to stop and do something else.

5)  this varies, but goes on for about 30-60 minutes longer.

6)  now, fatigue from lack of proper sleep has caught up and I need to lay down (around 10:00am)

7) I rest until about 1:00pm) Isn’t this exciting! (pinches toe)

8) I eat lunch and then try to finish reading or go out if I need to be somewhere

9) I eat supper (in or out) about 6:30pm

10) I come home and finish my posts and post my own for the night (set to post at 10pm)

11) about 10:30pm I work on “Words with Friends” (on FB, I have 16-20 games going)

12) Sometimes, I watch a movie

13) Recheck email for the 4-5th time today.

14)  I go to bed, read for about 20 minutes and try to sleep (after taking night meds)

Now, understand that, during all of this, I may have to wrap/mail an Amazon package, go to the Reflexologist, work with the person who cleans my house.  I will have to shower, shave (most days), and do general things.  I keep busy.  I eat out with my Sis or my best friend.  I have another friend I eat out with or take in a movie.  I may go out on a date (there, finally got your attention.  I noticed you sat up.).  And, there are several other things that may just crop up and I have to take care of.

Let’s also not forget that I do write and have been published.  That takes time, too.

Add to that, I “like” all the posts I read.  I comment on most of them and I answer my own comments.

All in all, I fill my days.  That is if no “complications” arise.  I am happy and this schedule works for me well.  I have been trying to see how it would change if I had 1,000 followers instead of 400; 1,000 “likes”; 100-200 comments instead of 5-7.  Wow!

Don’t get me wrong; I would love that; it would be an adjustment but one worth doing.  It’s just that I understand more of how God works and, up to now, I am not sure how I would have handled such a change.  However, now, I have changed, God has allowed me to grow and improve; I sleep a little longer at a time now; my fatigue is a bit less (I don’t always take the nap); I think a bit better.  My memory is still flaky, but I seem to be able to concentrate and work just a bit faster.  I have a little more energy.

I am trying to say that I believe I could now handle being freshly pressed.  Am I asking you for anything?  No, not a bit!  I am just making a statement to the world.  I believe most of my posts are better than before; I believe I help people with them; I know I have a great circle of close friends in the blogging world as well as those people I just know a bit about and those I am learning about.  I share a lot and intend to share more.

What it finally came down to was the realization that I am not trying to be freshly pressed.  I am simply writing, blogging, and enjoying my world.  I realized that is what I should be doing: enjoying my world.

So, after finishing this post, I can say that whatever happens is fine; I knew that, anyway.  I think I just needed to say it loudly and, apparently, wordily.



At Last! (Mixed Blessings)

Well, last night and today have been mixed blessings.

I found out last night that I am, finally, published!!!  That’s right.  Finally, after waiting since around June 2012, the online magazine “Atomic Avarice” published my work, “The  Way It Is.”

Just go to http://www.atomicavarice.com/ , then click on “Fiction” and I am in the bottom row (as of 7:00pm).  I am both pleased and proud of the story.  It concerns the dealing of a union for haunting houses.  I was supposed to write something that was a type of political satire and horror.  Apparently, I did well enough.

That was the great thing.  The not-so-great thing?  The magazine published the story and didn’t pay me.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  It’s not a lot to begin with.  But the idea is that I have a signed contract that stated they would pay me before they published the story.  So, I don’t truly even know when they did so.

I am not angry.  After all, it is my first story and I, probably, would have sent it to them even without pay in the deal.  However, I do have a contract; they sent it; I returned it; and I will honor it, so they should, too.

Now, do understand.  I am fairly easy-going.  I sent them a rather nice letter and told them about my concerns and asked them to fix things (I used the word “rectify” as that sounds much more important, don’t you think?).  There are several things I can think of that might have gone wrong and I am not screaming at them about this.  I just want what I was promised.

So, we shall see.  The other publishing company (in England) sent out notices that the first of my 4 anthologies, “The Dead Sea,” is, finally, done at the printers.  The publishers are being sent a hard copy to approve, then it will be out in 7-10 days.  He felt certain that this one would be done and out to read by March 1st.  I know he is frustrated; you can just tell.

After that, the other 3 anthologies are supposed to come along quickly.

So, as I said, mixed blessings.

I will end the post with a wonderful picture of my cat, Tamika, who is ever vigilant and attentive, especially if birds are involved.  Enjoy.




What a Day!

I took my daughter out to eat and to see a matinee today. We saw “Hotel Transylvania”. Now, it was cute, very funny, and had a good point to it. There were a total of 6 of us in the theater so that was nice. The film managed to be dumb enough that you didn’t have to compare it to real life at all (animated), but it still managed to pull you into the father/daughter struggle as well as the love interest. I really enjoyed it.  The link to the clip is below.

While I was there, we stopped at the branch office of my bank and I had them cancel the card that was (is?) in the mail and print me out a new one with a new number and all. It works fine.

We ate at “Steak ‘n Shake” – a chain restaurant in the area. I am able to eat there if I choose carefully without overshooting my carbs. They did overload the onions a bit and I paid for that later. Actually, still paying a little for it!

When I got back home I was supposed to meet my buddy for dinner at our usual restaurant. I didn’t call him before I left and he called right after I left for it. He had already called on my cell, but it is usually off unless I am using it to call (long story. Suffice it to say that I forget to charge it). Anyway, he was sick and couldn’t come eat, so I called him when he was late and found out. I went ahead and ate supper.

The restaurant was really packed and busy. They were short-staffed that night by two waitresses and it was a rough night for them to work as I could tell.

I suppose my worst part of it all was that, when I left, it was rainy and dark. Those two things don’t go well with my vision problems. I made it home fine, but the country roads at night in rainy weather are bad if you had great vision.

I got a rejection note from the publisher for one of my stories; however, he told me it was well-written and good and to keep trying to sell it (it was for an anthology and he said it was too much like several they had already selected). He also wanted me to keep sending my stories to them.

I am behind again in posts (49 this time), but I know now I can catch up, so if you have missed my comments, just wait. I will get there.

It has been a long day and, looking back at this post, I imagine it will even be funny to me tomorrow!


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