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Hey, Schools: First Do No Harm


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Something sickening at our schools   <<<<Click for 7 minute Video

When I watched this video, I was surprised at some parts and shocked at others.  There were some parts that did not surprise me.  I have seen a lot of this coming, I suppose, in my years of teaching.  This is one reason, though, that I am not sad about no longer teaching; I can see the writing on the wall.  There is a war, of sorts, coming.  It’s plain when you watch videos like these.  What did surprise me the most was that Indiana, my state, does not have legislation against these practices.

My school experience was one in which I taught a pulled-out segment of students.  These students had a history of causing trouble in classrooms and we spent a lot of time calming students down and working with them.  We seldom touched students at all, and those times were to put a hand on their shoulder or to tap them to get their attention if needed.  We would call administration or  security when there was a bigger problem.  Even the police very seldom did anything strong-armed.  Only when everything else had been exhausted did they restrain the student.

The year (perhaps, two) after I had to stop teaching, the program I taught in school was integrated back into mainstream education.  I do not know how that went.  I do not even know if that is still going on.  But, I see problems with mainstreaming; just my opinion.  It’s a difficult thing to work with.  You have students that are so much trouble that you need to have them outside of the regular classrooms so the other students do not lose teaching time.  Then you have the complaints that the students who are pulled out are not getting the quality time the other students receive.  It’s not a win-win, it’s a lose situation.  I see no good way to handle both sides equally.

In the end, I believe, we will be forced to form an entirely new way of educating children.  Good? Bad?  I don’t know.  The history of education I have read about seems to reel from one thing to another and use “research” to back it up.  Sometimes, I think a little more common sense could prevail if people and government were willing to work it through and really pay attention to both what is happening and what happens during the change, then refine, do not start over unless it is truly called for.  The people running education now at the State and National levels are, in my opinion, not battle-tested qualified to do what they do in creating the legislation over education.  My opinion is that they are “arm-chair” quarterbacks, instead.

Not certain just what the answer is, but, it seems to me, that we are pulling farther behind rather than closer.

What do you think of today’s education?



FF – Friday Fictioneers – “Head of the Class” – Rated PG13

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It’s time, once again, for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle W.  Using the picture prompt above, the idea is to create a complete story of 100 words (+/-).  After reading my entry below, please click > HERE < for the rest of the stories.  Enjoy!


Head of the Class

By Scott L Vannatter – 100 words

“So, I still don’t understand,” Jerome looked with puzzlement at Sally.  Both were standing in the archway looking at the statue of a Greek’s head that adorned the top.

“It’s simple, Sweetie.  In 212 BC, Clemetis was accused and convicted of lying to the counsel about his involvement in the overthrowing of the city.  They decided to punish him by decapitating him and lording it over the people.”

“So they created this head statue and hung it in the arch to represent his punishment to all the people?”

“Um, Represent? Uh, no…”

“You mean…”  He was talking to her nod.




That Question of Death

It is early evening on Sunday.  I, generally, try to write my blog post in the morning.   However, with my Dad in the hospital, I visited with Mom, stayed quite awhile, and came home late this afternoon.

I have been dealing with several issues lately and will throw them out to you for discussion if I may. My belief in death is that we all go to God when it’s done. I have never been big on judgement and punishment; I know that statement will bother a lot of church-goers; I apologize.  I am not trying to offend, just explain.

Dad doesn’t like to show worry, but I believe he is.  I am.  I am not worried for anything except his physical body, the deep emotions he would leave behind, and the problems with him being gone.

My faith in God watching over us (over him) and bringing all things together for good, does not leave death out of the picture. I understand that. I also understand it is not always better for someone to continue living. I don’t believe this is Dad’s case at all. He has many years left in him and he doesn’t want to die. My dilemma is simply the pain of leaving behind people who have issues.

I know it’s not my place to worry about everyone and I don’t really. But, I have just been trying to work and word the idea of “everything works together for good” and the idea of death. How do we talk with people about this and still sound compassionate?   I am sorry, but “he’s in a better place now,” just doesn’t cut it well with me. Nor does “you know, he lived his whole life preparing to leave and be with God.”

Perhaps, that makes me selfish, but, if so, it does most of the population of the world, I think. Opinion?

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