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My Home to Be!

Today, I would like to speak about my future. What I am trying to do to make it a good one. Mostly, I would like to focus on my house, my home.

I have accepted the services of a new house cleaner. She comes to my home once a week and works very hard cleaning, sweeping, vacuuming, and straightening the six rooms I live most of my life in. I can feel the differences now after only a few visits.

The house smells fresher, the dust content is lower, the air is brighter, and the house looks much neater. I used to clean and scrub and keep the house in basic order. Since the stroke, this has been near an impossibility. She manages to get most of it totally done in about 3 hours.

She is scheduled for 4 hours. During the last hour, we (I) choose a small project in one room and we work on finishing that particular area.

This week it was the dresser in my bedroom and a box kept under a chair. We went through the 6 drawers and I got rid of a lot of the clothing items that I should no longer wear. Any socks that had holes in either one of the pair, clothes that were a bit tight, clothes that were “out of date”, and almost all of the older clothes in the box.

When that was done, we had all of my clothing items (foldable) in my dresser arranged nicely, the box now contains some bedspreads and sheets, and the chair was removed from the room (to eventually leave the house). This freed up the area in the bedroom that held all the excess clothing (2 baskets) and the area with the chair now looks much neater. The bedroom looks much bigger. To top it off, she changed the lights in the overhead lighting and put in three bulbs instead of one. The room is brighter and doesn’t make you just want to crawl in bed and sleep from being depressed.

Wow! Probably not, but I can dream!

I am now looking forward to each week as the house will continue to progress until it is much less laden with “things” and is more of a home than a house.

People will be able to visit and I can, perhaps, have some of my semi-famous dinner parties (maybe more of a pitch-in now).

It is interesting what a small task completed each week will make in a life. I have great difficulty now (post stroke) doing these things. Having someone at the house whose job it is to push me a bit and to do the stuff I can’t do is just a Godsend.
Is there something you could benefit from with a bit of help brought in?


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