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What are We Running Here?

I don’t know precisely where this post will end, what note it will finally rest on, but here it is (me being tired and all).  I awoke early this morning to my computer.  I logged in, signed on to Comcast, and there was a headline about Roseanne being cancelled.  I had to look further.  When I poked around Google for a bit, I found what I was looking for, which was not what I was looking for at 7:10AM on a Wednesday.  I had not planned on watching the redone “Roseanne”, just wasn’t my cup of tea in the first place; however, to see that the TV station and Disney had dropped the show so early made me read on. I am not going to repost Rosanne’s tweets. I don’t feel that is necessary.  I suppose I have to agree with Disney and all as if I made such a statement at work about someone in my company, I would find myself in the boss’s office facing the demise of my job or, at least, severe disciplinary actions.

I am not in any way saying her tweets were proper, correct, or anything positive at all.  They pissed me off.  I didn’t care for the cooking lady who made the racist remark either back a couple years ago.  However, something has my attention here.  Now, I voted for Barack in the first election.  Thought, perhaps, he could help things along.  I, personally, was disappointed in the first 4 years.  Now, that may have been news prejudice, I won’t say it wasn’t, however, even today I am not really happy with those 4 years.  So, I didn’t vote for him the second term. I am allowed; it’s my right. And, I shook my head when he won, but then, I did acknowledge him as our President.

Now, I have gone on written record here as saying that I voted for Trump.  Well, actually, I voted against Hillary.  I was surprised and pleased when he won.  However, I need to ask:  why have Rosanne and so many others get into so much trouble for making comments like they did and our President, whom I am not pleased with, has made some comments on Twitter that have surprised the heck out of me.  I won’t say he has come right out with any racist remarks, but he picks on everyone who doesn’t care for him and there seems to be no repercussions.  Now, I am not saying to impeach him or anything like that.  It simply seems to me, in my own humble opinion, that the leader of our country should have better things to do than get angry on Twitter.  Again, some of this may be the other side’s bias news, but not all of it is.

What I see is a glaring split between what a movie or TV star can get away with and what people with real power can get away with.  I know that much of our Senate and Congress are not a whole lot better.  There are many laws trying to be passed that are simply ridiculous.  There is much being done and said that should outrage everyone.  I am not saying to get rid of all of them (though limiting terms would be nice up there).  I am just saying keep a level playing ground.

Rant done and I feel better,



A Look at Transgenders

I was watching a clip about a young, 4 year old, male who decided she is a girl.  For her it was such a natural choice and it would be difficult to argue with her.  Especially since her parents are 100% behind her.  The father is worried for her as life may be more difficult, but he still stands behind her.

I listen to all the talk and the arguments about how children should be “who God made them to be” or “they aren’t old enough to make that sort of choice.”  Really?  Are we always going to try and bring everyone to our “side” by stating that “God wants it so”?  My own idea of God has been that He (She? It? Other?) is perfectly okay with whoever we choose to be and however we choose to express that.  You can imagine the problems I receive with that from others.  I generally respond with “that’s your choice” or “that’s not how I believe”. I don’t care for arguing, especially about religion.  I feel very comfortable and strong in my own faith; I don’t need the faith of others.

But back to the topic.  As far as being old enough to choose,  in a sense, with a strong enough expression, 3- 5 may be the best age for expression of that type.  They are not yet conditioned to believe they have no choice in the matter.  And, a lot of the ridicule may well be gone by the time they are in high school.  Acceptance comes early when it is expressed early, in my opinion.

It doesn’t work for everyone, but think of this:  if you were born one sex and “knew in your heart and brain that you did not feel comfortable with that born-choice, what would you do?  Would you acquiesce and remain your birth gender and be miserable or try for a change?  If that seems too easy for you, pick something you love and ask what would happen if some seriously tried to take it away.  What if the law was on their side?

I have had the honor and privilege to have 1 transgender m-to-f  people in my life directly.  She is sweet and wonderful.  I have spoken to 2 others.  They were pleasant and nice, if a bit nervous and scared of society.  The one is a friend; we talk when we get the chance.  I like her.  She is unwavering in her decision and comes across strong in that area. I am very happy to know her and to call her friend.

I have a lot of friends who society labels as “Different”.  I am certain that society, some of it, labels me as “Different”. I am comfortable in my shell.  I am becoming more comfortable as time goes on and I learn more.

Transgenders are p-e-o-p-l-e.  They have feelings and have lives.  If you don’t like the idea then simply don’t become friends.  Try to stay away.  But the ridiculous fear and stigma should not exist.  I am happy that so much of this last teenage generation is putting aside all of these biases and bringing bigger portions of the world together.

There may be some hope for us yet.  Biggots, racists, and all other people who are biased should simply step down and let the new world order take over, at least, as far as this is all concerned.  We have a lot on our plate in order to survive another 100 years.  Let’s take this one item, a big one, off and deal with the rest.




The Color of Life is … Clear … to me

Source: Google Image Search – licensed for reuse. Click pic for page.

I would, normally, be doing either a Friday Fictioneers or a Five Sentence Fiction selection tonight.   I am going to save those for the next few nights.  Something bothered me today and I want to show it to you after I rant a bit.  Color has lately become more of an issue in my life.  Not what I will wear tomorrow or what to paint my bathroom, but a more basic color problem.  It’s one that has set itself deep into the lives of most of us in the United States.  First,  it was black, then yellow, and lately it has been more of a southerly color.  The news has always been filled with it.  The news loves it because rough, dirty, horrible news sells so much better than happy, fluffy stuff.  The news has been biased since the beginning and still is.  The bias may change a bit depending on the paper, and, in fact, may switch sides entirely, however, it’s there – one side or the other.

I am, of course, referring to racism.  Let’s get some things straight, first.  I don’t care what color a person’s skin is.  It doesn’t matter much to me where you came from; I am more interested in who you are and where you are going.  I wasn’t always quite that way.  When I was young, perhaps eighth grade, I tried out for cross country.  During one race, I was standing in the crowd of runners at the line and the person next to me was black.  I remember looking at him and saying, “I am going to beat you.”  Now, of course, with the way I ran, that was never going to happen (and didn’t), but what has bothered me to this day so much was the reason I said that to him was simply that he was not the same color skin that I was.  As time has passed, I have left over 99.9% of all that behind me.  I would say 100%, but I think the roots you grow up with never entirely leave you, whether you like it or not.  But I am very happy with where I am now.  It others who bother me.

I am not going into names or anything here; that’s my issue not yours.  I am certain that you know people who are exactly like who I am talking about.  Here’s the thing:  I also see it coming from the other sides.  I know that many people of other skin colors have stereotyped those of us who are white.  I didn’t choose the color of my skin any more than all those other people.  So why does it have be to bad to be white, or black, or yellow, or purple for that matter?  Yes, this is me ranting.

What I wish for all of you is the wonderful feeling that I get inside when I realize that people are people.  Cultures are different and those don’t always mix well, but that is an entirely different matter.  If two people meet and decide to date (or marry or be friends) the skin color should be the last thing that decides whether or not it happens.

I know I am going to have people holler here; I know some will not like what I have said.  To this, I say:

You have a right to your opinion.  But harassment, ridicule, and racism are wrong!  People are people and none of us should have to fear retribution simply because of our skin color.

Oh – and just to put something out there:  not being white DOES NOT mean that person is not an American.

Okay, I will leave you with this clip – very well worth it – of the final reason this post exists:



Ferguson – Again?

Source: Google Image Search with license for reuse. Click pic for page.

I, normally, do not allow myself to become enmeshed in big news stories.  It is a preference.  I don’t feel that the spin given on most of them is very fair.  I mean, nearly every source leans one way or another.  I just allow things to come into my life through the Internet, people, and circumstances and that nearly always balances out after a time.  This is what I have done with Ferguson.  I am not going there; I have never been there.  So, my personally affecting what is going on there is slim.  I do need an opinion on it, but, as with all major items, that opinion becomes clouded, hopefully clearing up with time.

I saw this clip this morning and it helped to bring things into perspective.  I am not saying it is the ALL-TIME, ANSWER EVERYTHING clip.  I am just saying that I have already heard the big hype from both sides.  This just pointed some things out.  First, here is the clip.

Now, assuming you watched the clip, I can pretty well guess a lot of the reactions to it.  Unsurprisingly, a lot of my opinion on how you took the clip was based on your race.  But, what I ask here is:  Is this clip biased?  Before you give me a resounding answer either way, let me just remind you of this:  Ferguson IS racially biased.  IT IS!  The problem gets really bad when you really that it is racially biased on TWO fronts.

This is a national spot in which the white people swing one way and the black people swing the other.  I know this is not surprising, but what may surprise you is that when I asked if the clip was biased, both sides probably hollered “yes” for one reason or another.

My feeling is that minorities (speaking mostly of black here, but that isn’t the whole story anymore) are not always given a fair shake.  There is a movement, however, that is seeking to rectify it.  And, the interesting thing is, a lot of white people are trying to help with the rectification.  The world (at least, the US) is going through a very tough time racially.  We have been for a long time, but the problem is approaching some kind of head.  My hope is that, when the time for decision-making, swings full around, that we don’t end up with the same situation and just different players on both sides.

Please everyone, all races, pray for us to figure this deal out and solve it in such a way that future violence is minimized and that, in the end, all races can hold their heads up high and say:  We all did it!!!

Just a thought, just my opinion.



Something’s Cooking

I wish to tread lightly here.  I was, somewhat, appalled by the treatment that chef, Paula Deen, received this last week.  Now, I am going to dip into details of everything, but here is a small, brief review:

Paula Deen, master TV chef, has been fired (contract not renewed) on several of her cooking shows and other types of financial supporters.  The problem stemmed from a court transcript supporting that Paula, sometime in the past, used the “N” word.  Now, that in itself is a hot bed.  I understand that and am not trying to belittle it.  The court transcript came from a harassment suit filed by one of the employees at a restaurant run by her brother, “Bubba”, and that she, apparently help(s)(ed) to run (own?) also.  She was asked, under oath, if she had ever used the “N” word and she said, “of course” and later stated it was “a very long time ago.”

I think that is a fair recap of all that I have read today, which is, probably, a dozen things on the Internets, including several clips.  I even watched one of the evening show hosts make fun of this happening to her and she had just been a guest on his show like last week.   Please don’t inundate this site with a bunch of emails going deeply into the details.  That’s not what this article is about.  Also, no hate mail, either way.  It isn’t nice and I won’t leave it on here.

As to the reason for this article, I am working on it.  I am not out to vindicate Paula, nor am I out to hang her.  I am not a close friend of hers; I do not work with her; I don’t think I even own any of her products.

My big concern is not this issue.  My concern here is that people are choosing sides based on a lot of things that haven’t been fully discussed and they are getting angry without thinking it all through.  I am not saying that there is nothing to the allegations; I am not saying there is anything.  What I am saying is that the thing has gone viral and some of that has been almost devoid of the issue.

One person I listened to proclaimed how guilty and how bad Paula was, but if you listened the woman didn’t like her to start with because she “used too much butter in her recipes” and her food wasn’t good for people.  Really?  To degrade a person readily and fully for such a serious accusation mostly just because her food is rich in calories and fat?

The person who brought the accusation of racism against Paula (the restaurant) is a white person.  I am having difficulty figuring out how she was racially slurred by Paula.  It has something to do with this woman’s children or husband, I believe.  Still, this smells to me of “I want attention and I am mad at you, so I will grab straws” kind of thing.

Everyone seems to be on a witch hunt here.  Accusations made and she has admitted to saying one thing years ago and, perhaps, another time.  She can’t remember and didn’t think it was important at the time.

I am not condoning the behavior.  But, neither am I condoning the behavior of the thousands (millions?) of people who have latched onto a couple of details and pushed this person (who seems nice to me) out on her backside.   One of the things I do not like about the media audience of the US is that they tend to blow things way out of proportion just because they can.  It’s funny when it’s a monkey in customs or a cat with two faces; it’s cute when it’s something sweet a child says or a man using a flash mob to propose to his wife; however, it’s horrible when some person’s entire livelihood is overcooked and ruined when the rumor mills start.

I think of all the times in the past when something seemed one way and people jumped on the band wagon only to find out a few days later that, oops!, sorry, it didn’t happen like that.  I guess I am just saying can’t you all wait just a little bit to see what all is going on instead of taking that one statement or one opinion and making it law!?

Just my opinion.  My other opinion:  Racism is wrong.  Very wrong.  I don’t condone it at all.  You all need to know that and not take anything I said above out of context.  If she committed the offense that she is being sued for, okay, then she is in trouble.  However, let the cards all play out to see what’s going on – just in case.



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